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Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm not apologizing for the title; I'm too angry. Whenever I read articles like this one from the American Prospect, is it any wonder why I started this blog?

We have always known that the Democratic Leadership Council has been, for the most part, Republican wanna-bees, and even in that, these imbeciles failed to get it right. What I mean by that, is at least, their imitation of their Republican counterparts should have at least resulted in a gain of seats in the Legislature, and a hell of a lot more pull on Capitol Hill. Instead, we continue to be treated to watching them get b-slapped by the Republicans in the name of being "moderate" or "centrist".

When you continue to vote and take actions that are against the best interests of your constituents, in order to have a political office and a title, you have effectively forgotten why you chose to run for political office in the first place. And, for that very reason; forgetting about the people who elected you to office and their best interests, you need to go.

A career change is exactly what a member of the DLC needs. Perhaps, when you have to actually punch a time clock and work a 9-to-5, and then watch your benefits slashed and lack of health care places you in bankruptcy court when your relative got sick and the bills have to be paid, then perhaps you can better empathize with your constituents.

For the DLC to continue using the same tactics that have a known history of repeated failure - not to mention that as members of the Democratic Party, you continue to abuse the rest of true Democrats with the same drivel, expecting different results, is purely criminal and rather than being kicked out of office, DLC members may need to be threatened with jail time, just to know that the rest of us who are progressive, mean business about taking back our country.

Just a thought...


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