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Thursday, January 24, 2008


It will be the fault of the Congressional Black Caucus if the Borg Queen burns so many bridges, a submarine wouldn’t be able to navigate her back to Black People to support her.

Back in 1984 and 1988, the powers that led the Democratic Party were smart enough to realize that if they burned bridges with Jesse Jackson, all bets were off on the Black vote. So they played it smart, and wisely kept Jesse in the loop.

In 1992 - Clinton almost burned a bridge with us when he wouldn’t put Jesse on the ticket at VP; but he had to promise Jesse a whole lot of Black Folks would get Cabinet positions in exchange for his support. Whomever Jesse supported, Black people followed.

Honestly, I think Bill Clinton was showing us what he was about in 1992, but we wanted Bush and remnants of Reagan out of the White House so bad - not to mention Perot got 19% of the vote that would have gone to Poppy - we fell for Clinton’s charm, hook, line and two sinkers.

I think it’s time Black People send a message in November - if the Borg Queen gets the nod, we should remind her of this mud slinging, and unless she’s willing to sign a Promissory Note on what she’s going to do to mend fences with Black people, we should tell her to go to hell, because it’s obvious she believes she can win POTUS without Black People’s support.

I blame the Congressional Black Caucus for that, because instead of staying true to the Game, these Mammys, Stepin Fetchits and Uncle Ruckeses - especially those who got there since 1998, have all shown how cheaply and easily they will sell out our interests. Hell, we saw them lead the charge to bring legislation like the BK bill, CAFTA and the Telecom bills to the floors for votes. They voted to continue spying on US, the American People. How quick they forgot COINTELPRO. And should we forget how fast they slung Cynthia McKinney under a bus for protesting being molested by the Capitol Hill Police, but threw a ring of protection around probably the most corrupt member of the CBC, William Jefferson, who gives new meaning to the phrase “Cold Hard Cash”?

The CBC could have kept their credibility and prevented this campaign from disintergrating into this slug fest, but they’re so angry with Obama for not shucking and jiving, that they would rather tote water for the Borg Queen, while she’s playing these strategies and set us back another 20 years.

Whatever she promised them, think that it is the equivalent of less than 30 pieces of silver - in other words, just like the Native Americans got bilked out of prime real estate now known as Manhattan, for some pretty sparkling beads you can get ten for a penny.

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Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]have all shown how cheaply and easily they will sell out our interests.[/quote]

Excuse me CPL - what are the Black Interests that you speak of?

Here are my words on the subject:

Are the "Black Best Interests" currently being represented in the various 80% Democratic cities that Black people are concentrated in? How?

3:58 PM  

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