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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Truth & Blasphemy

Season's Greetings from the Christian Progressive Liberal (How do you like the New Title, LOL?)

As I am wont to do, I am always thinking about how much I love my country and the good, decent, people that live in it, regardless of race, gender, political party or religious affiliation. I am saddened by what is taking place in Jesus' name these days, and although I have probably waxed poetic about it, I believe that my writings and political action is not enough. Why am I thinking this way?

It would be easy to blame it on the Christmas season, but that's not the reason for my....feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. Though from time to time I am always writing something to post with the hopes that it will be printed in order to encourage and uplift those of you who read this, sometimes, I'm just fresh out of words to say that would encourage you. And then, just when I feel that I'm at the end of my rope, I get a second wind. What you read here today, is the result of hours and days of deep soul-searching, questioning and seeking answers to the mess we now know as our American Goverment.

I don't know about you, but for me, going into the holiday season, knowing that there are millions of people who are unemployed, homeless, without access to medical care; seniors having to decide between eating and buying medication, I find that I can't get as enthusiastic about Christmas like I did when I was little. It's too painful. Too self-serving. Too much in denial about the realities of America. So I began to think about how the elected leaders of our nation, including the spineless Democrats who are card-carrying members of the Democratic Leadership Council, have allowed a few individuals, just because they invoke God or Jesus at every opportunity, have allowed a total hijacking of the Government in the name of Jesus.

They are attempting to bastardize the United the name of Jesus.

They have waged war based on a pack of the name of Jesus.

They are attempting to privatize Social Security, and deny seniors the right to retire from their labours without financial the name of Jesus.

They are eliminating any and all social programs designed to help anyone in need....all in the name of Jesus.

Now allow me to share with you the truth. The actions of this Administration, from GeeDubya to those of you who decided to vote your fears, and against your best interests: they are NOT OF JESUS. Period. 'Nuff Said.

You have seen countless writings from me, and others who are Christians expressing our lament at what is being done to people in this country in the name of Jesus. Those of us who study our Bible and attempt to live out it's principles, I can safely say, if you're like me, you're sickened at any opportunity that Bush utters what he does is ordained by God! He calls it being ordained by God: I'm going to call it what it really is.


What is Blasphemy? you may ask. According to, to blaspheme is to "speak of God in an irreverent, impious manner". In accordance with the dictionary definition of blasphemy, isn't it blasphemy when Bush talks about fixing the problems of the poor, but gives the spoils to the rich, while screwing over the poor?

Isn't it blasphemy to say that God told you to "strike Iraq" when Romans 12:2 admonishes us that in so far as it depends on us, "Live peaceably with everyone"? Would "everyone" include the Iraqis, or anyone else that's trained in the sights of this Administration?

Isn't it blasphemy when you name legislative initiatives designed to ruin the environment, ecological balance, public education, and the raping of forrests the "Healthy Skies Initiative" or "No Child Left Behind" or "Healthy Forrests Initiative"?

I find that I can't bear to hear Bush' s voice on T.V. or the radio anymore. When I do, I get nauseous at what's being done in the name of Jesus. I get sick when I see a grinning Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Sean Hannity, Bill "Super Freak" O'Reilly, or Rush "Married Three times; going for #4, while getting my Oxycontin Fix" Limbaugh on television cheerleading that Bush is God's Man and everything he does has God's Seal of Approval.

I am also getting sick of the Democrats constantly apologizing for being...well, Democrats. Or maybe I should rephrase that and say, "members of the Democratic Party". Why are you NOW trying to embrace Jesus, when for years, you treated Him like a two-bit whore? Just because the Republicthugs are embracing Jesus - don't be fooled; they, too, are pimping 60 million people in the name of Jesus and for their own personal gain. And in any case, if you hadn't been presenting yourselves as Christian until lately, you're going to come off as fake as Tammy Faye Bakker's eyelashes if you try to adopt this position at this stage of the game. If you don't believe me, then ask yourself:

Is Pat Robertson going to be feeeding the hungry, right here in the good ol' USA on Christmas Morning? Can a beggar pull up to Falwell's table at his palatial mansion, just as he is, to sit down with the good preacher and his family and break bread together?

Is James Dobson going to play Santa Claus for all those unwanted kids that are being born, because their mothers lost their right to reproductive choice, and gave birth to a child with birth defects and no chance at a quality life?

Is Tim LaHaye going to build orphanages in THIS COUNTRY for the unwanted children left behind by their parents who were forced into becoming parents because the birth control was eliminated and no one could make an informed decision about sexual activity, pregnancy, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases, while being forced to marry under Bush's "Promoting Marriage" initiatives?

And should these children survive all of the above, will there be clean air to breathe or will it be toxic enough to choke Mount Everest? Will there be clean water to drink, or will that be a premium cost to the elite, while the rest of us have to drink sludge and call it water? Will there be a school for them to attend with qualified teachers and parental support from the community? Will there be a park with trees and other environmental jewels for them to grow up and appreciate? Will there be an affordable home for them to live and grow up in?

All in the Name of Jesus. You gotta love this country we live in.

Think about it. I'm risking a bull's eye on my head, because I'm daring to write this before freedom of speech is eviscerated. Read America 2014 or watch the Manchurian Candidate - to get an idea of how easily our basic rights and liberties can be hijacked under the radar, and done so subtly, we won't know until its gone. For years, the Religious Right operated out of sight; now they have direct access to the White House, where they can proceed to influence policy that holds everyone accountable except them. They were not invited to the Republican's National Convention this summer. Why?

I submit because THEY KNOW they are not operating in the will of God, or in the things of God in a manner that Honors God. They are practicing 2 Timothy 3:2 in all of their naked glory: "For men shall be lovers of their own selves; coveteous (oil), boasters ('Bring it on"), proud ($30 million dollar taxpayer tag for Inauguration Day), disobedient to parents ("I didn't consult him, I answer to a higher Father.."), unthankful ("You go to war with the Army you have; not the one you wish you had..." or "...even with armor, you might get blown up by a bomb anyway...") unholy ("Go F---yourself, Sen. Leahy)."

The truth requires honesty; a lie is what it is; used to dupe the masses and then tell you you're in full accord with the resulting mess.

The truth requires accountability - if it breaks, Blame Bill Clinton and the Democrats.

The truth requires responsibility - otherwise, why is Rumsfeld still collecting a paycheck from the Defense Department? Why is Condoleezza Rice being promoted to Secretary of State? Why did everyone else in the Bush Administration, including best friend, Commerce Secrearty Don Evans, decide to abandon ship prior to Bush's second term?

This is a difficult essay to write, because I know what I risk encountering from those who read it and want to break out the can of whip a-- on me. Yet, I cannot keep silent about the Truth - she won't let me cool my jets on this one. I challenge all of you that whenever you hear Bush spouting about God, ask yourself if he's acting out 2 Timothy 3:2, and evaluate it for yourself.

More and More, the price of Freedom, true Freedom, is ETERNAL VIGILANCE.
Until next time, take care, stay focused, take charge and may God bless you and yours with the Happiest of Holidays.


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