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Tuesday, July 25, 2006



Those seven words uttered by Kanye West in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, almost got that brotha lynched by the press. You don't say that about the President of the United States. Even if it's the truth, and he is a walking embarassment everywhere he goes. I wince when I see him abroad in Europe and his behavior at the G8 Summit reminded me of a spoiled, petulant child whose parents have not taught him about the importance of boundaries.

But what's more important is why George Bush and the GOP continues to try and court African-Americans into their base. Their history with Blacks have not shown that we would be welcomed amongst their ranks; just token representation and photo ops. J. C. Watts finally got the memo on that, and former representative Gary Franks hasn't been seen nor heard from since he got tossed out on his arse back in the day. Watts left Congress because he knew Tom DeLay wasn't going to allow him to be anything in the GOP caucus except water boy totin' for Massa.

Yet my friend, who is the Minister of Intelligence, wrote a very insightful piece that expresses more clearly than I could ever say, why George Bush won't get any love from Blacks, except those who are in the "2% Negroes for Rent" crowd. Here's an excerpt:

That the GOP's top elected official thinks that "looking" at black people is testament to some sort of committment to civil rights explains why, as a recent New York Times article points out, that party's efforts to woo black voters has been a long-term failure of colossal proportions. Bush, as we all know by now, is of the belief that leadership is composed mostly of being photographed in the presence of certain people or giant signs trumpeting the triumphant slogan du jour. Remember that the man spent more time in his first term being seen surrounded by black children than a public school teacher on the south side of Chicago. (Notice he doesn't do that any more? Probably because after hurricane Katrina, you couldn't gather a crowd of black kids that close to Bush without one of them wanting to cut him.)

So in his speech before the NAACP (which was delivered in a strange shouting mode, sort of a lame impersonation of a black preacher), Bush treated the group to a brief review of the history of American discrimination against blacks. He made the inevitable, and by now completely pointless, reference to Republicans as the "Party of Lincoln." He bragged about increases in college grants and his efforts to fight what he famously refers to as "the soft bigotry of low expectations" -- those efforts being standardized testing and school vouchers.

And since the "2% Negroes for Rent" consists of Condi Rice, Colin Powell, the now disgraced petty thief Claude Allen,"Stepin' Fetchit" whiz kid HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, Ohio Secretary of State (and Diebold voting thief) Kenneth Blackwell, the illusional candidate for Pennsylvania governor Lynn Swann, and the equally illusional Maryland Lt. Goveror Michael "those kids threw Oreos at me" Steele", we should pay them no mind, because they don't have one, and they sold their souls to the devil years ago when intervention would have been useful.

Until they put away the hood and burning cross, and as long as GeeDubya is the leader of the GOP with his simple good ol' boy ways that has fast become a global embarassment, the GOP will never get any love from African-Americans until they make a conscious decision to stop perpetratin' the funk and come at us on the real.


Blogger Blinders Off said...

Welcome alway hit the nail on the head.

2:44 AM  
Blogger fade2bluz said...

Claude Allen. Now, whatever happened to him? This was a good chuckle. Said well, and thanks to whomever put the promo up at DNC Kickin' Ass. I'll check in again.

3:34 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


Everytime George Bush wants Black People to give him some love, he comes with 50 gazillion reasons why we shouldn't. I'm gonna keep pointing this fact out until more people act like they're listening. Thanks for reading the blog.

8:13 AM  

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