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Thursday, February 02, 2006



I was flying to Atlanta on business today, and a passenger sitting an aisle away from me was reading Roll Call, and the following caption caught my attention:


It seems to me that the Democrats should be worrying about how they are going to keep us, the people who have supported their behinds, year after year, giving billions of dollars to elect candidates that truly represent our interests and the core values of the Party, from dropping out of the party, telling them to stick that "WE CAN DO BETTER" motto up you-know-where, and drying up the donations as a result of being let down, AGAIN.

Not worrying about the failed attempt to Filibuster the nomination of Strip Search Sam Alito.

Or making his Stepford wife cry during the hearings (shame on you, Ted Kennedy, er, I mean, Lindsay Graham!!!).

Now they're worrying about how the Republican Party is going to continue to Punk-Slap their behinds, while handing them their lunches on a hourly basis.

I say to that: BOO "FREAKING" HOO!

So what if the attempt to filibuster didn't succeed. At least twenty-two of you had the guts to go for it. Yeah, I know there were 25 who eventually voted, but I'm not giving any credit to the following Senators, because after their appearances on the Sunday talk shows, if not before, they literally had to be kicking and screaming to vote "No" on cloture:

Barack Obama
Harry Reid
Dianne Feinstein.

I'm from California. We punk-slapped Ms. Feinstein about voting No on Cloture. But then, again, the threat of Cindy Sheehan challenging her behind in the Democratic Primary may have had a lot more to do with it than those of us on the Left Coast.

Reid...hard to read Hammerin' Harry on this one. Maybe the Nevada voters let him have it in the emails and faxes.

Obama - give me a friggin' break here. The folk in Illinois reminded him not to slurp that DLC Kool-Aid in front of them on this issue. Maybe he received a "promise" Al Capone-style and possibly worthy of preventing his own "Valentine-Day Massacre."

As comedian George Lopez would say, "Why you cryin'?" At least you fought.

The way I see it, we who remain in the Democratic Party, have bigger issues to worry about, than mixing it up with the Rethugs on the Hill taking pot shots because the Senators were willing to listen to us, the People, rather than their own self-interests.

No, who we need to worry about are the 19 Democratic Senators who voted in favor of Cloture on Alito. They just confirmed George Bush's view of the American Constitution, the system of Checks and Balances, and the forming of a dictatorship:

That the Constitution is toilet paper;

He just wiped himself and this Country with it;

Now he will rub our faces in it;

Because 19 Democratic Senators gave him permission to do so. And it's disingenious for any of them to count themselves in the number who voted against confirming Alito, when the real issue was preventing his nomination from going to a full confirmation vote, and they voted "Yes" on cloture.

Sort of like, "Yes, I voted for Cloture, but I didn't vote to confirm him, either."

Sorry, Senators. YOU LOSE...BOTH WAYS.


Blogger Matt said...

I doubt Sheehan had anything to do with Feinstein's change of heart. Even those of us who are pissed off at Feinstein, and who might back Sheehan just to show Feinstein our displeasure, don't expect Sheehan to win.

6:23 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Matt, I'm for anyone that going to scare Feinstein back to the left side of the political aisle. We've given her one "get out of jail free" card too many.

While Cindy Sheehan might not win, she could scare the hell out of Feinstein, and that's all I want at present.

7:05 PM  

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