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Monday, October 02, 2006


Well, since I mentioned Mark Foley, let's just say that those ReThugs of the Bible Belt variety, (holla, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and "Mulla" James Dobson) are so quiet on this issue of Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida) getting caught sending emails to Congressional pages, you can hear mice pissing on cotton.

IOKIYAR. God, I hope not. I hope some in the ReThug party sobers up off the GOP kool-aid to be willing to take out some of their own on this issue. While we have graft, corruption, those willing to be bribed, whoremongers (even those who put a chokehold on their mistresses), somewhere in this perverted world, there seems to still be a line that says children are off limits.

The Democrats took down "Dollar" Bill Jefferson (D-Louisiana)for having $90K in his freezer. So if they had a pedophile among them, they would be toast. Why can't the GOP do the same thing? I mean, what hubris and arrogance to have this guy actually chairing a committee that wrote legislation that facilitated better alert systems when a child is snatched off the street, and yet, because he wrote those laws, he probably knew how to break them and not get caught.

More than predatory acts, we're also talking about sexual harassment as well, because when a person uses their authority to solicit sex acts in exchange for favorable treatment, sex has become a condition of their employment, and that is illegal. Foley was a lawyer by profession - you would think he'd remember this from second or third-year law school.

Law schools...they churn out perverts like Foley, Clarence Thomas, Roberts and Alito, haven't they? So, I'm no longer impressed if you tell me you're a Harvard or Yale Law Grad - they put something in the water to make CBC members like Artur Davis, Mel Watt and others think they can play nice with the GOP and not get burned, anyway.

Mark Foley is a predatory pedophile. Repeat, rinse and spit, please. And this is not the time for Grandmothers in Congress, like Nancy Pelosi or Jane Harman to keep their yaps shut in playing nice; they should be encouraging their peers to hang this around the GOP's neck like an anvil for the next five weeks.

Ads should be reading like this:

"Do you support a Congressional member who knowingly exposed his pedophile colleague to congressional pages? If you do, go ahead and vote Pedophile...!"

No, children, this is not an October surprise. But it comes close.

And the ReThugs can't say "Well, Democrats do it, too!" Drink your cans of STHU, and break out your cans of Whip Ass on all of the GOP leadership, starting with Hastert, for covering this crap up. He's a teacher, by profession. Even when I taught community college, the same law applies; if you find out that a student may be being subjected to molestation or harassment by a faculty member, you were duty-bound by law to make a report, or you were toast if it surfaced and it's discovered you knew about it, but did nothing. So, if that standard applied to me as a community college instructor, it also applied to Hastert, even as a former school teacher, despite the fact he's in Congress at this point.

Which is why I say that those who had any dealings with Mark Foley better come clean. To me, this is like the scandal with the Catholic Priests. You think the priests who are truly trying to do what they were called to do; that they're not cussing Bernard Law under their breath for placing them in a position of being an automatic suspect, especially if they dropped dime on their pedophile bretheren of the Cloth, and all he did was transfer them somewhere else?

The Catholic church is going bankrupt behind this scandal, paying out millions of dollars in damages to the victims and their families. Who's going to donate money to the Church if it's going to be used to cover up predatory pedophile priests?

Same standard applies here. Why should you donate to the GOP if they're going to provide cover for pedophiles? Ever watch the movie, "Bastard out of Carolina"? I watched it recently and what I remember most was when Bone's uncle Earl found out that her stepfather was beating, molesting and raping her, Earl and a few of his boys got the guy in a circle (during a funeral of Bone's grandmother or aunt) and kicked the living crap out of that guy. And this was in rural South Carolina during the 1950's. These guys would probably be part of the NASCAR crowd today that the GOP relies on during election time. If raping or molesting a child didn't play well back in the 1950's in Carolina, how did Denny Hastert, Roy Shimkus, probably even Tom DeLay, think it would play out in 2006?

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Connecticut), one of the few GOPers I refer to as a Republican and not a ReThug, has already slung the entire GOP leadership under the bus for this one. Many more to follow. Pay attention to a comment from a blogger over at Steve Gilliard's:

astounding < disgusting.

I'm all for cronyism and circling the wagons... but this is sick, cult-like, sh--.

I feel tainted even having my views associated with these f'king sickos.


Turning a blind eye to f--king pedophiles.

Every single one who knew anything should be investigated and resign if they were involved or knew of anything. I don't even care if they thought they were just inappropriate emails... after the Clenis spectacle they have no business acting like it was his personal sexual whatever-the-f--k.

F'ing disturbing.

I hate our society.
ether | 10.02.06 - 3:30 am | #

Ether feels very strongly about this. I had to edit, because I didn't want to offend with the swear words, but his post says he's a Republican who's sickened by the degree of party loyalty being sworn here. Another poster suggested that the reason the DLC continues to try and play footsie with the ReThugs is because KKKarl Rove may be channeling J. Edwina Hoover and compiled files on them like Hoover did on Malcolm, Martin and Medgar. Hmmmm...

Memo Warning to Harold Ford - Still want to build bridges to a group of politicos that knowingly aide, abett and provide comfort to child predators? I hope your political ambition isn't to the extent that you feel the need to say "yes"...


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