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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Sorry I've been away from posting on the blog for a few days, but I've had the 'flu and it took a few days for the meds and hot toddy to kick in.

When you're on your back sick, you have time to think. What I've been thinking about is why we can't call something what it really is.

For example, if Condoleezza Rice has been caught lying, why are we calling it a "misspeak" or "untruth"? Why can't we call her what she is: A LIAR?

Another example - if "Jeff Gannon" has been exposed as a hypocritical partisan hack for the GOP, who happens to have a side job as a male prostitute (and an expensive one, I might add) why can't he be called what he really is: a GOP hypocritical, self-hating wanna-be LIAR, playing a journalist on TV?

Why can't we call President Bush a coward, when he refuses to meet in a "Town Hall" group whose participants haven't been screened, or the meeting itself unscripted?

Why can't we call the members of the DLC what they really are: Republican Wanna-bes?

A few years ago, President Clinton asked what "is" is? While disingenous, we would do well to ditch the double-speak and call things as they really are.

Or, if it walks like, talks like and smells like, then call "it" what "it" really is, otherwise, we lie and do not tell the truth.


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