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Friday, December 31, 2004

You Can't Get Comp Tickets from Dubya to His Inaugural Ball?

DLC members would do well to remember how easily the GOP chews you up and spits you out when you become useless in their agenda. Check out the link at BuzzFlash on how the Young Republicans raised at least six-figures for Bush's election; yet can't afford to attend the Inaugural Festivities; or if they do go, they have to be selective in where they stay and what festivities they can afford to attend.

Hey, I thought everyone who was raising money for Bush, would be able to afford attending his gala events. Otherwise, why are you supporting the cutting of social assistance programs in raising money for his election, when it now looks like you could use some corporate welfare assistance to get into one of Bush's lavish gigs on January 20th?

The least Dubya can do for those who orchestrated the fund raising that paid for the Swift Boat Liars' ads, is to give them complimentary (comp) tickets to the festivities.

But then, again, this is George W. Bush we're talking about. And the "W" should stand for "weaseling out on your friends".

Price of Bush Inauguration Party Is Too Rich for Some (Well, the NYT Meant to Say "Too Rich for All But the Very Rich, The Government of the People Has Been Sold to the Highest Bidder") 1/1

Giving A DLC Member the HotFoot...It Works!

Josh Marshall demonstrates in a series of blog entries how highlighting a DLC member's position on privatizing Social Security, not to mention exposing the DLC member for what he is to his constituents, can pay off in big dividends. Read Mr. Marshall's latest blog entry on Rep. Harold Ford's position on Social Security Privatization at Talking Points

As Hannibal Smith from the '80s show, "The A-Team" would say:


In this instance, the plan of calling out a DLC member for exposure appears to have the desired effect...Kudos, Josh!

New Year's Resolution

First of all, I want to wish those of you who have been kind in visiting my brand new weblog the Happiest of New Years. I know I started this quest to rid the political community of the DLC rather late, but you know; Better Late Than Never.

Every year, many of us make New Year's Resolutions - whether to lose 20 pounds (which I'm still trying to do since 2003, LOL), meet that right partner, save more money - something. And more likely than not, that resolution is history within a week. But this year, 2005, I sense in my soul that things will be different. And it's beginning with the Democratic Party identifying the enemies among us - which are elected officials who are card-carrying members of the Democratic Leadership Council.

I believe the advent of third or fourth political parties began in rebellion to what the leadership of the Democratic Party began to offer its supporters after 1988, beginning with the God-awful candidacy of former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis for President against Poppy Bush. This is when the Democrats decided to "play nice" during, of all things, a presidential campaign! And Poppy Bush played the race card with the Willie Horton issue, which Dukakis turned into the most embarrasing debacle ever. As a result, the Democratic Party was not the same. They began to move away from the core values that identified and resonated with every American struggling to support a family, own homes, provide good education for their children; improve the environment and ensure that when a person retired from their job after 20, 30 or 40 years, they could rest from their labors knowing that they would not become impoverished, or dependant on the charity from family members, because they would collect a benefit check from Social Security.

So, what happened? The Democratic Leadership Council happened, that's what happened. And Americans looking to the Democrats for help have been placed on a downward spiral that appears to have no end in sight, because the DLC looks at what is appearing to make the Republithug Party "successful", rather than looking within, or looking at developing an idea that does not require duplication or imitating the crooks that got away with playing dirty. This reminds me of the time when I was in high school and I forgot to study for a Spanish test. I used a "cheat sheet" to pass - but unlike the cheating students who didn't get caught, I did get caught, because for me, cheating did not work. I spent an unforgettable summer in summer school as a result, watching my cheating classmates enjoy going to the beach, outings and Magic Mountain.

The DLC operates in pretty much the same fashion. Because they believe "moral values" won the election for Bush, now they want to embrace religion, when they have run from Jesus for the last 50 years. Embracing Jesus is not going to win elections for the Party; in fact, attempting to emulate anything the Thug Party does is flat out suicide. And, no, I will not allow them to take credit for Bill Clinton's winning the presidency (remember Clinton never won with more than 50% of the vote in 1992 or 1996); the credit goes to third party candidates like Ross Perot, who really did articulate a clear choice, by dipping into his own pocket to pay for television time to do so. He managed to cipher off 20% of the vote that probably would have gone to Poppy, which allowed Clinton to achieve victory.

While we're at it, we should have taken care of those "Reagan Democrats" during the 1980's as well. They're the founding fathers of the DLC and just as responsible for the mess that is the minority party in Congress.

Ask the Religious Right (Falwell, James Kennedy, Dr. LaHaye) why aren't their websites featuring links to where their congregations can donate money towards the relief effort in Southeast Asia? That would be what Jesus would do, isn't it?

Or ask why doesn't Bush scale back his inaugural festivities and send part of the money to Indonesia? However, that wouldn't work - the DLC members are soooo looking forward to attending the parties in the name of "bi-partisanship".

EWWWWWWWW, give me a break.

So, my New Year's Resolution is to devote myself to allowing DLC members to explain themselves before I post something for their constituents to read about how their best interests are not being looked after by their congressional representatives, because they favor the same things as the Republithug Party, yet don't have the guts to just defect to the GOP. And if this weblog is a start towards full revolution, then I have done my part.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Another Deafening Silence from the Christian Right

The following blurb about the compassion of the Christian Right says it why do DLC members long to embrace a deficit in compassion by becoming like them?

It took President Bush three days to ready himself to go before the television cameras and make a public statement about Sunday's devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck southern Asia. Even though he was late, and much more money will be needed, the president pledged at least $35 million in aid to the victims of the disaster. But, as of December 30, some of the president's major family-values constituents have yet to be heard from: It's business as usual at the web sites of the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, and the Coral Ridge Ministries. These powerful and well-funded political Christian fundamentalist organizations appear to be suffering from a compassion deficit. Organizations which are amazingly quick to organize to fight against same-sex marriage, a woman's right to choose, and embryonic stem cell research are missing in action when it comes to responding to the disaster in southern Asia. None of their web sites are actively soliciting aid for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami....

The Hypocrites; and DLC members want to be Just Like Them

Just when I think the masses still are drunk on the Kool-Aid and believes that GeeDubya is "God's Man", a letter like the one from the following Buzz Flash Supporter, encourages me and reminds me I'm not alone in my quest for social justice:

What is wrong with this picture?Money to be sent to Asia --- $35 million.
Money to be spent on inaugural parties --- $50 million.

Kathleen Connell
Buffalo, WY

Do you see Ms. Connell's lament? First, GeeDubya criticizes Bill Clinton for expressing concern for those in that devastating tsunami, by saying he was quick to head for the cameras to "exploit" the tragedy. Excuse me, but what the hell were the Republicans doing in New York this past summer, holding their convention blocks away from the sight of the World Trade Center, and would have had GeeDubya give his nomination speech on the very grounds if they could have gotten away with it?

BTW, why is he hiding out in Crawford, Texas, instead of hightailing it back to DC with his pronouncements of aid (trust me, if he could have gotten away with $15 million, those Asian victims would not see another dime)? I understand he's drying out....again. But you didn't hear that from me, LOL.

Now, the United States won't send more than $35 million in relief aid to the tsunami victims, but they sure can pony up enough money for GeeDubya's inaugural balls, now can they? And you can best believe that DLC members are hustling for the tickets to get in to those events, rather than instructing their staffs to collect money to send to the Tsunami victims, and forgo the festivities, in their quest to be centrist, moderate and "bi-partisan" by imitating other jackasses.

Excuse me while I barf at that hypocrasy of that one.

Aren't we in a time of war? Isn't that the reason why GeeDubya stole another election; because we're in a war and it wasn't wise to change leaders? Then why can't the Government be circumspect about the tragedy of others and show support for the troops by not partying on January 20th?

Because the Republican Party is full of hypocrites. Pious and citing God and country whenever it's convenient for them; crying foul when the rules they apply to the rest of us are applied to them, and showing their true natures (evil and vicious) towards the downtrodden, including the victims in Asia.

And DLC members aspire to become just like THEM. For that reason alone, the DLC members have GOT TO GO!

Let's make 2005 the year of Exposing the DLC for it really is, and giving it's members a clear choice - "Represent the Interests of your Constituents or lose your seat in 2006."

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Link To A Relevant WebSite

Please check out the following website for strategy and relevant information to the cause in getting rid of the DLC . Tom Grayman is an accomplished author, commentator and political activist, so be sure to get his book, "Ghosts of Florida" to learn how to improve the election process and make it more democractic.

What Are You Hiding, Ken Blackwell?

I understand from several news reports that Ken Blackwell is seeking a protective order to avoid testifying (or "testa-lying") in court as to his efforts to thwart African-Americans exercising their right to vote in the last election. When a prominent individual attempts to avoid testifying in court (especially if he/she has nothing to hide), we should be very suspicious about what he's hiding.

Like, the orders from the White House that essentially told Blackwell to deliver the election to GeeDubya ala Malcolm X - "By any means necessary"?

He could always plead the 5th (that is if the 5th Amendment is not eliminated by the Bush Administration's attempts to destroy the entire constitution).

And you thought we have the DLC to worry about; well, we do, especially when they're sleeping with the enemy and tacitly endorsing Blackwell's tactics.

Monday, December 27, 2004

If A Democrat wants to Privatize Social Security, He/She Needs to Lose Their Congressional Seat in 2006

The battle lines regarding Social Security are being drawn as I write this. Josh Marshall, on his weblog, Talking Points Memo, has written a poignant letter to a card-carrying DLC member, gently urging him to rethink his position, if not for himself, then for the sake of his large constituency who are dependant on those Social Security checks for their very survival. Isn't making Medicare nearly useless to Seniors enough these days, without adding the burden of privatizing their hard earned retirement funds?

THE DNC is TOAST if Roemer becomes the Next Chair

Greetings from the Christian Progressive Liberal. Hope everyone had a happy holidays. However, upon learning that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are endorsing a known DLC, anti-choice, willing to privatize Social Security DINO Tim Roemer as Terry McAuliffe's Replacement, I have come to realize that the Democratic Party continues to want to be losers and endure massive amounts of abuse. Which, in my opinion, is just like a woman who can't break free of her abusive partner. And that's not acceptable.

At Daily Kos, there is talk of a massive exodus of Democrats from the Party and the donations are going to dry up if the DLC continues their death march on the Democratic Party. It would serve them (DLC) right.

And the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party needs to become their own party for progressives, and liberals who want to return to the Party's core values. It's the only way we will have a voice - Pelosi and Reid are doing nothing to facilitate this, and they need to be fired, too.

At this point, since Pelosi is changing her tune, and becoming more DLC than the liberal she originally was, the Party could have done no worse if DLC-er Harold Ford got the Minority Leadership Post, and he was dissed by his own DLC collegues in favor of Pelosi back in 2002. Now, does anyone see how asinine the Democratic Leadership Council is? Their only solution to an inherently bad situation in Congress is to continue to embrace stale ideas that have been proven to fail, and to move the Party further to the right wing. What kind of logic or reasoning is that?

Why don't they do us all a favor and defect? Though it would result in a reduction in numbers, that does not always signal defeat. It's when we look like we're defeated that the Thug Party will start making the mistakes we need them to in order to regain our strength.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Re: Merry Christmas, Damn It

I know, I know. I'm a Christian, and I'm not supposed to say "Damn it" on anything, LOL! But if you've read Margaret Kimberley's "Freedom Rider" column, you would be hard pressed not to say "Damn it" when lamenting about the situation in America today, especially since we are depending on wimpy Democrats (DLC members) to help us take back our country. The Progressives need help!


Dear Ms. Kimberley:

Your articles are always the first ones I read when I receive my online issue of Black Commentator. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. And I thought I was the only Christian screaming that Bush's Christian talk doesn't match his Christian walk.

It is very evident that the masses who cited "moral values" as their reason for voting for the Sock Puppet do not read their Bibles on a daily basis, and additionally, are probably attending churches where it's considered a sin to question or challenge the Pastor for taking that Faith-Based money and doing things with it that do not line up with God's word. Especially in the Black Church, I've noticed that Pastors don't like having you ask questions like "If we are to practice Romans 12:2 'Insofar as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone', then why is Bush pushing for a war? How does that line up with the Bible? And why are you supporting him in his endeavors, which also includes the dismantling of any and all social programs that our community depends on for their survival?"

Ms. Kimberley, I guess that's why I fired the Baptist church I was in and found a non-denominational one with a Pastor who happily answers those types of questions. In fact, my Pastor shared with me that the reason the Bush gang is gun-ho for war is because they read the Old Testament and stopped there, to use the Bible to justify going to war. "But what about Jesus, His sacrifices for our sins?" I asked.

"It's like Jesus' death wasn't enough for them", my Pastor said. "When they engage in these types of activities, it's just like spitting on God and crucifying His son all over again."

How refreshing it is to have the Man of God respond to such questions with comprehensive answers that indicates hours of studying the Bible and laboring in prayer for his congregation! While I don't want to down all Black Baptist Churches (cause for the most part I grew up in the Baptist Church), you are correct when you point out that it's our churches and Pastors lining up for that Faith-Based money, and they have to praise George Bush as a condition of receiving that money, which is decimating the effectiveness of our churches within our communities at an all time high rate.

Yeah, it's easy to seize on gay marriage and abortion as hot-button issues; however, when I heard Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, a known gay member of Congress, state in public that the gay marriage issue would only be used as a wedge issue to give Bush victory, that gave me food for thought. As the campaign wound down, I found myself repeating the words "wedge issues" to all my Christian friends, only to be admonished that I was a harlot for not supporting and praying for President Bush in his courageousness to stand up against abortion and gay marriage.

Now, these same Christian friends are having difficulty in making ends meet; like making the rent or mortgage payments. They can't go to those social programs for assistance because they're not below the poverty line...yet. They don't have health care. Even with a voucher, they can't afford the rest of the tuition payment to send their kid to that private school down the street, and they want to, because the public school two blocks away is being closed by state mandate under No Child Left Behind. With mild sarcasm, I ask them how do they now feel about voting for Bush, and just because he pushed gay marriage and abortion, two wedge issues that would have little, if no impact on them personally, and voting against their own best they say maybe I was right and I'm sorry I called you a harlot. Cold comfort is all they get from their votes on "moral values" {sarcasm}. Those "moral values" aren't bringing in extra money to pay bills and the rent, or put food on their table. The plastic is maxed trying to make sure their children has something under the tree on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas, Damn It!

These days, we have people and we have sheeple. The people are like you and I, the publishers of BC and other weblogs. We read our Bibles; we are Christians, too, and our number is growing in response to Bush's hijacking of Christianity and using it for personal gain. He would do well to remember that since he's going on Old Testament basis as justification for his abysmal policies, what happened to those rulers who decided they would take over God's job and do it themselves.

Nebuchadnezzar was a ruler that aspired to become God and he went insane, roaming the countryside and living like an animal for seven years before God allowed him that one moment of clarity and restored him to sanity.

King Saul did the same thing and wound up getting himself killed. He went beserk when he learned that God transfered His favor off him and put in on a shepherd boy named David, whom he repeatedly tried to have killed, only to fall on the knife himself. 1 & 2 Kings are full of these examples.

Finally, the reason for Christmas, Jesus, was crucified because He told the establishment the truth, and they didn't like what they heard.

Then you have the sheeple: People who blindly follow the man of God (or the man who says he's of God) like sheep. They don't question him or his motives. He's often given a blank check in the face of proven lies and manipulation because he's doing it on God's orders, and because it's God calling the shots, well, that's okay, even if they are the ones personally suffering or being harmed by his actions. Jim Jones, David Koresh and the leader of Heaven's Gate comes to mind here, not to mention the Rev. Sun Hyung Moon of the Moonie religion. Rev. Moon actually stood up in a coronation ceremony at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. this year, proclaiming himself as God, with members of Congress in attendance. This incident wound up embarassing the likes of Reps. Danny Davis and Harold Ford, because Rep. Davis is caught on video carrying the crown being placed on Moon's head, and Rep. Ford' s name showed up on the list of invitees to the "Coronation". While Rep. Ford denied he attended the event, as I mentioned, Rep. Davis is caught on video camera, in a suit and other regalia, with white gloves, carrying a red velvet pillow with a gold crown on it, fully a participant in the ceremony. To date, we're still waiting for a Senator to come forward and admit he gave Moon permission to have access to the Dirksen Building to hold that ceremony. Better yet, we need to find out who got their pockets lined with some of that "Faith-Based" moolah to allow Moon to gain access to a Federal building to begin with - I'd start with the members of Congress who attended the "coronation" of Rev. Moon. We all know this: money talks and BS walks. Merry Christmas, Damn It!

And yet, we all know how death and destruction followed them all. After all, God doesn't like others trying to do His Job. If you ever get to Oakland, I would be willing to take to you Evergreen Cemetary where at least 500-600 of Jim Jones' followers are buried in a mass grave after either drinking that kool-Aid, or catching a bullet because they couldn't be allowed to survive and return to tell the rest of us what really happened in Guyana under his, ahem, "leadership". Even Jones himself, caught a bullet, probably by one who did survive, but currently is residing in San Quentin or Folsom State Prison. All in the name of Jesus. And so goes the sheeple. Merry Christmas, Damn It!

Merry Christmas, Damn It

The following is Margaret Kimberley's "Freedom Rider" column featured in the December 23, 2004 issue of Black Commentator. Merry Christmas!

Anyone claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ has a very high standard to live up to. Christians are supposed to love everyone, their enemies included, without exception. That means loving Iraqis. It means speaking up when “our troops” kill and maim them. Christians are supposed to be truthful and avoid even the appearance of evil. That means Christians shouldn’t lie about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. It of course follows that Christians shouldn’t give the Medal of Freedom to the creators of those lies.

Jesus said that it isn’t possible to serve two masters. That means rejecting Bush hush money, also known as the Faith Based Initiative. Like most offers of help it comes with a non-disparagement clause. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Christians believe that everyone in need is their sister or brother. That means they must protest when Alberto Gonzales, the architect of torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, is nominated to serve as Attorney General.

Christians love to say that they are superior to non-Christians. They generally don’t say those words, but going on endlessly about being different from people who are “in the world” has the smell of superiority. Curiously, the same people who use their religious belief to constantly proclaim their moral superiority suddenly lose all powers of speech when the powerful run afoul of God’s laws.

If love of money is the root of all evil, why are churches lining up to get more of it from the government? If it is a sin to kill, why do Christians act like everyone else and proclaim, “We’re already over there. We can’t leave now.” In other words, let’s keep killing. After all, we already started. No point in going home until we finish the job, or rather finish off the Iraqi people.
The average American Christian thinks and behaves no differently than the average non-Christian. They ask how high when the powerful tell them to jump. They obey their government, rendering to Caesar a lot more than they need to.

It is said that nearly every American home has a bible in it. Those bibles must be covered in dust because very few of their owners seem to open them up and read them. The bible tells us, “All those who say Lord, Lord will not enter the kingdom.” And yet right on cue, like obedient, frightened little children, Christians take at face value Bush’s claims of being a good Christian. Very few stop to ask if a Christian would steal two presidential elections, kill people in Haiti, kill people in Iraq, take money from the struggling and give it to the wealthy, and poison the earth God gave us.

On the other hand, perhaps they are being good Christians. We don’t like to admit it now, but Christians gave God the glory as they first killed one another in Europe. The term Wars of Religion would seem to be an oxymoron. It wasn’t. Various Christian denominations took turns burning one another at the stake for taking communion or baptizing differently.

They then brought their sickness to the rest of the world. Anyone who didn’t worship the same God was forced to convert at the point of a sword or a gun. They were also told to change their names, speak the conqueror’s language, and be glad about all of it.

Perhaps it was too much to expect that Christians would elevate their thinking in the 21st century. Like Christian soldiers of old they submit to group identify first, and to God’s will second, if at all. Following God would mean rejecting the idea of supporting the troops even when they kill. Supporting the troops might mean publicly condemning warfare, the way Christ did. It might mean making people mad.

It will mean making “our troops” mad. We are told that not supporting them is akin to a stab in the back. It turns out that the saintly troops are like everyone else in America, afraid to talk back to the high and mighty.

They come home suffering from post-traumatic stress and then demand silence from the very people who exposed the lies that caused them so much pain. Perhaps their stress would be lessened if they confronted the people who sent them into harms way. I suggest picketing at Halliburton’s next annual meeting.

The appeal of the story of the birth and life of Jesus is obvious. A perfect being comes to earth in the most humble circumstances and tells the world how to live. Love everyone. Treat others as you would be treated. Forsake violence. Forgive others because God in his infinite love forgives you too. What’s not to like?

The hardest thing about truly celebrating the life of Christ is knowing how he died. He was killed after crossing the powerful one time too many. There is nothing new under the sun. It is still dangerous to talk back. If you want proof read the Patriot Act.

If we only want parties and gift giving we should just celebrate the solstice. But if we are willing to really follow Jesus we should loudly proclaim, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight.”

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in Black Commentator. Ms. Kimberley is a freelance writer living in New York City. She can be reached via e-Mail at You can read more of Ms. Kimberley's writings at

I've posted my letter thanking Ms. Kimberley for her column, and added some comentary of my own. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The First of DLC Exposures - Congressional Black Caucus

The following article appeared in Black Commentator - December 2, 2004. If you know of suspected DLC members of Congress, post them in "Add a Comment" section.

"The early concession betrayed the trust of the voters,” said Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., whose Rainbow PUSH Coalition has joined the Green and Libertarian parties and others demanding a vote recount in Ohio. “We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to see that every vote counts and whether Kerry gets the most votes or not, we must break a precedent of fraudulent elections.”

What must be broken is the Democratic Leadership Council’s corporate grip on the party. Two presidential elections in succession, DLC-led tickets have acquiesced to Republican criminality, leaving Black voting rights strewn in the gutter like plastic baubles the morning after a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. Kerry’s near-instantaneous concession was designed to pre-empt and silence the cries of the wounded so that the DLC might make amends with the Bush Pirates and rejoin the permanent government as a compliant, junior partner. However, history may record that Kerry’s cavalier dismissal of the Democratic base’s deep pain and righteous outrage was the fatal insult. Contempt is no basis for cohabitation. If the DLC’s dead hand cannot be pried from the controls, the national Democratic Party is finished. The troops will disappear, and no amount of 527-type money will buy them back.

Rev. Jackson has good ears, and hears the historical flipping of the script. In the 1980s he wrote key parts of that script in two presidential bids that so alarmed white southern and corporate Democrats they formed the DLC to keep Blacks, labor and other core constituencies in check. A late addition as a senior consultant to Kerry, Jackson’s presence could not alter the essential anti-constituent nature of the campaign. Now the strange bed-fellowship of Greens and Libertarians – “Glibs” – holding high the banner of voting rights has illuminated the wreckage the DLC has purposely made of the Democratic Party coalition. It’s too late for…somebody, but that somebody ain’t Black folks, who must struggle on, as always. “This campaign in Ohio is not so much about Kerry as it is about Fannie Lou Hamer,” said Jackson, on Pacifica’s Democracy Now! “It’s about Medgar Evers. It’s about Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney. It’s about the people's will to democracy. If people can fight for democracy in the Ukraine, we can do that here.”

Asked what John Kerry is “doing with his $51 million” in unspent campaign funds while the “Glibs” wage a costly battle for democracy, Jackson replied: “I do not know.”

The Race for 477 Votes

The DLC specializes in dollar-democracy, the kind that trumps mass constituencies every time in the United States. The real field of battle for Kerry – who appears to have the rich man’s effrontery to consider running for president again in 2008 – and for Hillary and Bill Clinton and the institutional DLC, is for continued control of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). With the breathtakingly corrupt Terry McAuliffe on his way out, the Democrats must choose a new chairman by March 1 to run the party bureaucracy. So entrenched has the DLC become in the DNC, that its factions are fielding two of the major candidates for chairman. Former White House operative Harold Ickes represents the interests of DLC co-founder Bill Clinton and Senator-wife Hillary, while Simon B. Rosenberg is founder of the DLC-spawned New Democrats Network. If the 477 committeepersons want a straight-up corporate guy without the rhetorical b.s., telecom executive Leo J. Hindery Jr. is available to bring the party even closer in line with the views of his peers.
Click for printer friendly version of Kerry in 2008? cartoon.

Black former mayors Wellington E. Webb and Ron Kirk, of Denver and Dallas, respectively, may fit the bill “if Dems want to emphasize minority candidates who won big in ‘red’ states,” according to the current issue of Business Week. Given that the Democratic National Committee has become corporate turf, and therefore requires business journalists to navigate its corridors, we at trust that Business Week can speak authoritatively on these matters.

Then there’s Howard Dean. Whether it was his original intention or not, Dean’s presidential campaign ultimately became the primary vehicle for the “real” Democrats’ crusade to take the party back from the DLC, a mission shared by “bottom-tier” candidates Al Sharpton, Carol Mosley-Braun and Dennis Kucinich, but scuttled by the massed corporate media in favor of John Kerry. Dean also proved that tens of millions of dollars can be raised in small contributions via the Internet, a Democratic alternative to corporate peonage. "He is the only candidate who emerged out of the 2004 campaign to build a serious organization," said Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., touting Dean for the DNC chairmanship. With Rep. Jackson on point, Dean has sought the support of numerous members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Whether Dean’s bid to free the Democratic National Committee from the corporate claws of the DLC is successful or not, it is in progressive Black Democrats’ interest to forge a strategic relationship with Dean’s Democracy for America PAC and its affiliated organizations. They know how to raise money – something Black progressive politicians have not been able to do for a host of reasons – and are committed to expanding the party’s progressive base, a project that is anathema to the DLC.

But don’t expect the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to move as a body in the right direction. To paraphrase Pogo, the old cartoon strip: “We have seen the enemy – and some of them are us.” One-fifth of the CBC are members of the DLC. These include Harold Ford, Jr. (TN), who votes against his Black Memphis constituents’ interests to better position himself for a U.S. Senate race, while hobnobbing with the good ol’ boys of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition; Artur Davis (AL), beneficiary of the 2002 corporate cash offensive that also ousted Cynthia McKinney in neighboring Georgia; David Scott (GA), possibly the most conservative-voting member of the CBC, also a 2002 Black “New Democrat”; Gregory Meeks (NY), Juanita Millender-McDonald (CA) and James E. Clyburn (SC), an otherwise decent man who nevertheless finds it useful to co-chair his state’s DLC; and Albert R. Wynn (MD),who is proud to have “represented the Congressional Black Caucus on the [House Democratic] Caucus Democratic Leadership Council.”

Wynn and Harold Ford are among the four CBC members that voted to give George Bush the War Powers he used to invade Iraq, as is Sanford Bishop (D-GA) who, although not a DLC member, shares Blue Dog Coalition membership with Harold Ford.

The ninth Black DLCer and/or Blue Dog in the Congressional Black Caucus will be leaving, shortly. Denise Majette this year begged off a rematch with Cynthia McKinney to run a doomed Senate campaign with no prospect of effective support from a state Democratic Party in complete disarray due to white defections to the GOP. McKinney won back her seat handily, in 2004.

Newly elected CBC members Gwendolynne Moore (WI), Al Green (TX) and Emanuel Cleaver (MO) are not affiliated with the DLC. Eighteen stellar Black U.S. Representatives belong to the 54-member Congressional Progressive Caucus.

With a few exceptions, the Democratic Leadership Council/Blue Dog faction of the Congressional Black Caucus are elected by overwhelming majorities of Black voters who are totally unaware of the DLC’s racist, corporate origins – or even that their representatives are members of the DLC. A Black progressive grassroots political education project of huge dimensions is clearly in order.

The Disturbing Reflection

We never stop hearing that Blacks need to seek alternatives to “the Democrats” because “the Party” ignores Black aspirations and “takes Black voters for granted.” All true; that’s the DLC’s modus operandi. But these corporate-wedded Democrats also comprise one-fifth of the Congressional Black Caucus, and include the mayors of Atlanta (Shirley Franklin), Detroit (Kwame Kilpatrick) and the disastrous, voucher-sucking, always gentrifying and constantly lying Anthony Williams, of Washington, DC.

Will Black anger at “the Democrats” lead to a deep malaise and wholesale withdrawal of African Americans from the political process? Yes, a great disengagement is likely in the absence of a practical, credible and inspirational path to African American empowerment. Is a Black political party such an alternative? “Blacks support the formation of an independent black political party in greater numbers than anytime since the Reagan years,” according to Harvard political scientists Michael Dawson and Lawrence Bobo. (See , November 18, 2004.) “In general blacks are showing strong support for an independent political agenda, based on control of black communities, which includes strong support for reparations.” But that does not necessarily translate to a practical, doable project. What is one to do with the more than 10,000 Black elected officials, nearly all of them Democrats elected by Black majorities in their localities?
The truth is, African Americans are “the Party” in the places where most of us live. In fact, African American Democrats are majorities of the Democratic Party in Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi, yet allow (mostly DLC) whites to run the party machinery. In many cases, Black Democratic leaders join the DLC, themselves, with full knowledge that the faction was created to prolong the illusion that whites remain the dominant presence in “the Party.” In much of big-city America, the Black vote is the electoral party, for Democrats.

If we look around, we’ll find plenty of “Black Party” chapters already in existence. The problem is, they don’t act Black. The wrong people are in charge, including the wrong Blacks. In such cases, the formation of a new, “Black” party amounts to running away from the problem.
It’s time to look in the mirror, and clean up our own house. It’s the one that’s crumbling.

Truth & Blasphemy

Season's Greetings from the Christian Progressive Liberal (How do you like the New Title, LOL?)

As I am wont to do, I am always thinking about how much I love my country and the good, decent, people that live in it, regardless of race, gender, political party or religious affiliation. I am saddened by what is taking place in Jesus' name these days, and although I have probably waxed poetic about it, I believe that my writings and political action is not enough. Why am I thinking this way?

It would be easy to blame it on the Christmas season, but that's not the reason for my....feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. Though from time to time I am always writing something to post with the hopes that it will be printed in order to encourage and uplift those of you who read this, sometimes, I'm just fresh out of words to say that would encourage you. And then, just when I feel that I'm at the end of my rope, I get a second wind. What you read here today, is the result of hours and days of deep soul-searching, questioning and seeking answers to the mess we now know as our American Goverment.

I don't know about you, but for me, going into the holiday season, knowing that there are millions of people who are unemployed, homeless, without access to medical care; seniors having to decide between eating and buying medication, I find that I can't get as enthusiastic about Christmas like I did when I was little. It's too painful. Too self-serving. Too much in denial about the realities of America. So I began to think about how the elected leaders of our nation, including the spineless Democrats who are card-carrying members of the Democratic Leadership Council, have allowed a few individuals, just because they invoke God or Jesus at every opportunity, have allowed a total hijacking of the Government in the name of Jesus.

They are attempting to bastardize the United the name of Jesus.

They have waged war based on a pack of the name of Jesus.

They are attempting to privatize Social Security, and deny seniors the right to retire from their labours without financial the name of Jesus.

They are eliminating any and all social programs designed to help anyone in need....all in the name of Jesus.

Now allow me to share with you the truth. The actions of this Administration, from GeeDubya to those of you who decided to vote your fears, and against your best interests: they are NOT OF JESUS. Period. 'Nuff Said.

You have seen countless writings from me, and others who are Christians expressing our lament at what is being done to people in this country in the name of Jesus. Those of us who study our Bible and attempt to live out it's principles, I can safely say, if you're like me, you're sickened at any opportunity that Bush utters what he does is ordained by God! He calls it being ordained by God: I'm going to call it what it really is.


What is Blasphemy? you may ask. According to, to blaspheme is to "speak of God in an irreverent, impious manner". In accordance with the dictionary definition of blasphemy, isn't it blasphemy when Bush talks about fixing the problems of the poor, but gives the spoils to the rich, while screwing over the poor?

Isn't it blasphemy to say that God told you to "strike Iraq" when Romans 12:2 admonishes us that in so far as it depends on us, "Live peaceably with everyone"? Would "everyone" include the Iraqis, or anyone else that's trained in the sights of this Administration?

Isn't it blasphemy when you name legislative initiatives designed to ruin the environment, ecological balance, public education, and the raping of forrests the "Healthy Skies Initiative" or "No Child Left Behind" or "Healthy Forrests Initiative"?

I find that I can't bear to hear Bush' s voice on T.V. or the radio anymore. When I do, I get nauseous at what's being done in the name of Jesus. I get sick when I see a grinning Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Sean Hannity, Bill "Super Freak" O'Reilly, or Rush "Married Three times; going for #4, while getting my Oxycontin Fix" Limbaugh on television cheerleading that Bush is God's Man and everything he does has God's Seal of Approval.

I am also getting sick of the Democrats constantly apologizing for being...well, Democrats. Or maybe I should rephrase that and say, "members of the Democratic Party". Why are you NOW trying to embrace Jesus, when for years, you treated Him like a two-bit whore? Just because the Republicthugs are embracing Jesus - don't be fooled; they, too, are pimping 60 million people in the name of Jesus and for their own personal gain. And in any case, if you hadn't been presenting yourselves as Christian until lately, you're going to come off as fake as Tammy Faye Bakker's eyelashes if you try to adopt this position at this stage of the game. If you don't believe me, then ask yourself:

Is Pat Robertson going to be feeeding the hungry, right here in the good ol' USA on Christmas Morning? Can a beggar pull up to Falwell's table at his palatial mansion, just as he is, to sit down with the good preacher and his family and break bread together?

Is James Dobson going to play Santa Claus for all those unwanted kids that are being born, because their mothers lost their right to reproductive choice, and gave birth to a child with birth defects and no chance at a quality life?

Is Tim LaHaye going to build orphanages in THIS COUNTRY for the unwanted children left behind by their parents who were forced into becoming parents because the birth control was eliminated and no one could make an informed decision about sexual activity, pregnancy, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases, while being forced to marry under Bush's "Promoting Marriage" initiatives?

And should these children survive all of the above, will there be clean air to breathe or will it be toxic enough to choke Mount Everest? Will there be clean water to drink, or will that be a premium cost to the elite, while the rest of us have to drink sludge and call it water? Will there be a school for them to attend with qualified teachers and parental support from the community? Will there be a park with trees and other environmental jewels for them to grow up and appreciate? Will there be an affordable home for them to live and grow up in?

All in the Name of Jesus. You gotta love this country we live in.

Think about it. I'm risking a bull's eye on my head, because I'm daring to write this before freedom of speech is eviscerated. Read America 2014 or watch the Manchurian Candidate - to get an idea of how easily our basic rights and liberties can be hijacked under the radar, and done so subtly, we won't know until its gone. For years, the Religious Right operated out of sight; now they have direct access to the White House, where they can proceed to influence policy that holds everyone accountable except them. They were not invited to the Republican's National Convention this summer. Why?

I submit because THEY KNOW they are not operating in the will of God, or in the things of God in a manner that Honors God. They are practicing 2 Timothy 3:2 in all of their naked glory: "For men shall be lovers of their own selves; coveteous (oil), boasters ('Bring it on"), proud ($30 million dollar taxpayer tag for Inauguration Day), disobedient to parents ("I didn't consult him, I answer to a higher Father.."), unthankful ("You go to war with the Army you have; not the one you wish you had..." or "...even with armor, you might get blown up by a bomb anyway...") unholy ("Go F---yourself, Sen. Leahy)."

The truth requires honesty; a lie is what it is; used to dupe the masses and then tell you you're in full accord with the resulting mess.

The truth requires accountability - if it breaks, Blame Bill Clinton and the Democrats.

The truth requires responsibility - otherwise, why is Rumsfeld still collecting a paycheck from the Defense Department? Why is Condoleezza Rice being promoted to Secretary of State? Why did everyone else in the Bush Administration, including best friend, Commerce Secrearty Don Evans, decide to abandon ship prior to Bush's second term?

This is a difficult essay to write, because I know what I risk encountering from those who read it and want to break out the can of whip a-- on me. Yet, I cannot keep silent about the Truth - she won't let me cool my jets on this one. I challenge all of you that whenever you hear Bush spouting about God, ask yourself if he's acting out 2 Timothy 3:2, and evaluate it for yourself.

More and More, the price of Freedom, true Freedom, is ETERNAL VIGILANCE.
Until next time, take care, stay focused, take charge and may God bless you and yours with the Happiest of Holidays.

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Greetings from the Christian Progressive Liberal and welcome to my new weblog, GET RID OF THE DLC!

As many progressive, liberal members of the Democratic or whatever political party you belong to, we have watched how the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) has waged internal war against the core values that made the Democratic Party a dominant force in politics for over forty years. The Democratic Party gave us:

  • Fair Labor Standards and Equal Pay Protection
  • Civil Rights
  • Voting Rights Act
  • Equal Rights Amendment
  • Social Security
  • Environmental Protections
  • Fair Housing
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Woman's Reproductive Rights

and many more programs; I'm sure you can add to the list. However, after 1994, with the advent of the "New Democrats" or "centrist" they have taken over and moved the Party so far center, they have become the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party. And they continue their shtick with trying to package the same old "fresh ideas" under a new package. They are ashamed to be Democrats and take a stand on what makes America great.

They are willing to sleep with the enemy; many times for their own personal political ambitions. They don't mind Bush's judiciary picks or the fact that with every step he's attempting to decimate the U.S. Constitution. And they willingly allow the contempt Bush has shown for our country. They marginalize the participation of minorities, women and progressive liberals by betraying them and their best interests of everyday people to the highest bidder. We must no longer tolerate this travesty to the Party.

I've set up this website to do two things: expose these members of the DLC as well as their voting records, to inform their unknowing constituents, so in 2006 and beyond, the next voter will be an informed voter. Links to other weblogs such as BuzzFlash, the Political Junkie and others will also be featured on this page!

I welcome your feedback, input and suggestions. You may post them here; I'll be sure to read them and act on them wherever possible.

It's time to either take back the Democratic Party or create a new one that welcomes progressive liberals. The first step is to expose who in Congress has been posing as a Democrat, but is really a DLC card-carrying member!