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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Hypocrites; and DLC members want to be Just Like Them

Just when I think the masses still are drunk on the Kool-Aid and believes that GeeDubya is "God's Man", a letter like the one from the following Buzz Flash Supporter, encourages me and reminds me I'm not alone in my quest for social justice:

What is wrong with this picture?Money to be sent to Asia --- $35 million.
Money to be spent on inaugural parties --- $50 million.

Kathleen Connell
Buffalo, WY

Do you see Ms. Connell's lament? First, GeeDubya criticizes Bill Clinton for expressing concern for those in that devastating tsunami, by saying he was quick to head for the cameras to "exploit" the tragedy. Excuse me, but what the hell were the Republicans doing in New York this past summer, holding their convention blocks away from the sight of the World Trade Center, and would have had GeeDubya give his nomination speech on the very grounds if they could have gotten away with it?

BTW, why is he hiding out in Crawford, Texas, instead of hightailing it back to DC with his pronouncements of aid (trust me, if he could have gotten away with $15 million, those Asian victims would not see another dime)? I understand he's drying out....again. But you didn't hear that from me, LOL.

Now, the United States won't send more than $35 million in relief aid to the tsunami victims, but they sure can pony up enough money for GeeDubya's inaugural balls, now can they? And you can best believe that DLC members are hustling for the tickets to get in to those events, rather than instructing their staffs to collect money to send to the Tsunami victims, and forgo the festivities, in their quest to be centrist, moderate and "bi-partisan" by imitating other jackasses.

Excuse me while I barf at that hypocrasy of that one.

Aren't we in a time of war? Isn't that the reason why GeeDubya stole another election; because we're in a war and it wasn't wise to change leaders? Then why can't the Government be circumspect about the tragedy of others and show support for the troops by not partying on January 20th?

Because the Republican Party is full of hypocrites. Pious and citing God and country whenever it's convenient for them; crying foul when the rules they apply to the rest of us are applied to them, and showing their true natures (evil and vicious) towards the downtrodden, including the victims in Asia.

And DLC members aspire to become just like THEM. For that reason alone, the DLC members have GOT TO GO!

Let's make 2005 the year of Exposing the DLC for it really is, and giving it's members a clear choice - "Represent the Interests of your Constituents or lose your seat in 2006."


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