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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Still Drunk on the Kool-Aid & Other Stuff

While Congressional Democrats with backbone are gearing up to challenge the results of the 2004 election, and blow the myth that some of our elected officials don't have morals and principles, there's a little-known story circulating on that some Democratic leaders, still drunk on the DLC kool-aid, are actually trying to persuade outgoing DNC Chair (and miserable failure) Terry McAuliffe to remain in his position. All I can think of is "W-T-F"! (Sorry, I am a Christian, but this consideration is hard to swallow).

You have to be drunk on the Kool-Aid if you want to retain someone who's just as incompetent as the current resident of the White House. There's someone in the Democratic Party who's addicted to massive amounts of abuse, for even considering asking McAuliffe to stay. But I guess success means rewarding incompetency - just look at those Medals of Freedom Bush gave to the architects of the Iraq war; a fine, incompetently managed mess if ever there was one.

Any of these Senators or Congresspersons endorsing this idea needs to lose their seat in 2006, because to attempt to persuade McAuliffe to remain as DNC Chair is not representing the best interests of their constituents...unless their constituents are also DLC supporters. Ya think?

Other stuff: Major props for Rep. John Conyers and Senator Barbara Boxer for challenging the election results today. Even though it won't change the outcome (Bush stole another election), it will send the signal that Democrats are not going down meekly. But the fact that Sen. John Kerry has issued a statement saying he doesn't agree with the challenge and won't support it (, should signal to us that come 2008, we shouldn't answer his willingness to be "reporting for duty" when he tries to run for the office again. Instead, we should just go AWOL ourselves and consider a John Edwards/Barack Obama ticket....

That thought of two such good-looking, smart and intellingent guys running on the Presidential ticket in '08 is enough to make a girl swoon...not to mention that such a ticket would whip a Frist or Jeb Bush ticket to hell and beyond.


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