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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

John Kerry - AWOL as Usual

People, this is a guy I voted for, even though I was a Dean supporter and he (Dean) caught a character assasination bullet by the likes of Gephardt and Lieberman to pave the way for the Boston Brahmin. I said in a Buzz Flash commentary that if he was going to talk Howard Dean's talk, he also needed to finish what Howard Dean started. Kerry failed miserably, and now, we're being insulted by his arrogant consideration to run again in 2008.

HELLO!? You didn't get the job done in 2004, Mr. Kerry. You couldn't beat a sock-puppet; by far the worst President since Herbert Hoover. And we're supposed to consider you in 2008? In the African-American community, you don't stand a chance, especially after reneiging on your promise to count all the votes. GET REAL, and don't you dare insult the likes of Jesse Jackson, or NAACP leaders to be included in representation without participation in another of your election fiascos in 2008. We African-Americans have better things to getting a candidate who will be sensitive and responsive to our issues before we have to call him on it. Or her. We will dance with them that brung us. You brought us to the dance, and left us hanging while you chased after the prom queen...

Kerry promised us, especially African-American voters, that a repeat of 2000, regarding voting irregularities, would not be allowed. Less than 24 hours after Fox News called the election in favor of Bush, and over the protests of his own running mate, John Edwards, Kerry reneiges on his promise and caves in concession like the proverbial wimp he is. I wonder if he learned that as a member of that secret fraternity, Skull & Bones, during his Yale years?

Big talk during the primaries: "I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty" but he went AWOL on the Swift Boat Liars - another product of DLC involvement in a campaign. As I write this, all DLCers who had anything to do with Kerry's campaign have jumped off his sinking ship like the rats they really are, and in their own appearances around the country, accuse him of not "articulating the message".

Well, he could have, if the DLC infidels had provided him with one.

So, at the very least, one would expect Senator Kerry to be around when Rep. John Conyers and 14 brave members of the Congressional Black Caucus will raise their objections to the vote being officially certified on Thursday...just like in 2000. I'm wondering why all 43 members of the CBC aren't uniting in calling for an objection to certifying the vote?

Remember, eight of the CBC members are also card-carrying members of the DLC (since Denise Majette wanted none of Cynthia McKinney in a re-match, the number is down to eight), and they have all received the message memo from Chairman Al From not to "even think about getting involved in that objection by Conyers'; if you do, don't expect any room to feed at the corporate money trough in 2006."

I also expect Cheney to tell the CBC members to go and f--- themselves when they raise their objections; therefore, no Senator is going to come forward, or risk Cheney's wrath. Because Kerry is going to be AWOL, again, at a time when Democracy needs him to take a stand on principle, he's going to avoid the vote, avoid the pressure and be traveling elsewhere.

Senators, you will not have Al Gore to blame for dropping the ball this time, now that you know what George Bush is all about. It is akin to committing treason if not one Senator stands up with Conyers on Thursday and signs off on that objection. Ted Kennedy, why don't you stand up? you've had a lock on that Senate seat since 1962 - even through that Chappaquidick mess in 1969; surely you could sign off on that objection?

What about you, Russ Feingold? The pundits had you down and out in a "Red" state that you carried easily. The Wisconsin voters would send you back to the Senate if for nothing else, to show they know how to separate fluff from principle.

Dianne Feinstein, you represent my home state. Too bad you have long identified yourself as a DLC card carrying member, too. That would leave Barbara Boxer, and trust me, we're flooding her offices with emails up the wazoo.

Robert Byrd? You can do it. We need you; enough to overlook your "white nigger" comment. Trust me, your comment was no worse than Kerry's bailing out on us...

Jim Jeffords - you could take the hit; after all, you had the convictions to break with the Thug party when you realized you weren't a thug yourself. Give it some thought...

The bottom line: any one of these Senators would be welcomed because Kerry's going AWOL.

For my girlfriends who work for Sen. Kerry (and convinced me to support him at the CBC Conference Breakfast they had in his honor last September), the only reason I am restrained in my vitriol is because of them. They are nice women who geniunely believed in John Kerry, and his candidacy. As did most of us when Dean, Kucinich, Moseley-Braun and Sharpton were shown the door in the primaries.


See the link from BuzzFlash:Why my tenure as a Democrat is waning by a BuzzFlash reader getting tired of the Democrats' shtick. What he may not know is the DLC involvement in the wimpy political stances.

On Iraq trip, Kerry to skip election finale (Boston Herald)


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