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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



It's not often I agree with MSNBC Pundit Joe Scarborough, but last night, he replayed Mayor Ray Nagin's speech given in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, by saying that New Orleans would be rebuilt as a "Chocolate City". I hope he doesn't think that he's getting a pass on making such as provocative and inflammatory speech, and I say this as an African-American, who's proud to be an African-American.

Face it, if David Duke had rode through with horse, hood and burning cross, saying the same thing up in Baton Rouge, the man would be tarred and feathered, plus run out on a rail within 24 hours.

Nagin's own City Council member, Oliver Thomas, was on Scarborough Country, saying he's going to have to clean up the mess Nagin made with his speechifying. But, what's worse is that, forgotten in all the hoopla about Nagin's speech is that:

(1) He's a former Republican turned Democrat, when he learned he couldn't become Mayor any other way. Remember, unless the Republican is one in the mode of Jim Jeffords,think of it as a leopard doesn't change its spots and;

(2) The picture of yellow school buses sitting in flood waters that could have been used to evacuate people from New Orleans, if he had thought to use them.

The other guest on Scarborough Country, a well-known writer, said that in his opinion, Nagin was suffering from mental fatigue due to the trauma of having to deal with Hurricane Katrina's devastation. In other words, Nagin's lost it. And, I really believe that when I heard that speech about how God was "angry" at New Orleans, and African-Americans in particular. Now, you know some wingnut is going to seize on Nagin's speech and say he was correct. But the God I serve isn't a God Who would impose suffering on a specific group of people because they are Black, as Nagin's speech literally stated. If that's the case, God should be raining down fire and brimstone, and the U. S. Capitol and the White House should be in flames right now.

Making inflammatory speeches when a time of healing needs to be done and healing words spoken. Ray Nagin didn't do either; instead he's exacerbating the wounds left by Katrina and the Federal Government.

He's lost it, and the best thing he could do for the city of New Orleans is to step down from his post and resign gracefully. Failing that, look for Nagin to be the first elected official escorted from a STRAIGHTJACKET.


Anonymous BigDickDaddy said...

Mayor Ray Nagin used a King commemoration to claim God wanted the Big Easy to be a "chocolate" city controlled by African Americans.

Imagine what would have happened if a white politician had declared that Jesus Christ had proclaimed to him in a vision that New Orleans was to be a white-controlled city.

That white racist would be run out of town in 24 hours.

So why do we let bigoted statements made by black leaders go unpunished?

I say this man has got to GO!

And just like the racist STEVE GILLARD OF THE NEWS BLOG! The man hates whites! But i think he better start thinking about things. Dont bite the hand that feeds ya.

11:17 PM  

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