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Saturday, January 07, 2006



On this blog, I normally write about how much the Democratic Party needs to get rid of the Democratic Leadership Council, or the evil empire and its enablers (which usually includes elected Democratic officials). Thus far, I've had jack to say about Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, because usually, the loony can speak well enough to alienate everyone and their mothers.

First off, I like the nickname the blogsphere has given him, "Lil' Ricky"; which is a far cry from the adorable son of Ricky and Lucy Ricardo on "I Love Lucy". The current "Lil' Ricky" acts as spoiled as his mentor, GeeDubya, especially when he doesn't get his way. Every time he opens his mouth, he removes all doubt as to whether or not he is a foolish wingnut. But to threaten to withhold all Congressional aid to the state of New Jersey, is going into Tony Soprano territory without FBI Witness Protection. And he aspires to be President, while pissing off an entire state, whom I hope will have as long a memory as Californians have with the Boobengrabber.

Next, Senator Cat Killer/Inside Stock Trader Bill Frist, puts Lil' Ricky in charge of doing an, ahem, an ETHICS investigation, into the lobbying and money changing. That's like putting Satan in charge of winning souls for Jesus. In both instances, you already know that what should happen and desired results, are not going to be forthcoming.

The best answered prayer we can hope for: Lil' Ricky becoming "Former Senator Santorum." As Nancy Pelosi has said about the Republican Party, "One person stepping down is not enough to clean up the Corruption within the Party."

Yeah, but when you force more than one to stand down, that's the best application of Congressional "Mr. Clean" I can think of.


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