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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...your candidacy facilitates you doing a whole lot of things you probably wouldn't otherwise do in order to win, by any means necessary.

That would also include slinging your Pastor under the bus.

Senator Barack Obama had to know his Christian faith, as well as the leadership he sat under while learning that Christian faith, was going to be the center of controversy at some point. I fault him for hoping the issue would go away before he was backed into a corner and forced to give a graceful speech on race before being backed again into a corner and forced to sling the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright under the bus.

The minute Sean Hannity decided to whine like a lil' byotch, Obama should have put him and his ilk on full blast and invited them to drink their cans of STHU.

Instead, he played nice. Again. And look where it got him.

I caught the good Dr.'s press conference, and I couldn't tell you if some of the things he said, he should have kept silent about, because the man was basically dropping knowledge on America and as usual, if you're not giving America her props, she tends to whine about it when the truth is less than praiseworthy.

Jeremiah Wright has seen and done things that Barack Obama will never even aspire to, and that has shaped, even developed, his Christian faith and philosophy. You are not going to tell me that Obama was absent from Trinity when some of these sermons were being preached by Dr. Wright; if he says so, he's lying. Even if Obama actually wins the Presidency - the bigger thing is, Jeremiah Wright decided long ago that his SOUL was NOT FOR SALE, while Barack Obama decided his soul could go to the highest bidder if it gets him the White House.

Does he not know that once he swears that oath of office, he will be far from being his own man, and will have to reward the labors of them that got him there - Corporate America, and not the grass-roots, as he has many of you believing? Because that is going to be the case. He will need a second term to become his own man - and he might be a one-term President because y'all know his margin for error is going to be more narrow than even Jimmy Carter's was.

He may get the White House. He may actually be the first African-American President in history.

But, what is the profit of history if you gain it, only to lose your SOUL?

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Monday, April 28, 2008


It does not matter if she weakens Obama to the point he can't win the General Election.

It will not matter if she gets the nomination and destroys what's left of the Democratic Party.

It does not matter that the ReThugs are salivating at the thought of another one of their own getting the White House while the Democrats eat their own.

It does not matter that the more Dr. Jeremiah Wright defends himself, the farther Fake News and Crew will sling him under the bus as they tie him to Obama.

It does not matter that Hillary succeeded in racial polarization to get what she wants, by any means necessary; no matter what the cost; no matter the damned sense of entitlement.

I will still hold her responsible for the destruction of the Democratic Party, the alienation of the usually loyal African-American base, and most of all, I will hold her personally responsible if the ReThugs get the White House for another four years when she had the opportunity to be a real human being and think about what was best for this country. Her leadership (or lack thereof) is not what's best for America, no matter how you slice it. Just like Tonya Harding was not considered good for the sport of Professional Figure Skating - her attack on Nancy Kerrigan forced the Skating Authority to give her a lifetime ban from the sport of competitive figure skating.

Just like Hillary's destruction of a fellow Democrat should force her being banned from the party for not being a Democrat, but acting and reverting to the closet ReThug I've always suspected her of being.

Make no mistake - Obama could have helped his own cause and in some instances, he decided to keep shooting himself in the foot and reload to keep shooting. I mean, if there is no earthly reason for him to lift his "ban" on Fake News, why would he cave in at this point? So he can collect more war wounds? So he can convince whites who weren't going to vote for him anyway, to change their minds?

Arrrgh - I can't take it anymore. Someone give up, please. But it won't be Hillary; Hillpatine, the Borg Queen, and any other name you would call a destructive individual like her.

But in the end, whatever goes down in Denver this summer and in the General in the Fall, I'm blaming Hillary Rodham Clinton for her scorched earth tactics and a selfishness that will single handedly destroy what's left of the United States of America.

If Obama wins or loses in the Fall, put the blame on his wounds where they need to be; some on him - most on Hillary. Obama will have more than enough blame to collect on what he should and should not have done. But, would he really have gone as far as Hillary has? Despite my take on his platform, I think the answer would be "NO". The brotha would consider what's best for the Party.

Unlike Hillpatine.

We can't blame the ReThugs if we are calling John McCain "Mr. President" next January. But we can blame Hillary for it, should it come to pass.

I will still blame Hillary for the whole shebangabang and I won't lose any sleep over it, either. Book it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GOOD LAWD, I HAVE TO HEAR THAT "CACKLE" least another day in this farce of a Democratic Primary campaign. Ugh.

The Borg Queen won't go away. She's like "Bebe's Kids". They don't die; they MULTIPLY.

God help us ALL if that happens.

So, she won the Pennsylvania primary, and I understand she got more than 50% of the vote from uneducated white people. It's not like she wasn't expected to win; in fact, it is one of the few primaries (maybe the only one) that Obama even expected he'd lose, but folks, he didn't lose by much; he still leads in delegates and the primary vote, and he might take Oregon and North Carolina, despite Rush Limbaugh's machinations.

The fact that the Borg Queen won with over half the electorate being uneducated white voters says a lot...not about her as a candidate, but about Pennsylvania as a state. It is uneducated voters like those in Pennsylvania, that sent George Bush back to office a second time, so he could continue to FUBAR the government and leave the mess for the next President.

They wanted a guy they could raise Coronas with - not someone with the intelligence to actually lead and entertain diversity of ideas and opinions.

I hope they like living below the poverty line and seeing their jobs leaving the country like Jefferson Airplane does. I never understood why poor whites would rather vote against their own interests in the name of keeping Black people out of leadership positions. I never understood why poor whites would continue to remain poor whites, when they have opportunities to improve their lots in life. They certainly have more opportunities than people of ethnicity, but in the idea of thinking themselves "superior" to ethnic people, they vote consistently to screw themselves over, content in the knowledge of holding down ethnic people, while feeling "superior" as the bank forecloses on their homes, their refrigerators go empty, their children go hungry and without healthcare to see a doctor when they need to.

The Borg Queen should be thanked for going "Tonya Harding" on poor whites, because if they would rather be screwed over than putting an effective leader in the White House, they get what they paid for, and I don't want to hear no pissing and moaning when they wake up and find out they're still being screwed.

As for African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and educated, progressive Whites, I suggest we take our votes and go to another party, since the Democrats continue to diss US by allowing the Borg Queen to remain in the Democratic Party and destroy it to hell, because they're too cowardly to come out and say they don't want a brotha getting the nomination; yet, they would rather allow the Borg Queen to fling poo like monkeys do at the National Zoo. This party won't be worth staying in; especially if they find a way to cut a deal and make her the nominee, over the objection of those who have worked their asses off to get Obama elected.

A word for Obamaites - he is not the SAVIOR and stop treating him as such. Allow people who are truly skeptical of his position and platform to give voice to those skepticisms without going "Tavis Smiley" on them. And yeah, I certainly understand the hateration on Tavis - look, if my colleagues at Black Agenda Report are defending Tavis, that shows how much Obama-aid his supporters are drinking these days, and how far off the logic organization you have gone.

Yes, I've done my share of calling CBC members "Handkerchief Heads" "Mammy" and "Uncle Ruckus" because Bill and Hillary Clinton are throwing the race cards in their faces, and their hateration of Obama is such that they would rather throw in their lot with entities known for slinging misbehaving Blacks under the bus when they get in their way. Not because I'm an Obama fan - slinging Jeremiah Wright under the bus to shut up nuts like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, is still frosting my cookies to the point I might leave the POTUS slot blank in the General election, and especially if the Borg Queen steals the nomination.

And, after all that, we get a "I got my office in Harlem, how can I be a bigot" comment from Bubba; like we're supposed to shut up about how he's played the race card; hell, he made the campaign about race, ever since South Carolina, and Gentleman Jim Clyburn was doing his best to tell him to shut the hell up about race.

Now, this campaign is ALL ABOUT RACE. Thank you Bill and Hillary. Don't think having Bob Johnson tote your water gets you entre back into the Black Community - most of us are thinking about how to go into Northeast DC and burn down the BET station without getting caught and doing the Black Community some effective community service by pulling that nonsense of a television station off the air.

In the meantime, Good Lawd, can I be spared listening to that "CACKLE" for a while? How can that be shut the hell up?

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Friday, April 04, 2008


My first post in April and it's an angry post. The CBC has just declared war on Black Bloggers demanding accountability from them. My colleagues at Jack and Jill Politics got sandbagged by CNN because they linked to a post from some more of my friends over at Color of Change on their activities to pressure Black superdelegates to respect the wishes of their constituencies that went heavily towards Sen. Barack Obama for POTUS.

Color of Change is free to engage in whatever political activism they feel is necessary to benefit the diverse communities they represent. However, Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien, if you're going to report on what we say on the blogs, is it too much to ask to you act like responsible journalists and get it right?

I guess it is, because you've blown this out of context, and you enlisted two Congressional Black Caucus members to spin it as they choose.

I wrote the following on Jack and Jill in the comments section, and after reading it, I decided it was worthy of a blog entry of its own:

I'm going to jump in here and say that when the media attacks bloggers such as us and Skeptical Brotha, and allow DLC-bots like Emmanuel Cleaver and Kendrick Meek to frame issues without context, they have declared war on us.

The Congressional Black Caucus wants to use this issue to not only discredit the Black Blogsphere, but also people doing the work to hold their behinds accountable to the constituencies that voted for them. It's not about supporting Obama - because of the Jeremiah Wright flap and Obama's handling of it, I can't say I'm supporting him, but Hillary Clinton is sure as hell not getting my vote.

The CBC is saying they don't want to be held accountable; yet we should continue to support them and give them free passes because they are Black members of Congress. The same concept they are now trying to fight because half of them support Hillary Clinton. That's some sick crap and they need to know that we're not backing down from them.

Now Color of Change has done good work and maybe pressuring Black superdelegates to throw their support to Obama in light of Hillary donning a hood and robe - good in purist theory; not so good for the overall purpose of electing and implementing a progressive government that is of the people, for the people and by the people. Maybe a different tactic needed to be used here; I don't know, and I don't want to be critical of their actions, because it's their right to engage in activism that will result in what's best for the communities they serve.

However, I do agree with them that the CBC is being arrogant in ignoring, if not at least, listening to the voices of the people they purport to represent, and for that, it should cost them, because the next issue won't be Barack Obama, but something like the Bankruptcy Bill, school vouchers, increasing funding to the military and the prison industry complext, which does nothing but incarcerate more of US. The CBC has already demonstrated an inherent willingness to take small amounts of money to sell out for personal gain and presumed fortune.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel the CBC has declared war on Black Bloggers because we've been calling them out on their dereliction of duty to us and they need to be remind who they work for.

They work for US, the taxpaying Americans who elected them. If they don't want to do what we ask, on most jobs, it's called "being fired". Now, if they want to get fired like their buddy Al Wynn, they can step right up into primary challenges, either this year or 2010. I'm sick of these attempts to silence us when silence IS NOT GOLDEN.

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