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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I attended the State of the Black Union (Tavis Smiley's gig) in Houston, this past weekend. It was somewhat weird, as I was born in Houston, but haven't lived there for the past 30 years. Forgot how much there's new meaning to the phrase, "Urban Sprawl".

My commentarary on this event will be published at The Black Commentator on Thursday (, so look for it.

The "Covenant with Black America" tour is going on this week, and I know members of the Congressional Black Caucus should be in attendance in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Memphis, Oakland and San Francisco.

That means that the derelicts of the Congressional Black Caucus (Bishop and Scott - Atlanta; Ford - Memphis; Meeks - New York...wait, that's about it)should show up, huh?

How much you want to bet they won't go near that "Town Hall" meeting when Smiley and crew gets there? I'll be watching, because this will be one more nail in said coffin towards cleaning the CBC house.


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