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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In a Just world - we'd have a good President who listens and responds to the people that he governs, and not act like he's the Dictator, who has FUBARed all our global relationships and made us a laughingstock.

In a Just World - the Congressional Black Caucus would be a strong body of Congress critters that would have the clout; so much so, that they would be like E. F. Hutton - when they collectively speak, you collectively LISTEN to what they have to say. In a Just World, the CBC wouldn't be the collection of Mammy, Stepin Fetchits, Rastus, Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemimas we see today, as they try to corral us "Uppity Negroes" back to the plantation that the Clintons operate these days.

In a Just World - Barack Obama would grow a backbone and stand for something, instead of falling for a whole lot of bullshyt, and tries to package it as REAL CHANGE. He could actively campaign on the content of his character, not the issue of his race - as hard as he tries to run from his race, in the hopes people will ignore the fact he's African-American. Those who want him to do that, you are telling me you want to control this brotha like Edgar Bergen did Charlie McCarthy.

In a Just World - Hillary Clinton wouldn't be the polarizing figure and political tool that she really is. Play the Race card and then have Charlie Rangel say it was Obama's fault? Puh-leeze, even Stevie Wonder can see that racial shyt came out of her camp, courtesy of minions like Bill Shaheen, Bob Kerrey and Bob "Lawn Jockey" Johnson.

In A Just World - John Edwards' platform would get the proper media coverage he deserves, and Dennis Kucinich wouldn't have to sue for the right to be included in Democratic debates until he bows out of the campaign.

In a Just World - no way in hell that Bush or Cheney ever see the White House except to clean that SOB (as in janitors).

In a Just World - people would have ignored Clarence Thomas playing the race card when it looked like his Supreme Court nomination was toast, and even when playing the race card, he would have been rejected because he wasn't qualified to serve on the bench.

In a Just World - Lani Guinier and Anita Hill would be Supreme Court justices - why do you think Stevens is hanging on for dear life until another moderate gets a seat on the bench and keep it from going dominionist?

In a Just World - Dr. Martin Luther King would be as he was in the imagination of the Boondocks' Huey Freeman; he didn't get killed - he was wounded and lay in a coma for 30+ years. He wakes up and tells all of us he didn't go out to have his life threatened, catch ass-whippings and be thrown in jail for all of us to have not made any further progress than where we were in 1968.

In a Just World - I'd be a size 8 and could eat all the junk food I want and never have to exercise and worry about diabetes, high blood pressure, and water weight gain. I'd also have the perfect man, too.

In a Just World - there would be peace, love for one's fellow man and good will towards all.

I know I don't live in a Just World. But I can still dream...



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