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Friday, September 22, 2006


Since when did Reps. Charlie Rangel and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi become the Democratic apologists for George W. Bush?

I'm sorry, but if Venuzualan President Hugo Chavez stood up at the United Nations and called the President the "Devil", I'm not going to argue with the Truth.

Has KKKarl Rove and crew so intimidated the Democratic Party that Rangel and Pelosi are compelled to start the fine art of sucking up to Dear Leader? After all, Chavez is a man who overcame a rigged election (done by the United States) and survived an assassination attempt (also done by the United States). Even a good ol' Christian boy like Pat Robertson was on the 700 Club, talking about "taking out Chavez" and so horrifying his sidekick, Ben Kinchlow, to the point that the brother couldn't mask that horrified look of realization that maybe it was time to put Rev. Pat out to pasture.

Why are you going to say that no one can come here and diss Bush, but Bush can go into anyone's country and look like a friggin idiot:

We ought not to dish it out if we can't take it. Maybe that's been the problem...

And, I said, for my money, Merkel should have slugged Bush for invading her personal space that way. It was clearly more embarassing for the leader of the Free World to embarass the United States with his frat boy behavior and the obvious indication that he never learned the meaning and importance of boundaries. So, if I'm in agreement with Chavez's statement that "the smell of sulfur is still in the room", will I be arrested for agreeing with the truth than trying to prop up a President who's clearly in the wrong and got called out on it?

Next week, if Champagne Charlie takes the floor to denounce Bush, I'm going to tune out because that vision of his speech, and hearing his voice denouncing Chavez for telling the truth, is going to superceede anything worthwhile he or Pelosi have to say.

THE DEMOCRATS. The only political party in town who can hit a triple and the batters behind them hit into a triple play without the winning run scoring...


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