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Wednesday, August 16, 2006



Many of us in blogsovania tried to warn Joe Lieberman about cozying up to George Bush.

As usual, Holy Joe told us to go piss on ourselves.

Now, since the Connecticut voters said they want a change, Holy Joe's telling them again to go piss on themselves; they will have him representing Connecticut, whether he wants them to or not!

Well, seeing as I'm from California, I've already experienced that with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - when the citizens of Cali had a Gubenatorial recall of a democratically elected governor (Gray Davis), and all of his pronouncements have turned out to be correct, and that he really was doing the job we elected him to do. Espicially going after Enron for goughing the state during the winter of 2001 - one month my energy bill was $60 - the next month, it was $600!

Yet, we in the Golden State got Ah-nold as Governor - whether we wanted him or not.

But how long are we going to allow elected officials to tell us to go piss on ourselves when we tell them "You're Fired"? And even though I don't live in Connecticut, like I said, I came from a state where the democratic process was turned on its ass because a few people, in an emotional anger against Gray Davis, sent him packing. And the result was the Gropinator alienating the organizations that replaced Davis with him: the Law Enforcement Groups, the Teachers Associations, and the Nursing Associations.

Now, they can't wait to try to get rid of him. Oh, well.

So, I watched the Connecticut primary with great interest, because it reminded me of what happened in California, and how the democratic process can and will be circumvented by the few who can make it happen, and against our will.

We told you so. We told Joe Lieberman so as well. And he needs to be cut off in November - he's already become the de-facto Republican nominee. How do we know this?

Because the GOP is refusing to endorse their own GOP candidate, that's how we know.

And if we don't take hold of this development and send Joe back to the citizens of Connecticut, as opposed to allowing him to remain here in DC, contaminating Capitol Hill with his Droopy Dog presence, we'll have the likes of Anus In The Morning dictating political

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Lieberman himself was the most shameless: speaking on the day the British terror-plot story broke, which came just 36 hours after his loss, he said that if Lamont's Iraq plan is implemented, "it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes." Dick Cheney held a press teleconference to comment upon the Lamont election -- an incredible step for a Vice President to take on the occasion of an opposition party primary result -- and suggested that "al Qaeda types" were encouraged by the Lamont election. And Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, quickly reacted to the Lamont win by calling the Democrats the "party of defeat and retreat."


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