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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Black Agenda Report:

We are grateful to Dr. Julia Hare, a founder of The Black Think Tank located in San Francisco, for the title of this article. She forced us to think about the distinction between authentic Black leadership and those Blacks who purport to lead us, but have been chosen by others. Dr. Hare asked the question - "Do we have Black Leaders? Or do we have those who are Leading Blacks?"
Mistake no #1 made by the Barack Obama for Prez campaign: BEING ABSENT from the SOBU, and making his announcement of his candidacy on THE SAME DAY.

African-Americans don't like it when we don't have a say in who will be our leaders, and I can say that Obama's announcement got a lukewarm reception in Hampton Roads on Saturday. A wise campaign organizer would have had him there promoting himself. As a result, his candidacy is being viewed with skepticism by the African-American community and the corporate media can't understand why he's trailing Capitol Hillary in the polls.

They should come to the African-American community (fat chance) and find out...
However, the main issue here is that by not attending the State of the Black Union, Senator Obama has already fired the first missile in this campaign and has probably ensured that Hillary Clinton will get the share of African-American votes he needs to win.

What is the missile he fired?

He's distancing himself from African-Americans. Didn't he learn anything from Harold Ford's Senate campaign, or Ken Blackwell's Gubernatorial campaign, or Michael Steele's gubernatorial campaign (though Steele came back singing his "Homey the Clown" song later in the game)?

African-Americans don't like it when you distance yourself from us because you want to be President. And while he still has time to correct this political faux pas, the clock is ticking...

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