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Thursday, March 10, 2005


My friend Bill sent this to me from the New Republic (

More importantly, I want to highlight the list of Corporate-fed Democrats who signed off on further poverty for those who can't afford anymore. When they thought your back was turned, they couldn't wait to belly up to the bar and quickly apply their lips to Dennis Hastert's ample rear end:

Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher
Rep. Adam Smith
Rep. Ron Kind
Rep. Artur Davis
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
Rep. John Larson
Rep. Stephanie Herseth
Rep. Dennis Moore
Rep. Mike McIntyre
Rep. Joe Crowley
Rep. Jay Israel
Rep. David Wu
Rep. Diane Hooley
Rep. Melissa Bean
Rep. Jim Davis
Rep. Harold E. Ford, Jr.
Rep. Ed Case
Rep. Jay Inslee
Rep. Shelley Berkeley
Rep. Gregory W. Meeks

All of them are card-carrying DLC members - but they are calling themselves "New Democrats Network". Hah!

Don't be fooled - this is the DLC under a new name. New name, same ol' BS. And if any of them are YOUR representatives, you'd better flood their offices with e-mails, faxes and jam their voicemails in protest of this horrendous bill. They already have their escape route, but are perfectly willing to cut off yours. Will you stand for it?


Blogger Natasha said...

It's Jay Inslee, not Jay Israel.

12:20 AM  
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