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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm experiencing an unusual amount of anger today. And I know exactly the source of my anger: THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS.

First, they have been acting like the Keystone Kops ever since they took their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution in January, when they convened to get about the business of the country. Democrats roll over, play dead, and the few Democrats with a spine, get picked off at 30 yards by the DLC members via Fox News.

Then, we watch them tell the American people, whom they represent, a collective "Screw You, we know what's best" when they cravenly involved themselves in the Terri Schiavo issue (may that poor woman rest in peace) when they flew back from their home perches on Palm Sunday and passed a bill designed only for Terri, yet none of these SOBs were demanding the same justice for an African-American baby named Sun Hudson. Guess when you're African-American and can't pay the bill, the Congress is more than happy to allow "State's Rights" to kick right on in.

Please don't get me started on the bankruptcy bill. The Black Commentator lists all the SOBs in the Democratic Party who are comatose on the GOP Kool-Aid, as well as addicted to feeding at the corporate trough:

I'm really angry that the African-American chumps who signed off on this bill, represent districts that have the highest rates of bankruptcy filings in the country! Is this your way of "representing your constituents' best interests" when you tell them that their best interest is lining your pockets because you never intended to represent their best interests in the first place - you are just using your office for higher advancement and political their expense? Please tell me that you don't honestly think that their best interests includes a stint in debtor's prison because they won't be able to pay their debts. Because you also voted on legislation that outsourced their job to China. Because you supported legislation that prevented them from having healthcare, which led to the debt in the first place.

And don't think for one minute that at Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend that participants are not going to get in your grill about your voting record that shows consistent selling out of your district's best interests - I'm vowing here and now that your districts are going to know you're undercover. You may not see me, personally, but I met enough people at Tavis Smiley's event to assist me in this venture, because they are as disgusted as your constituents will be when they find out they've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, you're running amok with the GOP, and Plymouth Rock has all but buried them in the ground that you trample on.

By the way, when the GOP gets through sucking the political life out of your collective asses, we plan to have rehab organizations waiting for you, because, as a Christian, I still think you have some redeeming qualities, and who knows? You may still make a meaningful contribution to society, but not in the condition you're in right now.

I'm angry that la cucaracha, Tom DeLay, continues to occupy his House seat, when he should be wearing prison stripes and sharing a cell with Scott Peterson (okay, even Scott Peterson deserves some peace while he waits for that needle in his arm).

I'm angry that Bill Frist is allowed to perform diagnosis on a person just by watching video tape. The good state of Tennessee should revoke his medical license for acting as a Doctor on TV, while using his medical background to advance every piece of legislation that eliminates how the Frist family earned their wealth (abortions, anyone?).

I'm angry that Robert Novak hasn't been served with a warrant for his arrest, and that Jeff Gannon is considered a "bonified" journalist by getting invited to speak at the National Press Club, a forum which held workshops on the antics of Jayson Blair, but failed to invite the man himself to provide his side of the story. Is the NPC complicit in trying to make Jeff Gannon a legit journalist who prostitutes on the side?

I'm angry that we cannot count on Congress to effect the needed changes to restore America back to her former glory. I'm angry that money talks and BS walks everything that's been going on since the Reagan Administration; that there's a double standard based on your ability to pay for justice, and that the most egregious incidents are washed away in the mainstream media spin cycle, while the same government castrated Bill Clinton for a blow job in the Oval Office.

I'm angry that we were told that honor was going to be restored to the highest annals of government, and yet, we have the most immoral government ever in charge, moral values are really code words for hypocracy rising, and the rest of the world sees America for the dirty whore she has become, thanks to those in charge and in power.

Everyone wants to be a winner; everyone likes being a winner, and everyone wants to be on the winning team. But answer me this; how can you enjoy winning at the expense of people who have never met you; people who are just trying to survive; common, everyday people, who just get up, go to work, and try to make it through the day. Is it their fault that they aren't wealthy and therefore, have no place at the table where decisions are made on a hourly basis, that directly impacts them?

Is it their fault that they don't get to compete on a level playing field? Is it their fault that they get sick and incur expensive health costs, or worse, fail to get medical care and die prematurely?

Is is their fault that they can't afford to send their child to a private school and have to make do with the public school system that's being decimated because a small faction of this country has decided who is entitled to a quality education and who is not?

Is it their fault that the environment is no longer a sustainable one, and if something isn't done, in a few years, we'll be looking at Soylent Green?

Is it their fault that they can't afford a house because the minimum wage they are paid on the only jobs they qualify for, (because of a lack of education), hasn't bothered to keep up with rates of inflation?

I'm angry because our Congressional members seem to think it IS our FAULT, and their attitudes are reflected in the legislation they are developing and implementing into law. I'm angry because the legislation they pass is not going to affect them directly or indirectly, and they know this. Why should they be concerned about Social Security when they already have a protected pension fund and won't need it? Why should they be concerned about universal health care, when they already have a separate health coverage plan from the rest of the country? Why should they be concerned about education, when they can afford to send their children to any school of their choice?

I'm angry, all right, because Americans deserve better than the offal that's the majority of Congress in both houses. I'm angry because I'm frustrated that I don't know how to raise the anger level, because people are weary, beaten down and just basically apathetic.

Yet, I'm not giving up. I'm too angry to give up, because I care.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


No one can feel more empathy for Bob and Mary Schindler than one who has faced similar situations in saying good-bye to your loved one and allowing them to die with dignity. Or continue existing, if that's in accordance with God's will.

Since the last attempt to go to court has denied their appeal, and the Supreme Court won't touch it, in addition to both Bush brothers making a horses' ass of themselves, and not to mention the GOP had the sheets pulled back and the whole world saw they weren't wearing any underwear...

It's time for the Schindler's to pack it in.

Please, I'm not being heartless or lacking in compassion; I think that with the continual coverage of this, it's wearing all of America out, no matter what side you're on. Additionally, the Schindler's damaged their cred with the public when it became known that those who donated to their cause had their information sold to a "Thank You" from Bob and Mary for being concerned about the plight of their daughter.

No one wins here; not Michael Schaivo, who I understand has been subjected to death threats, and not the Schindler's, who are now looking like they are guilty of what they have accused their son-in-law of - being after whatever money there is for Terri.

As I said, no one wins.

So, I hope that the media would, for once, be considerate of the rest of America and pull the plug on their coverage, and Bob and Mary Schindler pull the plug on continuing with their attempts to give Terri back the feeding tube. Isn't it possible that if they were to succeed, they might possibly do more damage and hasten Terri's death that much sooner if the tube is reinserted and it backfires because her body has become accustomed to being without it and has started the natural process of dying? If that's the case, then what?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


When I read articles like this, I want to hurl my lunch: You would think Claude Allen knows better. He doesn't. He's another bought-and-owned African-American by the Bush Administration.

Armstrong Williams is a rental Negro to shill for the Bush Administration; now they want a refund because he got caught shilling for No Child left Behind. That wasn't supposed to happen; he was supposed to look legit - and wound up looking more like Stepin Fechit than, well, the real Stepin' Fechit. When you are a Bush Cabinet member and you espouse these types of political view points, that essentially allows you to beat up your own, as my father used to say, "you're lower than whales--t". My father should know - he grew up during the days where Jim Crow was an accepted fact of life, and even daring to look a white person in the eye turned you into Billie Holliday's song, "Strange Fruit" (as in being hung from a tree).

I'm not stopping with Claude Allen. The Bush Administration is full of his version of "diversity" - those of ethnic background who willingly and almost beseechingly pant for the opportunity to sell out their own in the name of being a patriot, such as Elaine "Will Bust Unions for Bush" Chao, Alberto "Will Torture in the Name of Bush" Gonzales, and Condoleezza "Will Wage War For My Pseudo Husband" Rice. In Ohio, they are already touting Ken "Will Sell Out African-Americans' Voting Rights" Blackwell as the next step toward ensuring total GOP take over in the Buckeye state.

I've already called out African-American preachers drunk on Bush's Kool-Aid and accepting Faith-Based initiative money. Those poor souls don't realize that in taking Bush's payola, you have signed on not to do God's Will, but GeeDubya's. So, you already highlight the list of those Bought and Owned by the Bush Cartel.

Time to take the gloves off, and call this crap what it really is, not to mention call these individuals what they really are - bought-and owned ethnic chumps. The only qualification required is the giving up of your soul. And as Colin Powell learned, "caveat emptor (buyer beware)" will not apply here, when you wake up and realize you want your soul back, because you can't ask for a return of what you gave away willingly in your quest for power and importance.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Over at DailyKos, a blogger by the name of Happy Michigan Blogger provided this tidbit for consideration:

Express concern about predatory lending.

Pass watered-down legislation that preempts stronger state provisions.

Praise it as a good "first step" and cite your efforts during your next reelection bid.

Act surprised when the financial industry turns its back on you and lobbies against further regulations.

Express concern about predatory lending.

Repeat if neccessary.

Not so fast. I think this list could use some "seasoning":

Admit you're taking payola and that's your reason for your vote on this bill.

Admit you're a card-carrying member of the DLC or Blue Dog Coalition.

Admit you're not really a Democrat and that you only became one because the GOP wouldn't have your ass as advertised, before your conversion to centrist, moderate or conservative.

Stop saying you're concerned about issues like social justice, civil rights, affordable housing, protecting the environment, privatization of Social Security, and Terri Schiavo's right to die with dignity, when you are seen making a horse's ass out of yourself with Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and Denny Hastert over bills that will do the exact opposite.

Stop using your office for political gain and/or aspiration to higher office and perceived power. You have already shown you can't handle the office you have, because you can't be counted on to do the wrong things right.

Repeat as necessary and as required until we put up a viable challenger to your district seat to vote you out. If you get re-elected, don't ask to be placed on any committees where you think you will wield some sort of power, cause we won't stop trying to unseat you until we're successful.

Of course, all ineffective Democrats are DLC; I thought you knew...


Hey, I don't make up these titles, I just give you the link. Fellow bloggers have started a thread going after DLC members who are giving away the store because they have to pay the piper (campaign contributions from donors in the banking industry). Read about it at Daily Kos

Some of the reps on the list can also be found as signatories on that letter to Denny Hastert, urging that the Bankruptcy Deform bill be brought on the floor for a vote. All I will say is, of the Congressional Black Caucus members on this list, be looking over your shoulders at your forums during Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend - I will be arming people with Talking Points so you can explain why you're consistently voting against their best interests because you've never met a corporate campaign donation that you didn't like...

Friday, March 25, 2005


I'm emotionally and mentally exhausted from the events surrounding the Schaivo deal. And I'm not directly involved, but for the machinations of the GOP, all Americans, myself included, must feel the same degree of exhaustion from emotional and moral blackmail on the part of Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert and the 47 Democrats drunk on the Kool-Aid.

If I feel this way, you can only imagine how Michael Schaivo must feel. And I'm equally sympathetic to Bob and Mary Schindler, because they most certainly were emotionally hijacked for the GOP's political gain. The GOP has no shame, if they ever did.

For many Americans, the Schaivo tragedy dug up memories of facing similar decisions of whether or not to pull the plug on a loved one because you know in your heart they would not have wanted to continue existance in a persistent, vegetative state. On the other hand, we witnessed our Legislators attempt to give birth to a facist government in the name of Jesus.

Ironically, they attempted it during Easter week. Yet, maybe it's appropriate, since if Jesus returned today, Karl Rove would have Him shot and killed. No need for the spikes to drive in His Hands, and a wooden cross to hang Him from, when a bullet from a 9mm Sig Sauer would get the job done just as effectively.

I'm tired - emotionally, mentally, physically. I feel like I did the day I had to allow my mother to die, since the doctors could do no more for her. Damn the GOP thug leaders who are forcing not only me to re-live these memories, and anyone else who had to face a similar dilemma, but for the additional pain they are causing everyone else in the name of Political Gain.

This morning, I prayed for Terri Schiavo. I asked God to allow His Will to be done, and if His Will was that she be allowed to die with dignity, so be it. There has been plenty of time for Him to perform a miracle; while we cannot ask God why He didn't perform a miracle, we can accept that God knows best and not the religious fanatical fools we have in Congress and the White House. All I want is for no one else to use the tragedy of two families for their own Road to the White House, and World Domination.

Perhaps, what we are witnessing, is the ugliness which is known as the Federal Government. Maybe we are witnessing self-destruction and don't realize it yet. Whatever we are seeing, is the ugliness of the human spirit that we don't like to confront, but we know it's there and it must be confronted in order to continue the cycle of life that facilitates decency, compassion, dignity and value of ourselves and our fellow human beings.

What gives me the greatest comfort? Imagining those who chose to involve themselves in this tragedy, standing before Jesus in Heaven and making a speech to justify their actions while they were here on earth, and justifying why they should be allowed into Heaven. Nothing they say is going to change Jesus' mind, if He has already consigned them to the depth of Hell.

I'm not trying to preach or convince anyone that they should believe the same way I do. The freedom to believe in this way, or not to believe in this way, is part of what democracy really is about, and I am angered that a bunch of jack-booted, gun-toting, homophobic-spewing, religious whack-jobs, have hijacked this concept of freedom and tries to market it by saying Jesus told them to do it, when the reality is, He has told them NO SUCH THING.

My heart aches for Terri and Michael Schiavo, and the Schindler family - they were used as pawns in this sorry game. If you believe in the principle of sowing and reaping, look for those who participated in this fiasco to reap what they have sown. It won't be pretty; yet don't gloat about it either. Accept it and show them the right way to do what's right in the sight of God and man. It's the only way.

And with that, I'm finished discussing this...for the time being, anyway.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yesterday, I posted a blog that essentially reminded readers that the Supreme Court that voted to give GeeDubya the White House was the same band of bretheren that couldn't be trusted to do what was right and decline to hear the Terri Schaivo case.

For once, it gives me great pleasure to state that the Supreme Court actually remembered and read the U. S. Constitution and remembered how much they supported States' Rights. Their refusal to hear this case (for the fifth time) was a good ol' fashioned pimp slap to the Bush Administration; the GOP thugs attempting to use their own "weapon of mass distraction" to get the heat off that cockroach serving in Congress as Majority Leader, and his foibles; not to mention the truckload of DLC members who trotted back to DC to vote to interfere with a personal family decision.

Now, they want to get revenge on the Court for adhering to the concept of governmental checks-and-balances, by getting rid of the filibuster and pushing through Bush's whack-job judicial nominees.

We can breathe a little easier today - the Supreme Court, despite having Thomas and Scalia gracing its bench, did the right thing. But we can't rest on our laurels for too long - this issue needs to be used for opponents of the DLC members in campaign issues from now until 2006.

It might have been better if the GOP had been allowed to subpeona Terri Schiavo and put her in a room at the Rayburn or Cannon Buildings with a C-Span Camera trained on her, just so the Republicans, along with their Republican-lite DLC buddies could be allowed to stoop to new lows and give new meaning to the phrase "looking foolish".

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Today, I write the following with a good deal of apprehension and uncertainty for the outcome.

For days, we have been bombarded with the issues surrounding a young woman named Theresa "Terri" Schaivo, and whether or not her husband has the right as her guardian to allow her to die with dignity, or be forced by her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, to allow her to continue living in a "persistent, vegetative state" until her body gives out and gives her over to death.

It's easy to label the husband as being selfish - but this man essentially put his life on hold for 15 years to care for his wife. I think he fulfilled the marriage vow "In sickness and in health." Well, she's not going to get better either way, so why not allow her to die with dignity?

It's equally easy to sympathize with Bob and Mary Schindler - parents always want their children to bury them first; not the other way around. In fact, every parent that has lost a child would probably tell you, "This isn't right - my kid should be burying me, not me burying my kid." Perhaps, they fight for Terri's life as a means of avoiding their own confrontation with their own mortality. We can't ever know who's right and who's wrong here.

But the biggest concern we, as Americans, should be having is with the machinations of our Federal Government. They are trying to pick and choose the areas where they decide they want to play GOD. And since the judicial system seems inclined to follow the established law, as well as allow the full operation of the concept of governmental checks and balances, Congress has decided to discard any and all constitutional provisions, and drive this vehicle further towards the United States of America becoming the United States of Facism. The day a Federal Court rules in a way that GeeDubya, or Tom DeLay doesn't approve of, they wilfully violate the provision of the Constitution, piss on the Judicial System and pass a law which violates all tenets of due process of the law, not to mention the fact that the Constitution specifically stipulates that Congress cannot overrule a Federal Court decision. If they are that concerned about Terri Schaivo, where was this concern over Sun Hudson, an African-American baby in Texas, whose tube got pulled over the objections of his own mother? Where was Congress' concern for the first 14.5 years of Terri's life in this persistent, vegetative state, while they are voting simultaneously to cut the Medicare funding that pays for Terri's care, and legislation that would limit the damages that Terri's family collected for malpractice in her treatment?

The hypocrasy of our Legislators literally takes my breath away, and I'm not having a Jessica Simpson moment, either.

Yet, our Government is not in the hands of those who would respect and honor what has been established by a 229-year old document. They forget why a faction of people in Europe, Britain to be precise, fled what they considered a tyrannical government ruled by a monarch, to come to this land and found a new nation where democracy would be king, and government would be of the people, for the people and by the people. They come here, and almost 230 years later, they are repeating the history that their ancestors fled.

Complicit in all of this is the United States Supreme Court - until 2000, many Americans, including me, believed that if justice would ever be given a final outcome, the Supreme Court is the branch of government that would lay down the law, and settle the matter. Whenever they decided a court case, their word was final. No other avenues for appeal; whatever resolution they developed became the law of the land. As I said, until December 13, 2000, we believed the Supreme Court to be non-partisan, objective and impartial.

Then comes Bush v. Gore - the Supreme Court case that changed everything, and along with changing everything, eviscerated any perception we ever had of this judicial body being fair, impartial, objective and non-partisan. When the justices acted in the most blatant and partisan manner in even deciding to accept the case, let alone issue a ruling in it, most Americans were shocked, because most of us who studied political science, or history; we knew that in the event of a dispute in the outcome of a presidential election, the Constitution provides for Congress to convene and take a vote to decide who would be the next President of the United States. There was no need for Bush to rush a case before the Supreme Court - Congress already had a partisan majority that favored him getting the Oval Office very easily, thanks to the landslide midyear elections in 1994. Did he not trust the GOP to vote in his favor and needed to guarantee he would be President of the United States?

I know in the African-American community, we dog Clarence Thomas for his continual selling out of minorities with his rulings to no end. The fact that he was picked by Poppy Bush to replace the legendary Thurgood Marshall, continues to insult our intelligence thirteen years after the "hi-tech lynching" only to read David Brock's book "Blinded by The Right; the Conscience of an Ex-Conservative" and find out everything alleged by Anita Hill was true, not to mention he was the least qualified jurist ever to be nominated for the Supreme Court.

Or take Antonin Scalia. He's too chummy with individuals who more likely than not, will have a court case coming before him for a decision. We already know just how impartial he is, or how well he tries to avoid appearances of conflict or impropriety (going hunting with Dick Cheney did wonders in restoring our faith in the Court's ability to be impartial). Yet Scalia and Thomas are GeeDubya's favorite members on the bench, and he wants to elevate one of them to Chief Justice. That alone is enough to make Freddy Kruger look like Beaver Cleaver in any nightmare we are beginning to experience.

I'm wondering if William Rehnquist, who is battling throat cancer, has a living will, cause if the Supremes take this case, the Government may tell his loved ones what to do with him if he succumbs to a coma and can't be revived.

Now that the Federal Court of Appeals in Atlanta, has upheld the previous ruling in Michael Schiavo's favor, the Schindlers, fueled by money from the Bradley and Sciafe Foundations, are now heading to the Supreme Court to have this case heard...again. Never mind that they have already been before the Court, and the Court decided not to hear the case, but remanded it back to the State of Florida for a determination. We cannot take comfort that they more than likely will refuse to hear this case again. We already made that mistake with them in Bush v. Gore. And even if they weren't prepared for the fact that their credibility suffered tremendously in the court of public opinion with that ruling, we cannot be comforted by the fact that they would remember the public's perception of the Court, nor can we take comfort in the hope that public opinion would persuade them to not hear this case. Remember, this is a Court that wanted Bush to become President so badly, they failed to use established law, but, in fact, discarded the Constitution and gave Bush the Presidency solely because of their partisan beliefs.

Even though 70% of Americans believe that Congress only got involved in the Schiavo case for craven political grandstanding (which I hope will result in those voting for this legislation being found among the unemployed in 2006), the Supreme Court, like Congress, just may not give a damn what we, the American people, think about this issue. In fact, may I suggest that the Bush Administration would like all Americans to just stop thinking, period, because when we are thinking about things that matter, we tend to ask questions. Questions that the Bush Cartel don't want to answer, and when they do, they lie about it.

So, in thinking about the Schiavo case, I'm remembering that this issue is going before a judicial body that has already betrayed the American People. The date of that betrayal was December 13, 2000, when they ruled to give Bush the presidency. When Bush took office on January 20, 2001, our Nation began the long, hard slog towards ceasing to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, and got on the road to hell and purgatory. Our nation began her shameful descent towards fascism, and she continues her journey to this very day.

Simply put, The Supreme Court Cannot Be Trusted to do what is right. They lost the trust of the American People with Bush v. Gore. Now, they have another opportunity to show themselves as an impartial, judicial body, and regain some of their stature and credibility they used to enjoy, not to mention the trust of the American People, even if Bush attempts to stack the court with right-wing nut jobs like himself. Will they take it, or will they betray this Nation again?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I think we all know what a hypocrite is. So it shouldn't be a suprise to see hypocracy running amok on Capitol Hill these days. The Terri Schiavo right-to-live/die issue and the fact that Congress basically flung the concept of checks-and-balances out the window with their "Midnight Run" in rushing through legislation to force this women to continue existing, has, as my late father would say, forced legislators to "show their ass" on this one.

There are many issues that point to the hypocracy that resides within the man known as George W. Bush. Let's examine some of them, shall we?

He's for freedom of speech and assembly; he even tells Pooty-Poot on that visit to Russia that he better not shut down free press. So why, when he appears in public, here in his beloved "Amurica" his appearances are scripted, no dissent allowed, dissenters are arrested by the Secret Service, and only those who are still drunk on the Kool-Aid are allowed in to essentially fawn at the man's feet?

By the way, we saw Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. take the biggest swig of the Kool-Aid yet last week, when Dubya made a pit stop in Tennessee hawking that losing show known as "Reform Social Security". The elderly weren't buying it and Mr. Ford's Memphis Constituents have been warned. We will have re-hab ready for Mr. Ford, and other drunk members of Congress when they decide to sober up. They will need someplace to go when Dubya sucks them dry and leaves them as politically dead as Ms. Schaivo is brain-dead. Unlike Ms. Schiavo, however, those of us not drunk on the Kool-Aid, can guide Mr. Ford and his ilk through the 12-step program on the road to sobriety.

Dubya goes into other countries and preaches about democracy, when, by every stroke of the pen of Congress, he consistently undermines Constitutional provisions and flips the bird (or give the finger) to the concept of representative government, and constitutionality. Check out "Watching America" to get a sense of how the world really perceives Dubya. They think we are all drunk on the kool-aid, and we are naked to all the world; some of us see it - the boys and girls inside the Beltway do not, and continue running around in some type of mass orgy of power destroying everything and everyone in its path.

He wants to protect Social borrowing from it to pay off the deficit he ran up like a drunken sailor, and playing the Stock Market like he's Donald Trump. As in most casinos, the people almost never win, but the "house" always wins. Tell that to elderly people who have to decide if they are going to eat or by medicine, because they won't be getting Medicaid, either, and the Social Security check will be bouncing from here to Texas, cause there's no money to honor it.

He's a "uniter", yet he has done more than any President living or dead, to divide and polarize this country along racial, cultural and class welfare lines in history. Nathan Bedford Forrest would be very proud at GeeDubya's "uniting" the country. He has managed to accomplish what George Wallance, Strom Thurmond and Trent Lott only dreamed of with his "uniting" the country.

He's a "Christian", so where is it Christian to take from the poor and give to the rich? Where is it Christian in his record of no execution order he ever overturned as Texas Governor in sparing a life, since he believes in life? Where is it Christian when you don't want to feed the poor? Where is it being a Christian, when your policies have no provision for social justice? Is it Christ-like to beat down the poor and downtrodden on a daily basis while telling them it's their fault?

Instead, he mocks them, and in turn, us, while taking away what little they do have in the name of "reform". I'm tired of this kind of "compassionate conservatism" cause it's killing me.

The GOP believes in the sanctity of marriage, yet passed a law that essentially tells married couples you don't have a say over how you will operate in your marriage. Gay couples need not apply. Heterosexual couples need to be worried; next, the government will tell you how often you can have sex with your spouse, if they don't get around to choosing your spouse for you, because they think he/she is a good match for you.

Medicare currently pays for Mrs. Schiavo's care - yet Bush and Congress just sent forth a budget that calls for a cut of $60 billion dollars from Medicare. Don't get me started on how "No Child Left Behind" has left every child at the starting lineup.

How are you going to have an "ownership society" if you can't hang on to what you do own because you got sick with a catostrophic illness that forced you to file bankruptcy, and the credit card companies get to send you to debtor's prison because they seized all of your assets, and I mean all of what chump change you managed to squirrel into your child's piggy bank? Better yet, how does one get to be a part of an "ownership society" when your minimum wage job is not keeping up with rates of inflation and the word job really begins to stand for "just-over-broke"?

And a "Compassionate"Congress demonstrates just how compassionate they are; just take a look at the rant in Capitol Hill Blue - under "Congressional Den of Thieves"...they say it better than I ever could But, Back to GeeDubya...for now. Another day remains for me to take aim at the DLC...

Remember when Karla Faye Tucker, a born-again Christian, pleaded with Bush not to execute her? That she could win souls for Christ, even though she agreed that her punishment should be to remain in jail for the rest of her life? Didn't Bush mock her as he signed her death warrant?

Or the fact that a true born-again Christian, Ashley Smith, exhibited what Jesus would have done, when faced with a rapist in her house who had taken her hostage. She ministered to the man and used the spirit of Christ to persuade the man to turn himself in to police. Yet, this miraculous feat, is getting what, 10 minutes of press coverage, while everyone's wondering about Michael Jackson's court appearances, or what Scott Peterson did on his first day in the Big House.

Bush signed into law a "do-not-rescituate" order in Texas, even over the objections of the parents. Guess when it's an African-American baby, it's appropriate; yet, when Terri Schaivo's parents screamed, he hightails it off that cowchip he calls a ranch back to DC to sign this intrusive bill into law. One wonders if he had been that quick on the draw concerning Bin Laden, would 9/11 have happened?

Or, just in case you missed the racial element in the previous paragraph, one also wonders what would have been the case if Terri Schiavo had been African-American, Asian, Latino or Native American, instead of Caucasian? Would Congress have moved that fast in enacting legislation?

Ten people got shot in a school in Minnesota yesterday. Guess the government can't be bothered with that - because those involved were members of the Chippawa tribe. In other words, let's save the sanctity of life, as long as it's a Caucasian one. Persons of ethnicity or color need not apply.

And let's not forget how a gay prostitute (Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert) managed to masquerade as a journalist for over two years, getting within 10 feet of the President, spouting off homophobic rhetoric, all while holding down his night job as a very expensive piece of homosexual tail for those who could afford to pay (website advertised his, um, "talents" as well as the size of his "tools"). Don't you wonder who (in the White House) is in his little black book, to grant him that access to Valerie Plame, and 9/11 information that never made it to Scarborough Country? Yet DeLay and thugs are defending Gannon to the high heavens...while the Religious Right is so quiet, you can hear mice pissing on cotton.

Meanwhile, the likes of Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, et al, are worrying about the sexuality of SpongeBob Squarepants and Tinky-Winky Teletubbies, but you don't have jack to say about Jeff Gannon. Riddle me this: What would Jesus Do? Would He be concerned about the sexuality of cartoon characters, while you give a free pass to a gay prostitute that potentially has information to crash this Administration in ways that Watergate never could do for Nixon?

Speaking of Valerie Plame, you wonder why, if Joe Scarborough knows things aren't passing the smell test, then why isn't a warrant being issued for Robert Novak's arrest in committing treason by deliberately revealing an undercover CIA operative, for no other valid reason than to administer payback to Joe Wilson, because he wasn't being a "Team Player"?

Our government is run by hypocrites. Our legislative branch is filled with hypocrites and a cockroach (DeLay) to boot. (My apologies to the insect kingdom for equating members of your species with an individual that is deserving of his own species outside of the human race!) Our judicial system is fighting to retain the last vestige of democracy, while DeLay, Frist and Hastert strong-arms the rest of Congress to piss in their mouths of the judiciary and tell them that it's lemonade! Our Executive Branch went to the Dark Side years ago, and have gone so far, Luke Skywalker and Yoda would need to team up with Jabba the Hut to retrieve them. You know how the guards in a prison on death row, calls out when the condemned man is coming through "Dead Man Walking!"? Well, call our current government, and it's Congressional members "Hypocrites Walking!"

And Gee Dubya is the President, so call him "President Hypocrite", since he is Lord and Master of all he surveys.

Monday, March 21, 2005


There are times when I worry about blogging. As in not having anything to say.

That's where I was the last few days. And just when I thought the GOP could not get anymore craven than they already are (given the fact that Tom DeLay is one of their Leaders) is it any wonder that most decent, God-fearing Americans are disgusted at the GOP's blatant attempt to politicize something that is intensely personal between a husband and his wife, like the right to die?

Where are their platitudes, I wonder, when they have interrupted Spring Break to rush back to Washington and pass a law taking something like the right to die out of the hands of family members and get involved with it themselves? How do they justify their actions?

Oh, Excuuuuuuse MEEEEEE! (Steve Martin impersonation) the GOP doesn't have to justify anything do they? The party who has introduced legislation to ban gay marriage because the possibility of two gay people getting married is a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

Give me a friggin' break. Like passing legislation telling a husband or wife they have no say in granting their vegetative, comatose spouse the opportunity and the right to die with dignity. If that's not the government invading into, and disrupting the very sanctity of marriage they are proposing to protect with their gay marriage amendment, I don't know what is.

Even preachers here in the Bay Area weighed in on this one - the husband should have the last say as to keeping his wife alive, and the parents should butt out. If the GOP "christian" Right-Wing nut jobs truly studied their Bible, then they would know that the Bible also states, specifically, that when a man and a woman marry, they leave their parents, and cleve to one another, becoming one flesh (Genesis 1:24-25), which translates that the parents have no more say over their child in anything that the couple agrees to when their kids get married - that would violate God's law; and especially since the Right Wing nut jobs insist on living under Old Testament law, one would think that they would do well to obey the edicts they want to force upon the rest of us.

Hypocrasy is too mild a word - and anything else I would use to describe what they have done, in politicizing Terri Schiavo's case, would get me a ban from the FCC for use of offensive language. We receive more and more proof that the GOP insists on a double standard, and since this double standard appears to make them winners and dominators in everyone else's sight (so much so that DLC democrats aspire to become like them) it's very tempting to give up and declare the game over.

Not so, I say. And you shouldn't give up, either. Because I really believe, if they haven't overreached with Tom DeLay and his ethical issues, this issue over the right to die and the quality of life for the shell of the once vibrant person that was Terri Schiavo, may be the very issue that undoes this governmental version of Godzilla. It needn't be something big, like the Iraq war, or the economic deficits run up by this Administration. It doesn't even need to be something like naming Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank (a tragedy in the making) or placing a known critic of the United Nations as ambassador to the United Nations. This group of current governmental leaders have no honor at all. If they did, they would walk their talk, honor what they say, and keep the government out of the business of everyday people who can think for themselves. How ironic that this country was founded by people who fled what they considered to be oppression, and 200+ years later, descendants of those first peoples are engaging in forms of oppression themselves!

Many Administrations have been toppled by something that was infintesimal at the time of discovery. Yet, it took a life of it's own and grew to something beyond those who were facilitating it at the time. And in the end, it was something so simple, those in power who are toppled, probably wonder, "God, how could I have mucked this up?!" Trust me, you know Nixon had to mutter choice words under his breath as he boarded Air Force One to ride out of the White House in disgrace. All because a security job actually did his job and reported a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters back in 1972.

That was small. But it took on a life of it's own, as it was discovered that the President of the United States engaged in some petty skull duggery and in attempting to cover up his role in it, the attempts to cover it up cost him his job. Dare we hope that the Schiavo case becomes the 21st Century version of Bush's
"Watergate" scandal? He's had so many opportunities for a scandal to do damage (34 and counting), yet this just might be the one that does the actual damage that the MSM cannot ignore...

One thing I do know: they need to quit using and invoking God's name to cosign all of this drama. Because God has nothing to do with it; He has never had anything to do with incidents that have no honor at all, and most of all, goes against what He represents.

Lying to a country to go into an unnecessary war - no honor at all. God had nothing to do with it.

Poverty in this country among our children - no honor at all. God had nothing to do with it.

Building the wealthy at the expense of the poor - no honor at all. God most certainly had nothing to do with that! This violates His own Order of things on earth!

The sick getting sicker and no health care for them - no honor at all and God had nothing to do with it.

Passing legislation to keep Terri Schiavo alive, but only being a shell of her former self. Parading her for the world to see that she is not alive, but merely existing. Where is the honor in that? There is no honor in using a brain-dead woman, capitalizing on the grief of her family, vilifying her husband for fighting to allow God and nature to have their way, whether she lives or dies - now the GOP has crossed a line that angels don't dare to tread: PLAYING GOD.

And God has nothing to do with it. Sooner or later, if we don't give up, we will see it for ourselves.

They call themselves Christians, but a true Christian behaves with dignity and demonstrates the glory of God through their honor. And they have bankrupted themselves and try to have God co-sign off on their actions, because they count on the masses not to know any better.

But we do know better. We know God has nothing to do with their actions and everytime they say so, they are liars and the truth, nor honor, is not in them at all.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


What is it with the Gentleman from Tennessee these days? Does he want Bill Frist's Senate Seat in 2006 so much, that he has sold his soul to the Devil and willingly signs off on all types of legislation that guarantees to continually harm more than help his Memphis constituents? Is being a United States Senator that important? I guess so, since he sold out his own uncle months ago. And that was just the beginning.

His appearance at Bush's Social Security promo will do more for him than the picture of Bush giving the Mafioso's kiss to Joe Lieberman during the SOTU address, as Mr. Ford forges a quest for Frist's Senate seat. As in Memphis Dems (especially his African-American constituency) are going to wake up and smell the coffee and anything Mr. Ford says by way of explaning himself is not going to pass the laugh, let alone, smell test. He won't even be able to call Bill O'Reilly for his spin, either.

He would do well to watch how Connecticut Dems are laying into Lieberman. Lately, more and more websites are popping up on the blogsphere, asking to front a candidate to challenge Joe for his Senate seat in 2006, 'cause Connecticut Dems are getting tired of his whoring for Bush. I think the "kiss" did it for them; it's just like watching when Judas kissed Jesus (as a means of identifying Him to hand our Lord over to the Pharasees to be murdered).

In California, trust me, we only tolerate Dianne Feinstein, and that's because she knows how to CYA. Additionally, she occasionally votes the way we want; in our best interests. But her support for Condoleezza Rice almost immediately facilitated a "Get Rid of Feinstein!" growl from progressive liberals and even a few conservative Dems, not to mention a couple of Republicans out here on the "Left Coast".

I'm not going to play the race card regarding Rep. Ford's chances for the Senate; if it weren't for his political baggage (and I'm not talking about his family, because I refuse to believe people in Memphis didn't know what was going on with his elders); like his support for policies which harm most poor people than it helps them), his collaborations on legislation in the name of "bi-partisanship" (anyone partnering with Rick "man on dog" Santorum already suffers a loss of credibility) his political affiliations (card carrying DLC member and avowed "Blue Dog Democrat") and his feeding at the corporate trough, with reciprocation required being a signatory on that dastardly bankruptcy reform bill (a DLC requirement).

In all honesty, minus the political baggage, I would say he has a good chance to win that Senate seat if just to demonstrate to America that the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan's founder, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the state of Tennessee, a "Red State", has advanced into the 21st Century by electing their first African-American Senator to the U. S. Senate, joining the only African-American in the Senate, Barack Obama. But let's not forget, Obama didn't ride to the Senate on the "sell-out" express; he drove the progressive "PT Cruiser" to Washington, with full possession of his values and beliefs.

Shoot, in California, but for racists in this state, we would have had our first African-American Governor (former LA Mayor Tom Bradley) back in 1988.

In fact, I'd be the first to sign up to help the brother out. But for his political baggage, I cannot even contemplate doing no more than to humbly request he just run for re-election to what is considered a "safe" House seat, because he still needs to be schooled in what's important to lower and middle class America, whom he represents. You can't represent the people if you have no clue what's going on with them, or if you have no knowledge of what they face, because your life provides you with no frame of reference or experience to empathize with their plight.

When I attack a DLC member, I'm attacking their positions and their policies; not the person themselves - if I have, that's because I'm trying to emphasize what they represent and the danger I believe they pose to the rest of us. I'm sure they are nice people; I've met Rep. Ford and he has been very nice to me. But there's the qualifier; "IF". I can't overlook what he has done through his political posturing and the danger he represents to Black America when he attempts to pass himself off as pitchman for "New Black Leadership" among us. If he was serious about being a leader for African-Americans, he should have had his collective butt down in Atlanta at Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" event back in February, like I was, if for nothing else, to demonstrate concern about the issues that are truly relevant not only to African-Americans, but all Americans. He would also do well to remember the history of African-Americans, if that would serve to inspire him and remind him why he wants to be an emerging New Black Leader. For me, if you want to be a New Black Leader, how about:
  • Going to jail for protesting human rights causes (see Rangel, Dellums, Sharpton)
  • Sponsor some meaningful legislation (Conyers)
  • Voting on Principle in Congress (see McKinney, Tubbs-Jones and Barbara Lee)
  • Challenging the President on issues like the Voting Rights Act (Jesse Jackson, Jr.)
  • Publicly showing support for the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Taking a beating on the Selma Bridge to protect Civil Rights (John Lewis)
  • Going into foreign political hotspots and free some hostages (Jesse Jackson, Sr.)
  • Most of all, not allowing yourself to become a bought-and-owned Negro in order to curry favor with the Right Wing (Shirley Chisholm)

Hell, his own father, former Rep. Harold Ford, Sr., even took a beating from the Right Wing, courtesy of one Ronald Wilson Reagan, when he was in Congress and Reagan was the President. Those bank fraud charges he was charged with didn't just crop up; Ford, Sr., just like my mentor, Ron Dellums, held very powerful positions on sub-committees during the 1980's that kept Reagan from doing with the budget what GeeDubya is doing now! And just like they attempted to frame Ron Dellums as a cocaine addict (and failed) Ford, Sr. was charged and tried (twice) for Bank Fraud (which, as it turned out, most Republicans were the biggest offenders) and acquitted of the charges (rightfully so).

I should know; I was an intern in Dellums' office when the Reagan gang came after Democratic members of Congress, especially the African-Americans who chaired subcommittees where he needed money for that friggin' Star Wars project (Dellums was chair of the Armed Services Committee; and I believe Ford, Sr. was on the finance committee - feel free to correct me). This last piece of history should have inspired Ford, Jr. to slap the taste out of the mouth of any Republithug coming along to court him over to the Right side, in the guise of being "bi-partisan", "moderate" or "centrist". Why are you talking to the biggest racist on talk radio (Don Imus) about your plans to become the next leader of African-Americans, and you know that SOB would pick us off at 50 yards with 30.odd buckshot coming from a 30-30 Winchester Rifle?

My late mother would call this "Straddling the Fence". My late father, not known for gentle language, would call it "Kissing Ass". Sorry, my father was plain spoken, and when you grow up hearing your father saying "Never kiss anyone's ass" it's hard to forget it, or to apply it in your own life.

If GeeDubya can use the excuse of revenge for initiating war with Saddam Hussein, no Republican should have been able to get within ten feet of Harold, Jr., as a result of the partisan conspiracy used to attempt to drive his father from office in disgrace. Looks like it's time for Ford, Sr. to take Ford, Jr. to the woodshed, cause this is serious. Look at what we have in the Oval Office right now - all because Poppy didn't take Dubya to the woodshed when it mattered; we have a certifiable nut job with his hand on the chicken switch! God help us all! Especially since you get kick out of forums if you even hint you're going to disagree with Dubya.

I noticed the protesters who managed to sneak in, were kicked the hell out of the joint. So why was Harold allowed to stay, being the avowed Democrat that he is, and going publicly on record that he can't support the President's plan for Social Security? Leave it to my journalistic mentors at Black Commentator to light that fire under Mr. Ford, too, along with an assist from bloggers Josh Marshall and Steve Gilliard.

I also notice that the rare times Rep. Ford has popped up on my radar, he's either being a Faux News Democrat Media Darling, or being vilified by the rest of progressive America, especially progressive Black America, who believes him to have utilized his family's political legacy to sell the rest of us out. I also believe that he makes the gargantuan mistake of believing his own press, which sets him up for a colossal fall, cause the Right Wing is like an abusive lover. Use you, beat the snot out of you, and when your usefulness is gone, so are THEY!

You never want to see that happen; not to a person who demonstrates such promise and potential, if mentored and guided wisely, and if the person is teachable. Yet when they demonstrate they are going to do things their own way, come hell or high water, there comes a time when you have to step back and allow them to drown in a pool of their own making, including ______(you fill in the blank: arrogance, greed, conceit, self-deception).

Alas, the Black Point Man for the Right Wing Strikes again. Read about his stealth tactics here

Sometimes you just have to give up on order to keep going for the rest of us.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


DailyKos is at it again, exposing the DLC for the fake, Republican-Wannabes they really are. Some are even posting suggestions for putting this group out of it's misery like the rabid dogs they really are. If you haven't read Kos' diary yet, hop on over and take a look-see.

If those of us who inhabit the world of intelligencia know that the DLC is toast, why are there those who still want to listen to any advice from Al From?

Monday, March 14, 2005


I apologize for not posting a blog on Friday - duty calls and you have to earn your paycheck. Additionally, I was too heartbroken over the previous day's blog entry, where we all learned just which Democrats in Congress really has the best interests of the people they represent...with their letter to Rep. Dennis Hastert, urging him to "swiftly bring the bankruptcy reform bill to the Floor for a vote.." In other words, they are ready to introduce their constituents caught under a rock to the Hard Place.

After a weekend of meditating on this, I came to the conclusion that there are politicians who operate in straight denial about themselves, their values, their beliefs and most importantly, the interests of the constituents' they purport to represent. But then, again, any politician who wants to continue approaching the opposition in the hopes that they can work with them on the issues in a "bi-partisan" fashion, even though they know that they opposition is going to clock them with a right hook and give them another black eye; they are like a person who continues to stay with an abusive partner, always clinging to their last apology, their last promise not to abuse them again; their last promise to change their ways. And the hopeful partner clings to those promises, even when the abusive partner renieges on their promises with their next slap, their next chokehold, their next verbal assault...until it's too late and the victim of the abuse either is killed by their abusive partner...or they kill the abusive partner and land in front of an unsympathic judicial system that essentially sentences them to life in prison with or without the possibility of parole, for murder in the second degree, or manslaughter in the first degree.

Hopefully, if you've read this far, you will see where I'm going with this.

Members of the Democratic Leadership Council are like an abusive partner to those of us who remember what this Party stood for in terms of values, beliefs, morals; if we remember, this Party is the Party that believed in equal rights and justice for all, regardless of race, gender or nationality. This Party is the Party that shepherded Civil Rights and reminded those who would forget what Civil Liberties really means and why the Founding Fathers believed in their importance to the point that the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.

This is the Party that fights for a sustainable environment, an equitable and quality public education system, universal healthcare for all, and equality in the opportunity for economic advancement, plus a level playing field for those long denied economic advancement because of economic injustice. This is the Party that believes, that homosexuals have the right to live as they want - if their lifestyles conflict with Biblical teachings, the responsibility of those of us who consider ourselves Christians, is to not pass judgement, but to treat them with dignity, honor and respect, and show them Christ's love. It is not our place to impose biblical teachings upon them (unless they want to hear it), because that is passing judgement. I should have named this blog title "This is the Party" but now, I will share with you why I've named this blog "Politicians in Denial" and why "We deserve better".

A Politician is in denial when he or she supports legislation that they know will cause devastation in their districts, be it economic, social, environmental, or educational, but believes that their constituents will understand why they acted they way they did, and ignore the politico's direct involvement in dereliction of duty to represent their constituents' best interests by their support of legislation that takes direct aim at any and all gains attained on the blood, sweat, tears, imprisonment and and even deaths of those who believed that all Americans were entitled to a good, quality life.

A Politician is in denial when he or she participates in the passage of legislation that serves to demean, dishonor, repudiate and even personally destroy the constituencies they represent - and they expect, we, the people who vote for them, to continue tolerating their abuse, because, after all, they represent "our best interests". Well, what if our best interest is quality public education vs. gay marriage? What if our best interest is to keep jobs that are being outsourced to other countries here in the United States, in the areas where we live? What if our best interest is to deny Wal-Mart the means and opportunities to stop going into unsuspecting regions and cause major economic castastrophes because they force the shut down of manufacturers, retail outlets, anything that provided that region with jobs that paid liveable wages?

What if our best interest is to prevent unnessesary drilling for oil in areas long designated to preserve the history of this Nation? What if our best interest is that anyone who gets sick can see a doctor and not worry about how much it's going to cost, and if that cost facilitates the need to file a bankruptcy to get back on their feet economically, what if the best interest is to not place them between a rock while introducing them to the Hard Place, but allow them a Second Chance to improve their lot on an economic scale?

What if our best interest is having a member of Congress or the United States Senate brave enough to take a stand on principle, to vote their conscience, to listen to their constituencies, and enact legislation accordingly? What if our best interest is having an elected official not feeding at the corporate trough for campaign contributions, not selling out their constituents' best interest in order to pad their pockets; in short, not being a whore for the special interests groups? After all, you take their money; they are expecting something in return for their it political favors, access or influencing legislation in Congress. Ususally something distasteful, but the politico hopes that the money washes away the disgusting aftertaste.

When a politician sells us out and tells us they're fighting for us in Congress; when a politican tells us he or she is not beholden to special interest groups - that they are fighting for "the little guy" but all the while, taking that special interest money and hoping we won't find out that they are being political "Judas'es" - this is a politician in denial; a denial so strong and so ingrained that for them to come out of it would require them standing down from their offices, because they wouldn't be able to continue functioning as an elected official; the hard work of coming out of denial is like a drug addict or shopaholic, or alcoholic - you first have to admit that you have a problem and that the problem is ruining not only your life, but the lives of those who love you.

A Politician in Denial is in the same boat - having to acknowledge that their greed for accolades, for prestiege, for having the title of "Honorable" when their actions have been less than; they haven't been doing the jobs they were elected to do - to represent the people who elected them and their best interests. We can argue all the time about how people in the "Red States" consistently vote against their best interests, economically, educationally, environmentally, socially - but if those individuals are never educated to what their elected officials are doing, they unwittingly become enablers for their elected representatives. Those of us who work, or have worked in the field of substance abuse, we know that when you "enable" someone, you are allowing them to continue their abusive behavior, because you take no action to let them know that their behavior is not acceptable. The enabler excuses the problem ("They didn't know about that cloture vote") or rationalizes it ("If they gave them Bush's judicial nominee, they will bring that block grant to the State") while not realizing that to continue enabling guarantees continued abuse. The enabler prevents the abuser from identifying that they have a problem.

The concept works the same way for elected officials and the people who continue to vote for them, still hoping that the elected official will change and will begin representing them the way they should in their elected office. Case in point: the Democratic Leadership Council.

When you consistently vote for a DLC member, you continue to enable them, so don't get upset if they are continuing to sell out the Democratic Party and destroy it from within to the point that we're considered powerless, helpless, outnumbered and outgunned. If you have a DLC elected official who represents you, now is the time to serve them notice; that you are leaving the voting relationship you have with them because of their abuse of you. You can't let them back in with "sweet talk" (read, campaign promises); you need to sever any and all ties with them until they get the message that they are the problem, not you, the VOTER. Until voters realize they deserve better, they will continue doing the same thing and hoping, if not praying for a better outcome.

We deserve better than the DLC has given us. We need to repeat this until we begin to believe it. Once we believe it, we have the strength to vote for someone who demonstrates that we can trust them with out vote when we elect them. We have Politicians In Denial and we deserve better.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


My friend Bill sent this to me from the New Republic (

More importantly, I want to highlight the list of Corporate-fed Democrats who signed off on further poverty for those who can't afford anymore. When they thought your back was turned, they couldn't wait to belly up to the bar and quickly apply their lips to Dennis Hastert's ample rear end:

Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher
Rep. Adam Smith
Rep. Ron Kind
Rep. Artur Davis
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
Rep. John Larson
Rep. Stephanie Herseth
Rep. Dennis Moore
Rep. Mike McIntyre
Rep. Joe Crowley
Rep. Jay Israel
Rep. David Wu
Rep. Diane Hooley
Rep. Melissa Bean
Rep. Jim Davis
Rep. Harold E. Ford, Jr.
Rep. Ed Case
Rep. Jay Inslee
Rep. Shelley Berkeley
Rep. Gregory W. Meeks

All of them are card-carrying DLC members - but they are calling themselves "New Democrats Network". Hah!

Don't be fooled - this is the DLC under a new name. New name, same ol' BS. And if any of them are YOUR representatives, you'd better flood their offices with e-mails, faxes and jam their voicemails in protest of this horrendous bill. They already have their escape route, but are perfectly willing to cut off yours. Will you stand for it?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


My friend, Tom Grayman, has posted an essay that describes the history of America's "appreciation" for those vets who fought on her behalf, especially African-Americans. With friends like we have in the White House and on the Hill, we don't need to make any more enemies. But Bush has yet to grasp that concept.

Read more why America's "gratitude" is forcing many to say "No, thanks":

Knowledge really is power. Pay it forward.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I know I haven't been posting much lately. But when I see how the Republican Party will stoop to all-time lows in trying to hijack America, including utilizing Pastors and Bishops of African-American Churches, and probably other Churches as well, either those of us in the blogsphere have them on the run, or they are just using Black Preachers in particular to continue covering up what has been a horrendous agenda facilitating attacks on American citizens who are not in positions to protest or fight back.

We cannot let them get away with this.

I've posted here as the Christian Liberal, and the Christian Progressive Liberal when I looked at what I support and determined my beliefs are consistent with a liberal, progressive context, and the fact that I am a Christian. So it has been simple to combine them both, especially when I've read my Bible and confirmed that many of my political beliefs are consistent with the love and precepts that Jesus taught during His three year ministry on Earth. What I am finding is that some preachers; Black preachers in particular, are being lured into shlepping for Bush's policies because of their succumbing to the "filthy lucre". For those of you who aren't familiar with the biblical phrase "filthy lucre" , that is a slang term for "dirty money".

And "dirty money" it is. These preachers, who are feeding at Bush's "Faith-Based" Money trough are complicit in whatever devastation is wreaked upon African-American Communities, such as the privatization of Social Security. How can Blacks invest into a Social Security account when you have forced them into jobs that do not pay enough and therefore, continues to facilitate a wealth disparity that was already a widening gap before the attack on Social Security?

How can there be quality public education if a Black preacher is advocating the use of school vouchers, designed to eliminate education opportunities for at least 75% of economically challenged communities?

How will our children be given accurate information on sex, STDs, sexuality and other health information, if Black preachers are advocating that the only issues of concern to our communities are gay marriage and abortion?

I didn't want to limit this to Black preachers, because I'm sure other ministers of different ethnicities are equally guilty, but it appears that Black preachers are being pimped by the Bush Administration the most. I've done my homework. Every Black pastor that went to visit with Bush back in January has collected a check from the Faith-Based Government agency (Look it up, if you don't believe me). It's so bad, the last director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives (or whatever it's called) quit in disgust, because he was being directed to cut checks to church-affiliated organizations that he believed were coordinating and facilitating faith-based initiatives in communities, and the organizations themselves were not adhering to what Jesus taught, nor were their missions consistent with the teachings of Jesus. So, this is further indictment of Black preachers taking a check from Bush. If he's paying you, you have to shill his policies for him, no matter how deceptive or devastating they are to the communities in which they minister.

I've talked with members of churches whose pastors lined up for that faith-based money. They are NOT happy with their pastors at present, especially elderly members who are frightened that they are going to lose their Social Security check, and they are already worrying about MEDICARE. They believe that protesting and fighting for the gay marriage amendment is not worth what they stand to lose in terms of social justice programs which have longed served to benefit the disenfranchised or the disadvantaged, by leveling their playing fields in terms of education, jobs, and affordable housing or liveable, sustainable environments. When asked how are they personally affected by the gay marriage amendment or abortion, they have to think, and truthfully reply that if there's no attention paid to those fringe issues, they would sort themselves out, without any help from the average American citizen. Yet, their pastor or Bishop has collected that check (or checks) from Bush, while stabbing his members in the back (If I recall, no women Bishops or Pastors were invited to Bush's meeting - and that in and of itself should have signaled to all women where their place is in Bush's Agenda), by eliminating the programs and money they need for survival (not to mention paying their offerings and tithes in church to support it).

This is a slick way to infiltrate a community and destroy it from the inside out. This is how Karl Rove and company operate; if they cannot mount a full-frontal attack, they find a way to infiltrate and destroy from WITHIN. This is another reason why we all must be vigilant, because the Bush Administration is not stopping with the capitulation of Black pastors lured by their greed for the Faith-Based money pie. If this tactic works so well on Black preachers who forgot to study their Bible and remember that their love for money is the root of all sorts of evil, why stop at Black preachers? Why not corrupt Latino, Native American and Asian ministers as well?

What I've learned is that when this Administration discovers a weakness, like any good strategist, they exploit that weakness until their advarary is totally and utterly destroyed. We can't be silent on the selling out of Black ministers to this type of evil manipulation in exchange for a government handout. For some reason, Black preachers have not, cannot and will not learn the lesson behind lusting for money and perceived power on the world Stage. And when you are predisposed to forgetting history, you are also predisposed to repeating that history; each repeat resulting in more devastating consequences than the last one.

This is a subject I won't be silent on, either. For any pastor, Black, White, Yellow, Brown or Red, or female - you are not serving God's calling on your life, nor are you serving the congregation you have been charged to lead, when you are a bought-and-paid for Rent-A-Preacher. You dishonor God and your congregation, and you will reap what you sow.


At DailyKos, one of the bloggers is making an argument for working with DLC members. The blogger is missing the point; the DLC has consistently shown time and time again, since 1985, that they possess racist and sexist elements that, from time to time, they will tone down, in order to push a comprehensive agenda. But their track record is that of perinnial losers, and I'm not for opening the "big tent" to include them unless they are placed on sabbaticals for at least five years and demostrate their true commitment to the Democratic Party. While I don't agree with some of Harry Reid's positions, he's done a better job of keeping Senate Democrats united and effective than Tom Daschle could have ever dreamed of; that's because he was too busy being nice to vipers while walking in the viper's pit.

I say that a DLC member needs to do the convincing that we progressives can work with them; as for showing them mercy...let's just say I'm fresh out of mercy...

Friday, March 04, 2005


Lest readers of this blog think no one else reads this blog because of the difficulty in posting comments (many readers send me emails, which is better because I like to respond), I want to say people do read this blog, and I will work to make it easier for you to respond to the blog entries.

The reason for my introduction is that today's blog entry is posing a question I received from one of the readers of this blog. His name is Bill.

Bill sent me an email. Here's what he had to say:

"Hey there- well done Ms L- going right to the heart of the matter. Almost!. Now all ya got ta do is go one step further. Your are now ready to state openly that the Democratic Party is DEAD! Yup Ms L- they are dead - and the sooner we all admit that the quicker we can get on with the business of forming a new party that will have the power to "Honestly" represent the citizenry of this country!
It is a tough admission but all ya got ta do is look back over the "dem" votes during that past couple of confirmation hearings. You tell me- how many dems voted with the gop? It is not a disgrace Ms L- It is the death knell of the democratic party in this country. Lets talk because as much as you want to Brilliantly attack the dlc, it really is a much bigger problem and let me tell you something- the sooner we admit it, the sooner we can get started on what will be a generational program that we both may not live to see the fruit of our efforts!"

All I'm going to challenge readers to do is think: IS BILL'S PRONOUNCEMENT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ON TARGET? Is it time to pull the plug on attempts to rescuitatate and declare the party dead? Should we form a new party or become Greens or Independents?

I'd like to hear from you on this matter. If it's too difficult to post a response, send me an email to either or

Have a Good Weekend! Spring Training has begun and all is well...for now, LOL

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm not apologizing for the title; I'm too angry. Whenever I read articles like this one from the American Prospect, is it any wonder why I started this blog?

We have always known that the Democratic Leadership Council has been, for the most part, Republican wanna-bees, and even in that, these imbeciles failed to get it right. What I mean by that, is at least, their imitation of their Republican counterparts should have at least resulted in a gain of seats in the Legislature, and a hell of a lot more pull on Capitol Hill. Instead, we continue to be treated to watching them get b-slapped by the Republicans in the name of being "moderate" or "centrist".

When you continue to vote and take actions that are against the best interests of your constituents, in order to have a political office and a title, you have effectively forgotten why you chose to run for political office in the first place. And, for that very reason; forgetting about the people who elected you to office and their best interests, you need to go.

A career change is exactly what a member of the DLC needs. Perhaps, when you have to actually punch a time clock and work a 9-to-5, and then watch your benefits slashed and lack of health care places you in bankruptcy court when your relative got sick and the bills have to be paid, then perhaps you can better empathize with your constituents.

For the DLC to continue using the same tactics that have a known history of repeated failure - not to mention that as members of the Democratic Party, you continue to abuse the rest of true Democrats with the same drivel, expecting different results, is purely criminal and rather than being kicked out of office, DLC members may need to be threatened with jail time, just to know that the rest of us who are progressive, mean business about taking back our country.

Just a thought...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Yesterday's blog entry got plenty of view on other sites, so I want to say "Thank You" to Steve Gilliard, MyDD, The Political Junkie and DailyKos for publication. Inspired by your responses, while today's blog is not exactly a follow-up, it hopefully serves to maintain motivation.

Whenever I've read, or I'm in the process of reading good political books, I like to recommend them to others in your search for social justice. The book I'm currently reading is titled "The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear" which is a collection of essays illustrating that against insurmountable odds, you need encouragement and inspiration to keep you going in the bleakest of times. You can purchase this book as a BuzzFlash premium and make a donation in the process.

But what I want to point out is the fact that while you might have never been placed in jail for your beliefs for 27 years (Nelson Mandela), there is always, as pointed out by Howard Zinn in his essay, "The Optimism of Uncertainty". How can one be optimistic in a time of fear and uncertainty? Zinn correctly pointed out several factors which I take to heart and hope that they will peak your curiosity, if nothing else, to read, learn them and apply them:

(1) Don't let "those who have power" intimidate you. Sounds easier said than done, but what happens when those who are victimized by bullies get fed up and start to fight back? Usually, the bully gets exposed as the coward that he/she really is.

(2) Remember that those who seem invulnerable, are, in fact, quite vulnerable. Otherwise, why won't President Bush face a press conference unscripted and spontaneously? Because he fears being forced into a corner where he's forced to face up to being vulnerable. Bush's power depends on the obedience of others (like most bullies) and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile. You might want to get a copy of "Bush on The Couch" by Dr. Justin Frank; his analysis of Bush is frightening, for lack of a better word.

This explains the lock down on the White House, and the complicity of the "liberal" media when they knowingly turn their backs on a scandal like Guckert/Gannongate.

(3) You need to be patient and persistent. We may not win every battle, but even small victories should be celebrated, because when you accumulate small victories, they add up and set the table for a huge victory.

(4) The struggle for justice should never be abandoned because of the apparent overwhelming power of those who have the guns and the money, and who seem invincible in their determination to hold on to it. Think about it: when Hitler seemed to have taken over everything, suddenly he had to run and cower in a bunker waiting to die. Russia probably still marvels at how Khruchev was determined to keep up a wall that some 20 years later, Reagan demanded Gorbechev to "tear down". Zinn reminds us that this apparent power has again, and again, proven vulnerable to human qualities that cannot be bought: moral fervor, determination, unity, organization, sacrifice, wit, ingenuity, courage, patience. Something that the Religious Right knows nothing about.

Ugh, I'm sorry, but individuals like James Dobson, Tim LaHaye, Ralph Reed, Jerry Falwell, et al, have been eerily silent on the Gannon/Guckertgate scandal, while complaining about SpongeBob SquarePants and overall giving Christians a bad name...

(5) Minister Farrakhan said in the Saturday forum I attended "Power concedes nothing without a demand. However, it won't concede to a demand if the constituency does not have the 'testicular fortitude' to make the demand." In other words, you gotta have cajones (balls) to make your demand. You can insert your own potshot joke at the DLC here, cause we know the DLC has been cajones-less since 1994, as evidenced by a complete loss of all three branches of the Government.

Most of all, don't think because your name isn't Jesse, Al, Farrakhan, Boxer, Wellstone, Kucinich, Kennedy, Mike Dyson, Tavis Smiley, etc., that you can't do anything to make a difference, because you can.

Each time you post a response to a blog, you are making a difference.

Each time you bombard your elected representative with faxes, letters, emails, clog their voicemails; you are making a difference.

Each time you take a step to make change happen, you make a difference.

Each time you cry out against social injustice, verbally or by the written word, you make a difference.

We must remember that THE JOURNEY starts with that first step. When we apply the precepts of any 12-step program, or self-help program, we are always reminded that we didn't get where we are overnight, and that we are not going to correct the mess in a single day. It starts with that first step, one step at a time, one person at a time, one day at a time.

Most importantly, THE JOURNEY starts with you. Take that first step.