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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


When I read articles like this, I want to hurl my lunch: You would think Claude Allen knows better. He doesn't. He's another bought-and-owned African-American by the Bush Administration.

Armstrong Williams is a rental Negro to shill for the Bush Administration; now they want a refund because he got caught shilling for No Child left Behind. That wasn't supposed to happen; he was supposed to look legit - and wound up looking more like Stepin Fechit than, well, the real Stepin' Fechit. When you are a Bush Cabinet member and you espouse these types of political view points, that essentially allows you to beat up your own, as my father used to say, "you're lower than whales--t". My father should know - he grew up during the days where Jim Crow was an accepted fact of life, and even daring to look a white person in the eye turned you into Billie Holliday's song, "Strange Fruit" (as in being hung from a tree).

I'm not stopping with Claude Allen. The Bush Administration is full of his version of "diversity" - those of ethnic background who willingly and almost beseechingly pant for the opportunity to sell out their own in the name of being a patriot, such as Elaine "Will Bust Unions for Bush" Chao, Alberto "Will Torture in the Name of Bush" Gonzales, and Condoleezza "Will Wage War For My Pseudo Husband" Rice. In Ohio, they are already touting Ken "Will Sell Out African-Americans' Voting Rights" Blackwell as the next step toward ensuring total GOP take over in the Buckeye state.

I've already called out African-American preachers drunk on Bush's Kool-Aid and accepting Faith-Based initiative money. Those poor souls don't realize that in taking Bush's payola, you have signed on not to do God's Will, but GeeDubya's. So, you already highlight the list of those Bought and Owned by the Bush Cartel.

Time to take the gloves off, and call this crap what it really is, not to mention call these individuals what they really are - bought-and owned ethnic chumps. The only qualification required is the giving up of your soul. And as Colin Powell learned, "caveat emptor (buyer beware)" will not apply here, when you wake up and realize you want your soul back, because you can't ask for a return of what you gave away willingly in your quest for power and importance.


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