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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anything for a Photo-Op

Does this picture disgust you? I'm disgusted by it, because a "Christian" President is seen jogging with a man who went to fight in his unnecessary war, lost his legs in combat, and GeeDubya decides to demonstrate his support for the troops by going on a jog with a guy who left his legs on the field in Baghdad.

This is the President that Junior Ford "loves" and considers "a nice guy".

I'm sorry, but anyone who can be responsible for such injuries, refuse to visit the wounded over at Walter Reed, yet highlights their injuries for "photo-ops"...I'm getting migraines by continuing to ask myself "What kind of man is the President of the United States?"

Any anyone running for a Senate seat who would condone this, I have one name for you:


Remember him? The same senator from your neighboring state of Georgia, a Vietnam-era vet who left three limbs in some rice patty and got swift-boated and slimed by the Bush-Rove machine for his trouble. He was replaced in the Senate by a maggot who didn't even go serve his country; some piss-ant named Saxby Chambliss.

Everytime I see pictures like the one I posted, I'm reminded of people who went and fought wars necessary and unnecessary. Their mental and physical conditions when they returned and tried to settle back to whatever is considered "normal". It's easy to vote for a war when you're not going to fight in it. It's easy to not vote to increase the minimum wage, while voting to give yourself a raise every year for the last nine years. It's easy to vote for legislation that you know is never going to impact you; vote judiciary and render all gains under civil rights and liberties dead, because you just don't give a damn about another human being, or the impact that your votes and representation will have on other human beings.

To care for other human beings require that you become human; vulnerable and caring, too. Traits which I try very hard to ascribe to your Democratic candidate for United States Senator, and I continue to fail at doing so because he makes it virtually impossible.

Anything for a photo-op. How long will it be before we see the current representative of the 9th District doing the same damned thing as his beloved President?


Anonymous Plutonious Monk said...

Whenever I write to Senator Saxby Chambliss I always manage in the body of the letter to refer to him as Senator
SLEAZY SHAMELESS. Apparently his staff disapproves because I never get a reply.

6:27 PM  

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