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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What Are You Hiding, Ken Blackwell?

I understand from several news reports that Ken Blackwell is seeking a protective order to avoid testifying (or "testa-lying") in court as to his efforts to thwart African-Americans exercising their right to vote in the last election. When a prominent individual attempts to avoid testifying in court (especially if he/she has nothing to hide), we should be very suspicious about what he's hiding.

Like, the orders from the White House that essentially told Blackwell to deliver the election to GeeDubya ala Malcolm X - "By any means necessary"?

He could always plead the 5th (that is if the 5th Amendment is not eliminated by the Bush Administration's attempts to destroy the entire constitution).

And you thought we have the DLC to worry about; well, we do, especially when they're sleeping with the enemy and tacitly endorsing Blackwell's tactics.


Blogger Susan said...

Remember the "womens lib" cry? "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"?...Well guess what people..We are going to have to "do it" for ourselves....Republicans have turned into the "Black Hand", Al Capone and his gangsters, USSR "commies" Hitler and his Nazis...many comparisons come to mind...but Mafia, (at least for me) feels about right...use your about a "coven of bloodsucking vampires" and the Democratic party (with some exceptions) as a bunch of pathetic "Igors" willing to do the "Masters bidding" for a small taste of blood!!! We are gonna have to do it our selves..forget our "leaders" they all "suck"...any one out there?..Kucinich? Dean?...lets get rid of corporate control...start by fighting and starving the corporate media....Sinclair...Viacom...Times-Warner..!

11:54 PM  
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