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Monday, December 27, 2004

THE DNC is TOAST if Roemer becomes the Next Chair

Greetings from the Christian Progressive Liberal. Hope everyone had a happy holidays. However, upon learning that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are endorsing a known DLC, anti-choice, willing to privatize Social Security DINO Tim Roemer as Terry McAuliffe's Replacement, I have come to realize that the Democratic Party continues to want to be losers and endure massive amounts of abuse. Which, in my opinion, is just like a woman who can't break free of her abusive partner. And that's not acceptable.

At Daily Kos, there is talk of a massive exodus of Democrats from the Party and the donations are going to dry up if the DLC continues their death march on the Democratic Party. It would serve them (DLC) right.

And the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party needs to become their own party for progressives, and liberals who want to return to the Party's core values. It's the only way we will have a voice - Pelosi and Reid are doing nothing to facilitate this, and they need to be fired, too.

At this point, since Pelosi is changing her tune, and becoming more DLC than the liberal she originally was, the Party could have done no worse if DLC-er Harold Ford got the Minority Leadership Post, and he was dissed by his own DLC collegues in favor of Pelosi back in 2002. Now, does anyone see how asinine the Democratic Leadership Council is? Their only solution to an inherently bad situation in Congress is to continue to embrace stale ideas that have been proven to fail, and to move the Party further to the right wing. What kind of logic or reasoning is that?

Why don't they do us all a favor and defect? Though it would result in a reduction in numbers, that does not always signal defeat. It's when we look like we're defeated that the Thug Party will start making the mistakes we need them to in order to regain our strength.


Blogger monkeyhq said...

I don't agree with you that the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" should rule or force the democratic party to return to it's 'core' values. When we campaign on these 'core' values, we lose the middle, and thus the war and the battle.

By no means am I saying that we should abandon our core. On the contrary, we should embrace our core. However, we cannot campaign to the left. We must campaign to the middle, more centrist dems and indies. As an example of this, Dean campaigned to the left and gave our party (to everyone except Deaniacs) a terrible image. In reality, he was 2nd only to Joe Lieberman in his centrist views. General Clark, on the other hand, was the opposite. He was far more liberal in policy and attitude, but campaigned to the center with his military gravitas. He survived the primary season with a clean political image (as seen by nearly everyone), whereas Dean's image was destroyed (as seen by everyone except the Deaniacs). So much for representing the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. John Kerry was more liberal than Dean (Iraq War vote aside), and he couldn't beat the worst President ever. Left just doesn't work.

Politics, like it or not, is a game. The annointed one, if you recall, campaigned to the center in 2000 and rapidly moved, once elected, to the far right. Dems should, in my view, do the same except campaign to the middle, and once elected, move to our core. Unfortunately, the 'rules' of the game aren't going to change any time soon, and furthermore, we aren't going to be the ones to change them. So we play with the rules we now have if we want to WIN and we do this with a more Rovian strategy (yes, Rove is Satan, but he is diabolically clever and has served his master well). Frankly, I don't care HOW we win because I am terribly sick of losing to the far right. Even a DLC'er would be better than the one currently enthroned. Campaigning to the left isn't the answer (a lot of a good a liberal voting record did for John Kerry against the WORST president ever).

We should move to the middle to get inside, then once inside push our core agenda. Something is better than nothing. From the outside, we accomplish nothing. And if we campaign and adhere so firmly to our liberal core, we will eternally remain outside. We need to develop a WINNING strategy, and campaigning left isn't it. If it was, Kerry would be announcing his cabinet picks right now.

Alas, he is not.

The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party came out in record numbers to vote for Kerry. We didn't lose the core. We lost the center, and the lesson should be learned before we go off shooting ourselves in the foot again because we are stubborn and all follow the bouncing ball.

BTW: I am left of Kucinich in my personal beliefs, but I recognize what needs to be done. So too should the members of our party so quick to flee.

3:42 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

We don't have to abandon our core. However, to continue trying to embrace the Republicans tactics aren't a viable alternative, either. Either Democrats develop a platform that clearly distinguishes them from the Republican Party, or we risk becoming a one-party government (cause there will no longer be any vestiges of democracy).

That's why I started this blog; to underscore that the Democrats need to stop sleeping with the enemy and trying to aspire to become more like them. It hasn't worked since 1988. Surely we could have done better than Mike Dukakis as the nominee, just like we could have done better than John Kerry in 2004...

9:22 AM  
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