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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hurricane Katrina was certainly underestimated. When she was first spotted on the radar, the Weather Channel individuals made out like she wasn't going to pack the punch that she did. I mean, she was given a Category 1 rating, when the truth of the matter was, girlfriend was a Category 5 hurricane.

Meanwhile, President Bush is out in sunny San Diego, playing guitar and lying about the war in Iraq, the economy, and everything else that's turned to crap on his watch, while people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are being washed away into the Gulf of Mexico. Sounds very similar to what Emperor Nero was doing while Rome BURNED - fiddling. If the indifference of the President of the United States to the suffering of human beings isn't catching the attention of the rest of the American People, and inciting them towards feelings of outrage, there's no more hope of doing so.

I find it ironic that the states that are being devestated by natural disasters, are the "reddest" states in the nation who voted to re-elect Bush in a landslide, and I'm sure it's purely coincidental. Or is it?

Now, here's the real test - how will Bush respond to those who are suffering and have lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, yet they responded to their fear in 2004 and sent him back to the White House? Will he demostrate some of that "compassionate conservatism" he so often braggs about, or will he continue to demostrate his true feelings...of INDIFFERENCE?

However, we who are intelligent thinkers, and not drunk on GOP grog, read the warning about Bush's inability to exhibit human emotion or respond to another human being's suffering. Dr. Justin Frank, the author of the best-seller, "Bush on The Couch" articulated in his book that people like Bush are insulated from responding to another's suffering, which really facilitates indifference towards them, and their plight. So, Bush's responses (or lack thereof) are not coming to Americans unaware. It also explains why he doesn't give a damn about the troops fighting in Iraq, because if he did, they would have been better equipped, trained, armed...and less soldiers like Casey Sheehan may have survived their tours of duty.

George Bush, President Indifference. You can't make this stuff up...and I wish someone was making up this fact that we have a President who responds to world-wide, as well as domestic suffering in the same way...with INDIFFERENCE. And no Christian has ever responded to the plight of another's suffering with indifference - if Jesus responded to the suffering of another with compassion, mercy and assistance, everyone identifying him/herself in similar fashion.

Or does the standards of being a Christian change, because Bush proclaims himself to be one?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I'm in a period of transition at present and haven't been able to blog like I want. But when I turn on the "700 Club" (which I occasionally watch when channel-surfing) and hear the good Rev. Pat Robertson calling for the assasination of the Venuzuelan President, Hugo Chavez, my blood ran cold, because, calling for the killing of any human being directly contradicts one of the Ten Commandments, which specifically states, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL."

Pat Robertson knows better. And less than 24 hours after he utters the words "take him out", he goes back on television and denies he suggested that Hugo Chavez be killed in a U. S. Government-Santioned Assassination plot, because he didn't specifically say the word "assassination".

Excuse me, but doesn't the words "take him out" imply the SAME THING?

Since when does ministers get into the business of calling for government-sanctioned assassinations? It's bad enough that the Democratic Party is suffering from Harold Ford, Jr.'s membership, because he sure walks, talks, eats, breathes and sleeps like a flag-waving, card-carrying GOP, Republithug Party member, but wants to win that U. S. Senate seat on the Democrats' dime, but nationally-renowned Television Ministers calling for the killing of a foreign head of state? Both are equivalent to TREASON, and neither truly represents what they say they do.

Like Ford says he's a Democrat (while acting Republican), Robertson says he's God's man (while acting like one of Satan's minions). And it's more egregious than Ford's treachery, because Ford still has the opportunity to come out of that vat of GOP grog, realize the errors of his ways, and REPENT. Pat Robertson dealt the whole Christian way of life a costly blow, and don't be surprised when Jesus demands he repent, whether HE WANTS TO OR NOT.

The Lord's Name, and what he represents to true Christians (not those who are saying they are Christians, cause their walk is not matching their TALK)must be protected at all times. Even from the likes of Pat Robertson, who, by the instrument of his mouth, dealt Christianity an almighty BLACK EYE.

And just like the would-be Senator from Tennessee, he will soon have to pay the price for DANCING WITH THE DEVIL.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Really, dear cousins, you have got to stop sending me this; from your local newspaper, the Memphis Flyer, about the man who represents your district. It's bad enough that I live in California and have a man who's nickname is "The BoobenGrabber" as governor who got the job because there was enough GOP money to can Gray Davis, but to deal with this jackass? As if his voting record on the Bankruptcy Bill, Medicare, School Vouchers, and anything else detrimental to your district, isn't enough. Rosalind Kurita may be the lesser of two evils here...and forget about ethnicity, because the representative you have is an African-American IN NAME ONLY! (That and his facial features, although yellow, but with a distinctly African slant...but I digress)

Now, you're sending me things from the Memphis Flyer that clearly indicates you need a new Congress Critter in 2006, and no way in hell do you allow the current Congress Critter to get to Bill Frist's Senate seat in 2006.

"I love my President. I love him personally..."

Do I hurl my vanilla soy chai latte now or later, cause the text of his speech at the University of Memphis Law School this past Saturday, should be enough where Mel Watt revokes his Congressional Black Caucus Membership Card without needing a majority of votes. It should be enough that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bans him from any leadership posts in the House, should a miracle occur and the Democrats take back the party.

Because if the Democratic Party is relying on the likes of one Harold Eugene Ford, Jr., to regain party majority in Congress, we may as well surrender to one party domination for the next millenium.

Another reason why the DLC has GOT TO GO.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I wish I could express myself as eloquently as the Rude Pundit. His take on President Bush's comment "I need to go on with my life..." in the face of Cindy Sheehan camping out near his ranch, determined to get some face time with him to find out why her son died in an unnecessary war, says it all. Read about it here:

If you've never read the Rude Pundit, I apologize for the, ahem, "bluntness" of his comments. But put down your being offended for a few moments to read what he's saying. I'm recommending that Cindy teams up with the Jersey Girls to get their answers, too. If it weren't for the Jersey Girls, we wouldn't have had the first 9/11 Commission hearing...

Now the question we need to ask: "Why is Bush afraid of women?"

Monday, August 15, 2005


Arianna Huffington ( hits the nail on the head when she says in a recent post that we need to stop looking to the elected officials in Washington, and start looking to ourselves to get it done these days. When I see Harry Reid faltering in his role as leader of the opposition; when I see Hilary cozying up to the DLC; when I see the remaining Democrats, save for the usual suspects (or real leaders who remembered why they are in Congress - Conyers, Waters, Lee, Boxer, Feingold, Sanders) literally falling down on the job and continuing to be derelict in their duty to represent our interests, I am forced to agree with Ms. Huffington.

On an hourly basis, we watch our elected officials sell us out, regarding employment, health care, retirement, the environment, education - all have been sold to the highest bidder. As I mentioned on a DKos diary, the votes for the BK bill sold on average by the 73 Democrats who voted for it, at $8000.

Not $800, 000, or even $8,000,000, but eight thousand dollars! Never have I seen a legislative vote sold so cheaply, unless you're in California or Tennessee, and even in California, the legislative votes go for more than $8000 in our State Legislature. Ask the Boobengrabber, cause that special election he's gunning for is costing us $50 million dollars that the State Treasurer says the state doesn't have.

So, I think it's safe to say that although we would like to look to our elected officials to represent our interests, we can't afford to depend on them. Look at how they have already treated us.

  • We drink poisioned water (arsenic levels were lifted)
  • We breath dirty air (smog and other polluting restrictions lifted)
  • We probably now eat genetically manufactured food (because the land has been so raped, it cannot recover to reproduce)
  • We pay $3.00 a gallon for gas
  • Forty-five million people do not have healthcare
  • The medicare cuts will kick in by January, 2006 - and force more seniors to catch buses to Canada or Mexico to get their medications (which haven't been tested for potency or purity)
  • Public schools are continuing to close, and only a select few are getting vouchers for school (and their parents have to dig into already empty pockets to pay what the voucher doesn't cover)
  • We can't get a fresh start after financial catastrophe because the BK bill will become effective in October of THIS YEAR!
  • The elderly may not have Social Security when they retire, and are forced to work to survive until they literally die.
  • And, with the CAFTA vote, more jobs are going to go to the Carribean and other offshore places, where the workers will be indentured servants, and the ranks of the unemployed will continue to swell unless you decide that working for Wal-Mart isn't a bad idea after all. Even if they pay you just enough to where you can still qualify for Welfare (if welfare isn't eliminated).

You still want to wait for our elected officials to handle these issues? From my seat, they have done a good job in padding their pockets, looking after their own interests, while pissing on the rest of us and telling us that it's raining.

Looking over history, no change or revolution ever came when the masses waited for a leader to show up and guide them out of oppresion. Martin Luther King didn't wait for a leader; he stepped up to the plate and called out the government on the injustice and inhumane treatment to others because their skin color was different. Likewise, Mahatma Gandhi didn't wait for others to take action; he initiated action through passive protest and resistance against the government in his day. Harriet Tubman didn't wait for someone to take her to the Underground Railroad in order to be freed from slavery's shackles - she became the main conductor while risking her life to lead others to their freedom.

So, we probably cannot wait for another leader like Dr. King, Gandhi, or anyone else. We are already concerned to protest - now it's time to put the protest into action. And we have our inspiration. Her name is Cindy Sheehan.

For the past week, we've watched Ms. Sheehan stand her vigil outside Bush's ranch, waiting to speak with him. And he refuses. Meanwhile, the whole world is watching this scene play itself out, and the conclusion won't be pretty for the Bush Administration. He can't spin this to his advantage - if he arrests Ms. Sheehan, more people will rise to take her place. If he meets with her, he can't give her the answers she, and the rest of America, needs to hear. And if you think we shouldn't be concerned about the mental health of the President, consider this article from Capitol Hill Blue: Pay attention to the following quote:

"Buy beleaguered, overworked White House aides enough drinks and they tell a sordid tale of an administration under siege, beset by bitter staff infighting and led by a man whose mood swings suggest paranoia bordering on schizophrenia.

They describe a President whose public persona masks an angry, obscenity-spouting man who berates staff, unleashes tirades against those who disagree with him and ends meetings in the Oval Office with “get out of here!”

Given the fact that this individual is POTUS, and given the fact that our Democratic Leadership pulls the version of James Brown's song "Talking Loud and SAYING NOTHING", we can no longer wait for our elected officials to get it done. We are all Cindy Sheehan, and, like Cindy, we must take that stand for what is right ourselves; no matter how scary it is, how overwheleming the task seems to be; no matter if we are David to the Administration's Goliath. History records many revolutionary changes were caused because a person not great in the sight of man, but great in God's sight, took stands, and took action that caused a critical mass of changes that advanced our country to where she used to be. We can do so again, once the pain and suffering gets to the point that we have no choice but to do it ourselves.

We are all Cindy Sheehan. We can make a difference. We are our own Leaders, and we can effect change. It only takes one person...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've been reading on the blogs that Bob Woodward is saying that the Devil's spawn, Vice-President Dick Cheney, seeks to succeed GeeDubya in 2008. Before you go into your "W-T-H" moment, consider that if Cheney throws his hat in the ring, it could be the deliverance from the years-long nightmare that most of us have been waiting for.

"How so?" you may ask. You're also probably wondering if I'm drunk on the GOP Grog, too, but, with the history of substance abuse in my family, I'm strictly tee-total, but I digress. If Cheney runs to succeed the person we are calling the Worst President Ever, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Just like we will see a John Bolton eruption at the U. N. (and it's not "if", but "when") which will blow what little credibility we have left in the global community, Cheney's mug on the ticket should be enough to send people into the streets en masse, to vote for whoever is on the Democratic Ticket, because, well, he's Dick Cheney, the meanest SOB ever to grace the Beltway.

He's badder than Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown (thanks to the late Jim Croce). So what makes Cheney the blessing in disguise for the rest of us?

For starters, you can hang war profiteering around his neck (former CEO of Halliburton); especially if the Iraq war isn't over, and Dubya starts conflicts with other members of the Axis of Evil (I can see Cheney pissing off North Korea as I write this).

You can tag Cheney with all the sliming of honest, ethical individuals who take a stand for what is right and tell the truth, because he's doing it right now. You honestly think Bush is capable of such devious planning and implementation of slime and slander? Please, if you read "Bush on The Couch" by Dr. Justin Frank, you will agree with his assessment that Bush is totally incapable of intelligent thought on a long term basis. That also explains his "gut feeling" impulses versus relying on facts, logic and actually having to perform the labor of reading and comprehension.

Cheney is not a likable person. Most of us would like to think that the President is someone with a personality that actually is likeable. Even Tricky Dick Nixon was likeable, in small doses. That's why GeeDubya was able to get public office - he knows how to schmooze and make people let down their guard to actually LIKE HIM. Can you see Dick Cheney engaging in anything warm and fuzzy, personal, intimate?

I don't know about you, but if the reports that he and Lynne cold-heartedly conceived a child to help him avoid going to Vietnam are to be believed....yeesh, and nix on the warm and fuzzies, please!

Cheney is a lot like John Bolton; it's only a matter of time to wait for their implosion or explosion. My only concern is that they take out the innocent along the way.

So, go ahead, GOP. Put Cheney on the ticket to run. By the time he gets through sliming any other GOP candidate in his attempt to win the GOP nomination, the GOPers who gets in his way will abandon the party in annihilation and those who are left...may vote for anyone other than Cheney. It's like nails on a chalkboard when I turn on the news and hear his voice - thankfully, the Bush Administration PR team learned early in the game to keep Cheney out of sight and hid in that bunker.

If running Cheney for President is what it takes to decimate the GOP stronghold on all three branches of our Government, BRING IT ON, cause Cheney may prove to be the GOP's very own WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Just found the following diary at Daily Kos If true, then we not only need to be supporting Cindy Sheehan (and I'm proud to say that she's from my neck of the woods in California) everyone within driving distance of that cowchip Bush calls a ranch in Crawford, Texas, need to be heading to Cindy's campsite outside of the Bush Compound.

But then again, if you read "Bush on the Couch" by Dr. Justin Frank, then you will know that Bush's behavior is par for the course. When someone delusional is confronted with reality, the results are making plans to arrest a grieving mother of a dead soldier killed in Iraq, based on Bush's lies, while allowing a direct threat to National Security continue in employment when there is direct evidence implicating him in a treasonous act that is punishable by death or life imprisonment (see Aldrich Ames and Robert Hansen on that one).

So, I decided to post a letter to the President, on behalf of Ms. Sheehan:

Dear Mr. President:

Why won't you meet with Ms. Sheehan? Or better yet, start going to the funerals of dead soldiers who lost their lives fighting in a war that was based on a pack of lies? Why can't we protest your leadership of this country at your events? Why are we arrested for engaging in the democratic process of dissent? Why won't you face us without a script or Karl Rove?

Why can't you be brave enough to tell the truth, insted of lying to America and telling us it's the truth? Why won't you level with us, Mr. President?

Why won't you admit that the facilitation of economic class warfare was what you meant when you pledged to be a uniter and not a divider? Why won't you admit that going to war as a means of getting revenge on Saddam Hussein for attempting to kill Poppy was your real motive when you ran for President, rigged two elections and entered into the White House?

Why won't you give us some answers, Mr. President? Is it because you are a coward and don't want to face the American People? Is it because you maxed out your credit card with alleged Political Capital you pledged to spend - that you never really had it in the first place?

Why won't you admit that torture is accepted, but protesting it gets one thrown in jail, or fired from their jobs? Why won't you talk to Cindy Sheehan, and other parents of soldiers who died fighting a war you or your brothers won't even send your own children to? That members of Congress, save Tim Johnson, won't even send their children to?

Is it because you are a coward and bereft of any moral decency? If so, then I know I need to be praying for you to gain the courage to face the American people and admit to what you have done in our names. I know I need to be on my knees interceeding for your soul to convict you to do what's right. People are saying not to waste a prayer on you - but I write this as a concerned Christian, and as such, not only am I charged to pray for you, but to call you out when you are doing heinous things that contradicts God's Word and telling the public that Jesus told you to do it. I must stay in prayer for you because that is my charge. However, while I pray for you, maybe, you will reconsider meeting with Cindy Sheehan, instead of having her thrown in jail under the lame excuse that she's a threat to National Security, while the truth of the matter is, as long as you allow Karl Rove to continue being employed when his actions in outing an undercover CIA Agent did more to undermine National Security than a grieving mother of a dead soldier, you not only dishonor the office of President of the United States, but you dishonor your relationship with God.

Please reconsider Mr. President. Don't respond in anger to the pleas of a grieving parent in an attempt to bolster your ego. It's not worth it.

Friday, August 05, 2005


This is simple enough to write about, yet difficult all the same. Because this list is going to include Democrats who decided that association with George W. Bush was more beneficial than standing up for the values, principles and ethics that truly define the Democratic Party.

Most of them are members of the DLC/Blue Dog Coalition, and I don't need to bother naming them - they're the reason I developed this blog. Yet, there are others who got momentarily drunk on GOP Grog, or feeding at the corporate trough and lost their natural minds. This is part two of "The Stain of George Bush".

Ah, hell, I may as well list DLC/Blue Dog Members, too; it's more fun!

The Democratic Party is supposed to be an opposition party. Yet from the fraternizing done by the likes of the few I will name here, you couldn't tell where the opposition is. However, they are just as stained from their association with Bush, and smell just as foul. Roadkill probably has a better scent.

(1) The Gang of 73 who voted for that Bankruptcy Bill - I would love to have a camera trained in the offices or Town Hall Meetings of every one of these gang members when they return to their districts and explain to their constituents who probably are on the brink of needing to file bankruptcy, just to get financial relief and make a fresh start, why they are voting to send them to Debtor's Prison? According to statistics at, the cost of their vote that was paid by the Credit Card and Banking Industry? On average, $8000.

Never have I known a congressional vote to be bought so cheaply.

But we all know, these gang members aren't going to allow themselves to be cornered and confronted in this manner anytime soon. If they do, it is strictly by accident. Most notably, the 20 members who wrote Denny Hastert, urging him to bring the House version of the BK bill for a swift passage vote, need to be on television, explaining to their constituents why they are asking them to give up eating hamburger for cat and dog food.

(2) Democratic Members of Congress who think the privatization of Social Security was a good idea and allowed themselves to be seen either promoting it, or welcoming Bush to their states to promote it. If I start naming everybody who's guilty of this, most likely, you are going to find their names on the list of losers voting for the BK Bill and other legislation designed to take out their districts in large numbers. These congress Critters KNOW WHO THEY ARE, so don't think I'm hiding you out because I'm not naming names...yet.

(3) Joe Lieberman - Long before this picture of Bush kissing Lieberman began to make the blog rounds, Lieberman was suspected of being a Democrat in Name Only (DINO). It started with him dissing Bill Clinton about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The family usually reprimands a wayward member privately, but no, Lieberman ran to the floor of Congress, screaming to be the first in Line to diss Dear Leader Clinton. That kiss from Bush at the SOTU this year is more like the kiss Judas gave to Jesus.

(4) Dianne Feinstein - California's Senior Senator has really been pissing off us Californians. First, she had the opportunity to keep the Governor's office in Democratic hands if she had ran for the seat against Ah-nold "Boobengrabber" Schwarzneggar. Does she do the right thing?

NOOOOOOO, she stays out of the whole recall mess and allows Gray Davis to be hoisted by her petard and left hanging. Her cheerleading of Condoleezza Rice did NOTHING to endear her to us; and the fact that her husband ripped off the United Carpenter's Union when he, under the guise of being their "investor" proceeded to invest their pension and lose the investments to the tune of some $40 million dollars, while Feinstein's hubby himself pocketed a cool $8 million in commission. Did I forget to mention that her husband's antics probably violated a slew of Federal laws; most notably the one where a union can't invest the pension fund of it's members unless THEY VOTE ON IT. That didn't happen.

Plus, she's too chummy with Lieberman, and defends Bush's policies and nominees more than questioning them. That alone landed her on this list. Not to mention, she's been in Bush's presence far more than we in Northern California would like.

(5) The Gang of 15 Sellouts who Voted for CAFTA - everyone's after this bunch. NO amount of time in the spin zone can wash away the stain or stench of being associated with Bush on legislation guaranteed to send more jobs out of the country, and assist in relegating America to the third world status of the nations in that Agreement. Guess Greg Meeks likes his corporate sponsored Jamaican vacations too much to do the right thing, huh?

(6) The 47 Democrats who flew back to Washington over Palm Sunday/Easter recess and decided that Congress' job was to interfere in a person's right to live or die (Terri Schaivo). Even though at least 70% of the country said it was NONE OF CONGRESS' BUSINESS! Those who voted for that legislation designed to prolong the life of one, brain-dead white woman, who was in a comatose, persistent, vegatative state; who had been examined by at least 20 doctors and told there was no hope for recovery - well, all I can say is they must have been thinking they were doctors like Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and made similar diagnosis from a video tape. And Bush interrupted his vacation to sign this into law - when he wouldn't interrupt his August 6, 2001 vacation in light of receiving a memo titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike U.S." Imagine where America would be if he had!

Frist is being challenged about his right to retain a licence to practice medicine in the state of Tennessee - while the 47 Democrats who voted with him should be jailed for impersonating God and members of the medical profession, while imitating Bush and interrupting their recess to act like the President they so admire. Oh, the smell of this....

(7) The Gang of Seven "MIA" Democrats who didn't vote on the Federal Budget - There's no excuse for your failing to not show up and vote on the most important piece of Legislation - save for Articles of Impeachment, that is. Yet, seven of you didn't bother to show up, but you probably showed up to vote on legislation that harms more than helps your district, and sells out the middle and working class who voted for you. I mean, this bloated, pork-laden budget passed by only seven votes. And their absence allowed it to happen. In fact, one representative was too busy in his district slurping down coon at a "coon supper" to go to DC and cast a vote one way or the other.

The Stain of being Associated with George Bush. These Congressional members may believe that they aren't associated with him at all. Yet, their votes and support for egregious, harmful legislation demonstrates more association with Dear Leader than they care to admit (to themselves and their constituents, anyway). And the stain starts out as a stain - then it becomes a sore that festers and rots, developing a foul stench that smells like the death of one's soul, until that individual dies.

They don't die physically, but they die in all the other ways that matter; emotionally, spiritually and morally. Once you have died this way, you may as well be dead physically, for all the earthly good you do anybody.

Is one's soul the price they pay for associating with George W. Bush? You be the judge...

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Am I the only one who is beginning to think that everything and everyone touched by President Bush is not exactly being "Touched by An Angel" these days? It seems like everything he does and says, starts out being golden and then turns to mold and mildew, leaving a nasty looking stain or a foul stench that would make a skunk think he's bathed in Chanel No.#5.

Like I did when I wrote the blog "President Hypocrite" as a BuzzFlash Commentary a few months ago, I am going to point out what I mean by "The Stain of George Bush."

(1) Colin Powell - Before joining the Bush Administration as Secretary of State, he was a widely respected Joint Chief of Staff under two Presidential Administrations. Decorated war veteran considered a brilliant stretegist. There was even talk of his running for the Oval Office himself. After signing on with the Bush Administration, we watched in disbelief as Colin lied to the U. N. about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, despite evidence to the contrary, back in February 2003. His performance and results afterwards, have forever branded Powell as a sellout and rendered what credibility he had, non-existant.

(2) Condoleezza Rice - Although revered as an Academic Star at Stanford University, before she succeeded Colin Powell as Secretary of State, she was the National Security Advisor who maintained that a Presidential Daily Briefing Memo entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike the U. S." was not alarming enough to tell Bush to interrupt his vacation and hightail it back to DC to possibly prevent September 11th from occuring. At the hearings on September 11th, she proceeded to tell lie after lie about not knowing...anything. Moreover, she appears to always be joined at Bush's hip, even in recreational times, when, perhaps, the First Lady should be present. Since her association with the Bush Administration, Dr. Rice is little more than a laughing stock and there's widespread evidence that the global leaders do not take her seriously in foreign policy matters. Perhaps, if she wasn't referring to Bush as "her husband", maybe they would.

(3) Paul O'Neill - The former Treasury Secretary was a highly respected CEO of Alcoa, Inc. According to the book, "The Price of Loyalty" O'Neill had to be persuaded to take the Treasury Secretary position. His mistake: actually thinking he had authority to do the job of being in charge of the Nation's economy, and advising Bush accordingly. Yet, when he dared to tell Bush the truth about pushing through those massive tax cuts, as in "How are we going to pay for this, cause those tax cuts are going to dry up that surplus Clinton left?", the President fired him. After being unceremonially dismissed (as well as publicly dissed) O'Neill lets the world know that Bush wanted a war with Hussein long before September 11th, and was going to do anything to get it. O'Neill gets slimed in the MSM, and by the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly as pay back. Such is the penalty for associating with George W. Bush.

(4) Richard Clarke - He made the same mistake as O'Neill; telling the truth to the Bush Administration and they didn't want to hear it, regarding Bin Laden and who was responsible for 9/11. 'Nuff said. A regimented smear campaign ensues against Clarke, when his book is published, just like they did with O'Neill.

(5) Joe Wilson - His association with the Bush Administration, earned him an assignment to prove WMDs, and the purchase of yellowcake uranium. He came back and said nothing like that was happening. Bush tells us in the 2003 State of the Union that Saddam was trying to buy Yellowcake from Niger. Joe Wilson hears that, knows it to be a lie and proceeds to write an op-ed piece for the NYT. Wilson's wife, an undercover CIA operative, is outed by a White House official; and right now, the betting money is on Karl Rove. Thank you for playing, Joe Wilson - here's your parting gift of being stained by GeeDubya!

(6) Karl Rove - Speaking of the "Turd Blossom" there's nothing in Rove's past to indicate that at one point, he was a decent human being. Everything about him, from his education (college drop out) family life (abandoned by father) and who mentored his development (Lee Atwater) suggests that he not only carries the stain of being associated with Bush, he strongly facilitated and developed Bush's stain. Outing a CIA Agent? Par for the course.

(7) Alan Greenspan - The Nation's Point Man on the Economy. Used to be reliable to the point that the stock market fluctuates according to whatever came out of his mouth. Sold America on the idea that the massive tax cuts and privatization of Social Security were good for the economy...until the Social Security issue blew up in his, and Bush's face. Now, he's only seen as a partisan hack - and this, after serving at least three Presidential Administration, regardless of his political party affiliation.

(8) Rafael Palmeiro - A highly respected baseball player who came before Congress, swore on a Bible in his testimony that he never, ever took steroids, period - and threatened Jose Canseco with a lawsuit for slander because he maintained Canseco lied about injecting him with steroids in his book, Juiced. Then we learn that Palmeiro not only has been juicing recently (and got a 10-day suspension when he couldn't explain how he had steroids in his system) juiced side-by-side with Canseco when they played for the Texas Rangers, a team then owned by the President.

When told by the media about Palmeiro's getting busted for juicing, Bush says, "I believe him because he says he didn't use steroids. He's a friend of mine..."

Now, the only way Palmeiro gets to the Hall of Fame is if he's there to support another ballplayer being honored. Forget respect - he lost it with what I like to call his "Bill Clinton" moment ("I have never, ever used steroids. PERIOD!)

With the exception of KKKarl Rove and possibly Condoleezza Rice, the individuals I've pointed out (and there's probably others) entered into Government service, most likely with a desire to serve their country (or in Palmeiro's case, MLB). What they all have in common is:

(a) They worked for Bush and was considered a friend;
(b) If they did what they were told, and were loyal to Bush, they got awards while their reputations got stained, or;
(c) If they disagreed with Bush on principle and ethics, they got slimed by the media.

Given what I've said here, you can tell yourself, "It's not what you know, but WHO you know" in order to advance in your career. But if you are associated with an individual who will most likely be recorded in history as this Nation's WORST PRESIDENT EVER (an honor not even awarded to little known Presidents like Millard Fillmore) - a stain on your reputation and honor is left.

For ethical individuals like O'Neill, Clarke and yes, Canseco, the truth has been revealed. Their reputations are in tact and the stain washed away with ethical Tide. For the rest, the truth revealed them to be liars and no amount of ethical bleach can wash away the stain or the stench of their association with George W. Bush. And they know it, but are either too ethically and morally corrupt and bankrupt to care.

Part II - Democratic Congressional Members who Associated with Bush...and are beginning to pay the price.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I was surfing some blogs and came across this story about one of the "Gang of 15 Sellouts" being rousted by the Feds - William Jefferson of Louisiana. While I don't know the whole story except what's being reported here:, all I will say is if you lay down with dogs (corporate interests and GOP thug whack jobs) you get up with fleas.

Is Jefferson the first of the "Gang of 15 Sellouts" to have Bad Karma come back and bite him in the horses' rear end? If so, I didn't expect the fallout to be this fast...My question is, will the other 14 meet similar fates?

A lesson to the wise...even when the GOP tells you they want you, maybe fleeing temptation, ala 1 Corinthians 10:13 isn't such a bad idea, after all.


I'm so sick in my spirit as I write this, that I must get it out, or start hurling that Vanilla Chai Latte I had this morning.

An Iraqi vet named Paul Hackett came close to taking back a "safe" House seat for the Democrats in Ohio last night. He only lost by 4 percentage points. The bad news is that a female piece of primordial slime named Jean Schmidt, will be the devil's handmaiden for the next 14 months. Despite honesty (Hackett) versus sleezeball tactics (Schmidt), apparently, Americans have abandoned the tenets of decency, fair play and honor, in preference of sleeziness and a "win at all costs" mentality.

Has five years of the Bush Administration led to such apathy? Does Americans have no shame?

I remember a time when Americans, regardless of party affiliation, ethnicity, religious or national origin; gay or straight - would be outraged and yes, ASHAMED at the antics of our elected officials, and the people who follow them - should those antics have happened, say, 30 years ago. Nixon got run out of office, and his only crime was spying on the Democratic National Committee, and using the power of the Oval Office to cover it up. Americans were horrified that the President of the United States would stop to such thug-like tactics in an attempt to codify and maintain power. We refused to tolerate it, and Congress responded to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, when they initiated articles of impeachment against Tricky Dick. And he left office before they could be implemented. Today, even though there is enough evidence to send every member and former member of this Administration to jail for the rest of their lives, no one in Congress, save for brave members like Barbara Lee or John Conyers, are willing to mention the "I" word. IOKIYAR - It's OKAY IF YOU'RE A REPUBLICAN.

And the GOP is so quiet on these issues, not only can you hear mice pissing on cotton, you can also hear them throwing it away!

If Clinton's lying about a blow job wasn't okay, there should be a double standard for the Bush Cartel, lying to us about a war, the economy, education, the environment and medicare. But since some Democrats are getting fat off this particular feeding trough because they participated in the lies, they are likewise complicit and equally guilty. America has pretty much become a whore for the Religious, Theocratic political operatives in this country, with Democrats (read, DLC) assistance. We have ourselves to blame if we allow it to continue. And political candidates like Paul Hackett is showing us the way to taking back our country, and restoring her to her once held glory, if we would just pay attention, and stop listening to the likes of Al From and Bruce Reed. They get paid regardless of whether or not their candidate wins - then they trash the poor soul and go on Sunday Talk Shows to beat him/her up and analyze why they lost.

Could Satan's minions play their roles any better?

Those of us who haven't been swimming in the GOP grog (tired of insulting Kool-Aid) for the last five years, sometimes, you can get beat over the head until you're just plain NUMB. When I read about the horrors of torture at Gitmo (a prisoner having cuts made into his genitalia in the guise of "changing your brain" {WTF?}) and the Attorney General doing his level best to say that such treatment of war prisoners is OKAY - you have to question the sanity of our Nation, and her leaders.

Most of this is because the MSM is not covering it. They're too busy allowing Rush Limbaugh use the airwaves to trash an Iraqi vet who had the guts to call Bush out on his lies, and tell the rest of us that being in Iraq has made the United States SOL - and we need to leave. Now, there's talk about leaving in 2006 - just in time to frame the mid-year elections - yet, there's no talk about how either Iran, North Korea or Syria is going to be this Administration's NEXT TARGET. Have we gone mad?

We have a Congress where the members who know their obligations are small in number. The rest of them are too busy trying to aspire to higher political office when they haven't done jack on the things that matter to their constituents (Harold Ford), or selling out their constituents' best interests (Melissa Bean, Greg Meeks, Artur Davis, Ike Skelton, Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, et al) instead of representing their interests, and selling their votes on legislation to the highest bidder.

When they are needed for raising the voice of protest and outrage, they are nowhere to be found. When I want to know where are the Fords, Liebermans, Feinsteins, Meeks, etc, I don't go to their webpage; I go to Open and look to see how much payola they received from the corporate interests (Wal-Mart and MBNA has a few "whores" on their payroll to schill crappy legislation such as the Bankruptcy Bill and School Vouchers). If you want to keep your sanity at dealing with MIA congress critters because they are off elsewhere, either campaigning, or eating at a "coon" supper while missing important votes on things like the federal budget, go to Open Secrets or and see at who's corporate pig trough your Representative has been feeding.

Maybe you'll be surprised, or maybe you won't. But the key to overcoming shame is to start holding these elected official accountable. I may not see accountability in my lifetime, but if I get started now, maybe my children and grandchildren may see an elected official held to accountability to the point they see a corrupt politician doing the perp walk for abusing the authority of their office in order to satisfy their greed.

We have others in Congress, whose sole purpose in holding their Congressional or Senate seat, is to pander to religious whack jobs on devastating legislation in Jesus' name (Can you say "Bill Frist" without cursing under your breath?). We are told to "shut up" when any of us dare to venture criticism of the President, when he effectively told Congress, as well as the American People to "Eff Off" ala V. P. Dick Cheney, when he waited for the last plane with a Congress member on it to leave DC and then screws over America's position in the Global Community by ramming John Bolton down their collective throats as U. N. Ambassador. I'm sorry, but in my 20+ years of gainful employment, I've never, ever gotten a job at the place that I went on record publicly trashing them, and what they stood for. If I did, you can imagine that the interviewer would ask me:

"So tell me why do you want to work here if you feel like that about the company?"

Isn't that the question Bolton should have been asked during his confirmation hearing?

How you do aspire to serve the American People when you tell them to "Eff Off!"?. Bill Clinton would be lynched in public and burned in effigy if he even dared to behave as cravenly as George Walker Bush; yet any criticism of Bush lands a person either in jail, or having their blog monitored by the FBI. Or, at best, having your cover as a covert CIA operative blown by Robert Novak in the motive of extracting revenge on the operative's husband because he dared to tell the truth regarding his fact-finding mission.

Once, this country espoused truth, family values, morals. We didn't elect anyone who didn't have them (or appeared to have them). We used to hold those in Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive Branch in the highest of esteemed perception. It mattered not if the political ideologies weren't on the same page - somehow, Washington found ways to function, for the good of the Country. Now, we view anything coming out of the Beltway with pure contempt, or drunken reverence. There is no challenge to the lies, slander, intimidation and vengeful control that America is now under.

Once upon a time, a person like George W. Bush couldn't get elected dog, flea-and-tick catcher; based on his past track record as a businessman, and not to mention his alleged morals, alleged family values, and the unsavoriness of the known assorted crooks, liars and thug elements he travels with. Today, he is the Leader of the Free World, and said crooks, liars, thugs all have positions of high importance and authority in the Federal Goverment, especially as being a convicted felon doesn't grant you many opportunities for gainful employment.

This, is America's Shame.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


President Bush finally showed his true colors to the world yesterday, in the recess appointment of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations. In the spirit and definition of what it means to be an Ambassador, Bolton fits this bill very well. Since an Ambassador is a representative of the President, he/she acts in concert as to how the President would want them to conduct themselves in matters of foreign or domestic policy.

Let's face it: America's foreign policy is quite ugly, so put a face and a person who accurately represents how ugly and bullying that policy is in the form of John Bolton. However, before we enter into a period of dispair, consider that I said on a previous blog that Bolton's appointment may be the straw that breaks the camel's back and facilitate the accountability from this Administration that we have longed for. Domestically, Bush can do whatever the hell he wants - Globally, well, that might be another matter. And if Bush is relying on Tony Blair to support him in his global endeavors, he should be prepared to go it alone, for Blair has his own problems in Britain. Actually, the British are blaming Blair for being in bed with Bush on Iraq, and the subsequent bombings in their subway as well.

Matthew Rothschild explains the dilemma of Bolton's appointment very well here:

An interesting excerpt:

"The decision to go forward with the Bolton appointment, without Senate approval and despite his demonstrable, monumental lack of qualifications, is the Bush-Cheney way.

It’s macho, in your face, unilateral, we don’t give a damn, we’re doing it our way, and if you don’t like it, tough.

That’s the style that got the United States into Iraq and into the torture scandal.
And that same style will now be on display for 18 months in the detestable person of John Bolton.

This is the America of George Bush.

Let the world, and the citizens of this country, see it for what it is."

When the whole world turns on the United States, is Bush going to tell them "Bring it On!" or run away and hide out like the coward that he is? Only a coward would ignore the masses to do what he wants and hide behind others while doing it. Only a coward bullies people to do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Only a coward would never take responsibility for their actions or admit when they are wrong.

We have a coward as President of the United States, and when this Bolton appointment blows up in his face, he's not going to take credit; in fact, he's already blamed the Senate for not confirming Bolton, and uses it as the excuse of why he had to use the recess appointment.

The lack of accountability is to blame and if we don't start demanding it, NOW, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

Monday, August 01, 2005


At first, I decided I wouldn't' post this. I did a diary on it at DailyKos. Then I decided, "Why not?"

So, here it is...


While the public has been consumed with the Bolton recess appointment and any skeletions that can be found in SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' closet, Congress did another weird passage of legislation that went largely unnoticed under the radar.

Since 9/11, it appears that Congressional members became concerned about what would happen if there was another 9/11-type attack and Capitol Hill took the hit, perhaps resulting in many members being killed.

Well, Congress decided to do something about it. And just like any major development that Congress or this Administration doesn't want the public to know about until it's a done deal, I've learned that Congress passed what is known as "The Doomsday Plan".

Under this legislation, if an attack occurs in Washington, that results in 100 or more members of Congress being killed, replacing them would be allowed quickly. A special election can be called to fill the suddenly vacated seats within 49 days of the tragedy. You can read more about this here, at Citizens for Legitimate Government

But, while on the surface, this seems like a good plan, given the proclivities of the Bush Administration and the rabid, drunk on Kool-AID GOP enablers, I can't shake the feeling that there's something more sinister on the agenda. These days, I place nothing and no one above engaging in, or facilitating tragic events, which may result in the deaths of innocent people, in order to advance a personal, hidden agenda.

For five years, America has been subjected to the Bush Administration's brand of "democratic goverment" which includes:

Lying and calling it the truth

Incompetence being rewarded

Stiffling of dissent and damaging the reputations of anyone who DARES to disagree with them

Intimidation, Bribery and Coercion to get legislation passed

One party domination of all branches of the Federal Government

And a President who really fancies himself as a king or dictator, but a little document known as the United States Constitution is in his way and, for now, prevents him from achiving that goal.

Most of us don't want to think conspiracy, but sometimes, when you see developments like this one, I can't help but start to think, "What's the master Plan?"

Suppose, just suppose, that another "9/11" attack occurs in DC, and 100 Congress Critters are killed. Now, although tragic, the GOP is one party who always appears to see beyond the "tragic" to the "opportunity for gain". So, there's going to be 100 special elections called, and let's assume that of the 100 Congress Critters killed, 35 of them are Democrats. Given the current makeup of Congress is that the GOP has the majority by about 15-20 seats, what are the chances of them increasing that majority?

Now, I'm not saying that will be the case; God knows, America probably can't deal with any more tragedy than what we are living under now. But I remember that we are dealing with a gang of meglomaniacs, who are probably not above employing any tactic at hand to accomplish their goal of global power and domination. How can we know that their tactic may not include murder?

I pray daily that this may not be the case. It is enough to scare the most ardent progressive, because self-preservation is the universal law of nature. But can we believe in the restoration of our democracy and government to the point we are willing to give our very lives for it?

The reason Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, and to a great extent, Malcolm X were successful in their galvanization of the masses was because they were willing to give their lives for their beliefs, and their hopes for our country. And give their lives, they did.

But if we are going to take back our country, part of accomplishing that is going to require our vigilance and observations, especially on legislation that flies under the national radar, like the Doomsday Plan. We cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel - the Bush Administration rules today because of sleeping on the job.

I'm frightened as I write this. But I'm also willing to lay down my life, if if means others will be free.