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Friday, October 26, 2007


I've been lagging a lot with my posts on my own blog (too busy posting comments on other's blogs, LOL).

But this South Carolina primary that Sen. Barack Obama is trying his damndest to lose, is really giving me a battle fatigue I'm not really used to experencing.

I've said in earlier posts on this very blog, that Obama was, at best, a triangulating twit, and got royally flamed for my trouble. My fellow bloggers, such as Skeptical Brotha, or the Field Negro, didn't take as many hits (well, the Field didn't, anyway, cause SB and I took major ones). We tried to warn everyone drinking Obama's kool-aid and treating him in rock star fashion worthy of Derek Jeter, that Obama wasn't who you thought he was.

Black Agenda Report, and Black Commentator (when Glen Ford was the Editor), was on Obama early and often.

He showed considerable amounts of disingeniousness when he denounced his membership in the DLC, yet he takes campaign contributions from them and continues to benefit from their largesse to this very day.

But, what is causing me this fatigue now, is continual reading of how he's managing to screw up his budding Presidential campaign in particularly craptacular fashion. Let's review, shall we?

He announced his candidacy on the same day as Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" conference down in Hampton, Virginia. It was presumed to steal thunder from somewhere, because C-Span cut out on the SOBU and went directly to Springfield, Illinois, where Obama had also disinvited his pastor to the event. - CHECK.

His campaign took over, usurped, bogarded a fan's MySpace page that was set up exclusively for him and his campaign. Something about copyrights and ownership - CHECK.

His lack of action in confirming Supreme Court Nominees Alito and Roberts to the Bench - CHECK.

His campaign pledge not to pull troops out of Iraq until 2013 should he get the White House. - CHECK.

Sending campaign workers ignorant of the demographics where they are campaigning, and insulting the very voters they are courting - CHECK.

And now, his Gospel Tour featuring a "cured" ex-homosexual who's spouting anti-gay rhetoric, Donnie McClurkin - CHECK.

Follow that up with in trying to balance out the shyt storm he's stirred up, Obama invited an openly gay pastor to open up the event. Two problems with that, though. The guy is WHITE, and the event is being held in SOUTH CAROLINA. Are you still with me at this point?

If you're trying to appeal for tolerance between African-Americans (who have a long history of being homophobic), gays and religion, what Obama has done is definitely NOT THE WAY TO GO. Especially since it's looking like you couldn't find any gay Black people to speak to a Black audience about Gays, and therefore, further confirm the myth that being gay is a white man's problem.

I don't know if being gay is genetic, biological, or learned, so, even though I'm a Christian, I can't buy off on treating them as perverts, pedophiles or anything else, and what's more, I don't want to. It's like being born African-American - I didn't have a choice, and I can't cover it up, or live in a closet, either. When you see me, you see I'm African-American (although some Latinos have tried to claim me, LOL) but it is what it is.

What the good Senator from Illinois has done is create a campaign atmosphere where no one is going to take him seriously anymore. The ever-growing list of gaffes, faux-pas and flat out crapping up, have prospective voters thinking "If he can't handle his campaign, how the hell is he going to handle the problems that go with being POTUS?"

Everyone's sobering up off the rock-star kool-aid, Senator. They're seeing you for what you really are - A TRIANGULATING TWIT, who's trying to be all things to all people. What's really pissing people off is your ego maniacal refusal to scrap shyt and admit when you've blown it; not to mention your tendency to sweep things under a rug, and your timidity in taking firm stands on anything - always, you have to put your finger up into the winds of political climate to determine which road you'll take. Hell, you didn't even offer to back Sen. Christopher Dodd on filibustering FISA until Sen. Russ Feingold got in the boat first.

And it's always to upstage and distinguish yourself from your closest rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton. Not out of motivation for it being the right thing to do.

Senator, I'm tired of seeing you shoot your campaign in the foot, and be the real test of whether or not America is ready for an African-American president. Judging by the millions of votes Jesse Jackson got in 1984 and 1988 was more than enough evidence that America was at least willing to entertain the idea of an African-American president, so all you really had to do was get in it to win it.

Additionally, John Aravosis at Americablog is foaming at the mouth and calling for Obama's head (read his posts for most of this week), Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend (and yes, she's steaming), not to mention my friend, Jasmyne Cannick on her blog as well. John, being the gentleman he is, posted a blog entry well worth reading:

And for the record, Jasymine, Pam and Keith Boykin are three African-American gay activists who make better friends than enemies, as Obama, in his constant triangulation, is finding out.

Face it, Senator; I'm tired of labeling you as a "TRIANGULATING TWIT", but lately, you've left me no other options.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Although I have my issues with Daily Kos, sometimes, their diarists posts diaries of sheer prosaic genius. They make my job as a blogger easy, because I can cross-post their diaries here.

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest from BondDad:

To Congress: You Suck

Tue Oct 02, 2007 at 04:19:50 AM PDT

I use to have respect for Senators and Representatives. They use to actually do something -- as in accomplish something good for the country. Unfortunately, that time has past at least for now. So, to everyone in Congress: you suck.

I first expressed my dissatisfaction with the new Democratic majority in this article on June 20 where I wrote:

But the Democratic victory in 2006 has left me feeling extremely hollow. More than anything I simply wanted someone to stand-up to the spoiled drunken frat boy currently inhabiting the While House. But the Dems blinked on war funding. While I understand the reasons for their backing down (not having a veto proof majority), I wanted someone at long last to say, "no". And the Dems didn't. So my disappointment grew.

The Dems have continued to disappoint. They have issued toothless subpoenas, failed to expose the extreme mismanagement of "War on Terror" fundinig and have now thrown in the towel in their opposition to Mr. 29%. For some reason, Democrats are afraid of standing up for what a majority of Americans want.

But the Republicans have done no better. They act in classic passive/aggressive manner. In one breath they are the oppressed minority, taken advantage of by the "liberal media" (save for Fox, and Rush, and Hannity, and Prager, and get the idea). Yet with their next breath they use the same standard attack of personal destruction while acting as if they don't.

The final straw for me is the dueling resolutions about and Rush Limbaugh. To the Republicans, I would remind you of this funny little document called the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

If you don't like the ad, fine. But you can't stop someone from printing it. It's that simple. And considering some of the ads you guys have run, well, see the above paragraph on passive/aggressive behavior.

And now the Democrats are offering a resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh, only to have the Republicans offer a resolution praising Rush Limbaugh.

To the Democrats, I would like you to please re-read the First Amendment.

I give up.

This is beyond madness.

This is beyond stupidity.

Do you guys wonder why no one likes politicians? Anybody?

This country has serious issues.

We have a war that a majority of Americans oppose, yet we continue to fight.

(crickets chirping)

We have a mountain of debt that we have to pay-off sometime.

(crickets chirping)

We have millions of Americans who have no health insurance.

(crickets chirping)

We have an ever-increasing gap between rich and poor.

(crickets chirping)

We have students leaving college with debt levels so high that they can't climb the socio-economic ladder.

(crickets chirping)

So, to Congress...please, take this very personally.

You suck.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Oops, that's right, it's the reason why I copied it here, LOL.

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