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Monday, January 10, 2005

Is is Time to Pronounce the Democratic Party Dead?

I'm in that state when you've been told that your loved one is going to die and there's nothing more that the doctor can do, so go tell the loved one "goodbye". That's the way I'm feeling about the Democratic Party these days, especially when we have DLC-types like Tim Roemer being listed as "the front runner" for DNC Chair.

I started this weblog as a means of trying to keep the Democratic Party from being declared dead. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be winning...

Is it time to really say our "good-byes" to the Democratic Party? Is it time to prepare to give them a proper funeral and burial, so those of us who are progressives/liberals in the spirit of Barbara Boxer, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich and the late Paul Wellstone, can seek a party where our core values will be truly honored? Or do we try to resicuitate the current Democratic Party?

I have to be honest...the Green Party minus Ralph Nader is looking pretty good these days.


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