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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Re: Merry Christmas, Damn It

I know, I know. I'm a Christian, and I'm not supposed to say "Damn it" on anything, LOL! But if you've read Margaret Kimberley's "Freedom Rider" column, you would be hard pressed not to say "Damn it" when lamenting about the situation in America today, especially since we are depending on wimpy Democrats (DLC members) to help us take back our country. The Progressives need help!


Dear Ms. Kimberley:

Your articles are always the first ones I read when I receive my online issue of Black Commentator. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. And I thought I was the only Christian screaming that Bush's Christian talk doesn't match his Christian walk.

It is very evident that the masses who cited "moral values" as their reason for voting for the Sock Puppet do not read their Bibles on a daily basis, and additionally, are probably attending churches where it's considered a sin to question or challenge the Pastor for taking that Faith-Based money and doing things with it that do not line up with God's word. Especially in the Black Church, I've noticed that Pastors don't like having you ask questions like "If we are to practice Romans 12:2 'Insofar as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone', then why is Bush pushing for a war? How does that line up with the Bible? And why are you supporting him in his endeavors, which also includes the dismantling of any and all social programs that our community depends on for their survival?"

Ms. Kimberley, I guess that's why I fired the Baptist church I was in and found a non-denominational one with a Pastor who happily answers those types of questions. In fact, my Pastor shared with me that the reason the Bush gang is gun-ho for war is because they read the Old Testament and stopped there, to use the Bible to justify going to war. "But what about Jesus, His sacrifices for our sins?" I asked.

"It's like Jesus' death wasn't enough for them", my Pastor said. "When they engage in these types of activities, it's just like spitting on God and crucifying His son all over again."

How refreshing it is to have the Man of God respond to such questions with comprehensive answers that indicates hours of studying the Bible and laboring in prayer for his congregation! While I don't want to down all Black Baptist Churches (cause for the most part I grew up in the Baptist Church), you are correct when you point out that it's our churches and Pastors lining up for that Faith-Based money, and they have to praise George Bush as a condition of receiving that money, which is decimating the effectiveness of our churches within our communities at an all time high rate.

Yeah, it's easy to seize on gay marriage and abortion as hot-button issues; however, when I heard Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, a known gay member of Congress, state in public that the gay marriage issue would only be used as a wedge issue to give Bush victory, that gave me food for thought. As the campaign wound down, I found myself repeating the words "wedge issues" to all my Christian friends, only to be admonished that I was a harlot for not supporting and praying for President Bush in his courageousness to stand up against abortion and gay marriage.

Now, these same Christian friends are having difficulty in making ends meet; like making the rent or mortgage payments. They can't go to those social programs for assistance because they're not below the poverty line...yet. They don't have health care. Even with a voucher, they can't afford the rest of the tuition payment to send their kid to that private school down the street, and they want to, because the public school two blocks away is being closed by state mandate under No Child Left Behind. With mild sarcasm, I ask them how do they now feel about voting for Bush, and just because he pushed gay marriage and abortion, two wedge issues that would have little, if no impact on them personally, and voting against their own best they say maybe I was right and I'm sorry I called you a harlot. Cold comfort is all they get from their votes on "moral values" {sarcasm}. Those "moral values" aren't bringing in extra money to pay bills and the rent, or put food on their table. The plastic is maxed trying to make sure their children has something under the tree on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas, Damn It!

These days, we have people and we have sheeple. The people are like you and I, the publishers of BC and other weblogs. We read our Bibles; we are Christians, too, and our number is growing in response to Bush's hijacking of Christianity and using it for personal gain. He would do well to remember that since he's going on Old Testament basis as justification for his abysmal policies, what happened to those rulers who decided they would take over God's job and do it themselves.

Nebuchadnezzar was a ruler that aspired to become God and he went insane, roaming the countryside and living like an animal for seven years before God allowed him that one moment of clarity and restored him to sanity.

King Saul did the same thing and wound up getting himself killed. He went beserk when he learned that God transfered His favor off him and put in on a shepherd boy named David, whom he repeatedly tried to have killed, only to fall on the knife himself. 1 & 2 Kings are full of these examples.

Finally, the reason for Christmas, Jesus, was crucified because He told the establishment the truth, and they didn't like what they heard.

Then you have the sheeple: People who blindly follow the man of God (or the man who says he's of God) like sheep. They don't question him or his motives. He's often given a blank check in the face of proven lies and manipulation because he's doing it on God's orders, and because it's God calling the shots, well, that's okay, even if they are the ones personally suffering or being harmed by his actions. Jim Jones, David Koresh and the leader of Heaven's Gate comes to mind here, not to mention the Rev. Sun Hyung Moon of the Moonie religion. Rev. Moon actually stood up in a coronation ceremony at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. this year, proclaiming himself as God, with members of Congress in attendance. This incident wound up embarassing the likes of Reps. Danny Davis and Harold Ford, because Rep. Davis is caught on video carrying the crown being placed on Moon's head, and Rep. Ford' s name showed up on the list of invitees to the "Coronation". While Rep. Ford denied he attended the event, as I mentioned, Rep. Davis is caught on video camera, in a suit and other regalia, with white gloves, carrying a red velvet pillow with a gold crown on it, fully a participant in the ceremony. To date, we're still waiting for a Senator to come forward and admit he gave Moon permission to have access to the Dirksen Building to hold that ceremony. Better yet, we need to find out who got their pockets lined with some of that "Faith-Based" moolah to allow Moon to gain access to a Federal building to begin with - I'd start with the members of Congress who attended the "coronation" of Rev. Moon. We all know this: money talks and BS walks. Merry Christmas, Damn It!

And yet, we all know how death and destruction followed them all. After all, God doesn't like others trying to do His Job. If you ever get to Oakland, I would be willing to take to you Evergreen Cemetary where at least 500-600 of Jim Jones' followers are buried in a mass grave after either drinking that kool-Aid, or catching a bullet because they couldn't be allowed to survive and return to tell the rest of us what really happened in Guyana under his, ahem, "leadership". Even Jones himself, caught a bullet, probably by one who did survive, but currently is residing in San Quentin or Folsom State Prison. All in the name of Jesus. And so goes the sheeple. Merry Christmas, Damn It!


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