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Monday, November 20, 2006


My friend, Steve Gilliard, nails it. 'Nuff Said.

Recover from being a black Republican`

Go from this....................

To this

I know, I know, all your sacrifice for the GOP came to naught. You thought this was your year, that you would finally get the respect you deserve.

The problem is that IS what you got.

Let's be frank. It isn't that being Democratic is being black, it isn't, but being a Republican means you're a grovling Uncle Ruckus, always seeking to diminish black people for the sake of whites.

Doubt it?

Who aired radio ads claiming that the Dems founded the Klan and the GOP was the party of Lincoln. When the NRO's house negro Deroy Murdock tried that, he looked every inch the fool he was. When you tried to convince black Marylanders of that, they were offended. You try to talk down to black people and it pisses them off.

Then you have the grovelling of Michael Steele, too stupid to conceed when it was clear black people would no more vote for him than Frank Rizzo. He had based his entire campaign on blaming black people and acting the fool.

He won't ever admit he slandered the students of HBCU Morgan State and created the flying oreo incident to gain sympathy from whites. He won't ever admit his cowardice in refusing to confront Bob Erlich about anything. He was a coward and a shame to the race from the minute he entered public life. Tomming and shucking for the white folks and a lot of them forgot to vote
for him anyway.

He thought black people were so stupid that he thought they would think he was a Democrat.

But he's not the worse. That's Ken "I ain't no negro" Blackwell. He did his master's bidding by denying blacks the right to vote in 2004, thinking his white masters would be so pleased. Sitting up in his big willie chair, with a cigar in one hand, talking like the white folks would let him run the show. They could trust him, he'd done what they'd asked, he'd kept them coloreds away from the polls, now he'd be on the way to the White House. First, a stop in Columbus, then in a few years, he'd be running to be the first black president.

Yeah, right. They used your silly, football playing ass to keep your people down and then let you think you could run for something. Sure, you were on the team. Until they had to do something for you.

You even got that mega church lunatic Rod Parsley to back your play. Too bad most of his parishoners would no more vote for your black ass than root for Michigan. They didn't care if you were a Godly man, you were a nigger, and that mean you wouldn't get their vote. No matter how much they smiled in your face.

What? You think black people would forget your junior grade Bull Connor antics? No, fuck no.
You lost in a landslide and took Mike Dewine with you. Now, Ohio has a Senator it can be proud of again. Thanks to you.

If you're a young black Republican, see these examples and be warned. Down the path of the GOP lies on contempt and scorn. You don't want to wind up defending a gambleholic like Bill Bennett, and have people laugh at you. You don't want to be accused of placing your career ahead of your people.

Just because they smile in your face and talk about Jesus, you will pay a fearsome price for going down that road, the scorn and contempt of your fellow men and women. Nothing is worth that.

So, you've been experimenting with being a Republican, and you find some of their ideas appealing.

Keep this picture in your mind. That really is former Sen. George Allen in a confederate uniform and he really, really hates black people. No, really. The rest is photoshopped, but that is him.

And they thought he would run for president. He always seemed like an idiot to me, but he was popular.

Until he called someone macaca, which translates to nigger. A word Allen likes.

And that's pretty much what they think about you.

Republicans like to use you, but they will not sacrifice one thing a white person needs to help you along. Not one.

So what to do?

You need to regain your pride.

First, you can stand on your own. You don't need white patrons to pay your way, then tell you how to think. A proud black man or woman can do on their own. When they offer you a lot, they expect a lot. And if you get in trouble, they won't know who you are,(see, Williams, Armstrong, Allen, Claude)

Second, don't let their appeal to religion fool you. They say God, but they mean votes. As long as you vote for them, they will tell you what you want to hear.

Third, don't let them use your bitterness against you. Just because you have an issue with this leader or that, don't let them encourage you to run them down. They are just using you to gain credibility

Fourth, don't be ashamed of being black. I know many of you secretly hold that in your heart, that life would be easier if you were white. That black people never do anything right. That isn't true. Throw away the Alice Walker and embrace reality. Every day, strong black men and women contribute to America. They work, they raise families, they love their country. And they don't have to grovel or embarass themselves to do so.

Never forget that black people built this country, as slaves and as free men. Even when we were treated as less than people, even when they hung us from trees. Take pride in your heritage. Do we have poor, ignorant people? Sure, but so does everyone else. Don't let those few make you renounce your birthright and history.

Once you have done that, you can place yourself on the road to recovery.

Listen to the music which made this country, Robert Johnson, Charlie Mingus, James Brown. Throw the junk you've been listening to away. See what we can create. Say it loud isn't a song, but a way to live.

Read about our heroes, flawed and imperfect, and the odds they overcame. From the heroes who fought at New Market to the freedom riders, the brave black men and women who challenged their degredation and disrespect.

Then finally, embrace you, and all around you. Don't think you have to be someone else to be a better you.

You don't have to wear a beret and sunglasses to be proud of your heritage. All you have to do is hold that pride in your heart.


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