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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I think we all know what a hypocrite is. So it shouldn't be a suprise to see hypocracy running amok on Capitol Hill these days. The Terri Schiavo right-to-live/die issue and the fact that Congress basically flung the concept of checks-and-balances out the window with their "Midnight Run" in rushing through legislation to force this women to continue existing, has, as my late father would say, forced legislators to "show their ass" on this one.

There are many issues that point to the hypocracy that resides within the man known as George W. Bush. Let's examine some of them, shall we?

He's for freedom of speech and assembly; he even tells Pooty-Poot on that visit to Russia that he better not shut down free press. So why, when he appears in public, here in his beloved "Amurica" his appearances are scripted, no dissent allowed, dissenters are arrested by the Secret Service, and only those who are still drunk on the Kool-Aid are allowed in to essentially fawn at the man's feet?

By the way, we saw Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. take the biggest swig of the Kool-Aid yet last week, when Dubya made a pit stop in Tennessee hawking that losing show known as "Reform Social Security". The elderly weren't buying it and Mr. Ford's Memphis Constituents have been warned. We will have re-hab ready for Mr. Ford, and other drunk members of Congress when they decide to sober up. They will need someplace to go when Dubya sucks them dry and leaves them as politically dead as Ms. Schaivo is brain-dead. Unlike Ms. Schiavo, however, those of us not drunk on the Kool-Aid, can guide Mr. Ford and his ilk through the 12-step program on the road to sobriety.

Dubya goes into other countries and preaches about democracy, when, by every stroke of the pen of Congress, he consistently undermines Constitutional provisions and flips the bird (or give the finger) to the concept of representative government, and constitutionality. Check out "Watching America" to get a sense of how the world really perceives Dubya. They think we are all drunk on the kool-aid, and we are naked to all the world; some of us see it - the boys and girls inside the Beltway do not, and continue running around in some type of mass orgy of power destroying everything and everyone in its path.

He wants to protect Social borrowing from it to pay off the deficit he ran up like a drunken sailor, and playing the Stock Market like he's Donald Trump. As in most casinos, the people almost never win, but the "house" always wins. Tell that to elderly people who have to decide if they are going to eat or by medicine, because they won't be getting Medicaid, either, and the Social Security check will be bouncing from here to Texas, cause there's no money to honor it.

He's a "uniter", yet he has done more than any President living or dead, to divide and polarize this country along racial, cultural and class welfare lines in history. Nathan Bedford Forrest would be very proud at GeeDubya's "uniting" the country. He has managed to accomplish what George Wallance, Strom Thurmond and Trent Lott only dreamed of with his "uniting" the country.

He's a "Christian", so where is it Christian to take from the poor and give to the rich? Where is it Christian in his record of no execution order he ever overturned as Texas Governor in sparing a life, since he believes in life? Where is it Christian when you don't want to feed the poor? Where is it being a Christian, when your policies have no provision for social justice? Is it Christ-like to beat down the poor and downtrodden on a daily basis while telling them it's their fault?

Instead, he mocks them, and in turn, us, while taking away what little they do have in the name of "reform". I'm tired of this kind of "compassionate conservatism" cause it's killing me.

The GOP believes in the sanctity of marriage, yet passed a law that essentially tells married couples you don't have a say over how you will operate in your marriage. Gay couples need not apply. Heterosexual couples need to be worried; next, the government will tell you how often you can have sex with your spouse, if they don't get around to choosing your spouse for you, because they think he/she is a good match for you.

Medicare currently pays for Mrs. Schiavo's care - yet Bush and Congress just sent forth a budget that calls for a cut of $60 billion dollars from Medicare. Don't get me started on how "No Child Left Behind" has left every child at the starting lineup.

How are you going to have an "ownership society" if you can't hang on to what you do own because you got sick with a catostrophic illness that forced you to file bankruptcy, and the credit card companies get to send you to debtor's prison because they seized all of your assets, and I mean all of what chump change you managed to squirrel into your child's piggy bank? Better yet, how does one get to be a part of an "ownership society" when your minimum wage job is not keeping up with rates of inflation and the word job really begins to stand for "just-over-broke"?

And a "Compassionate"Congress demonstrates just how compassionate they are; just take a look at the rant in Capitol Hill Blue - under "Congressional Den of Thieves"...they say it better than I ever could But, Back to GeeDubya...for now. Another day remains for me to take aim at the DLC...

Remember when Karla Faye Tucker, a born-again Christian, pleaded with Bush not to execute her? That she could win souls for Christ, even though she agreed that her punishment should be to remain in jail for the rest of her life? Didn't Bush mock her as he signed her death warrant?

Or the fact that a true born-again Christian, Ashley Smith, exhibited what Jesus would have done, when faced with a rapist in her house who had taken her hostage. She ministered to the man and used the spirit of Christ to persuade the man to turn himself in to police. Yet, this miraculous feat, is getting what, 10 minutes of press coverage, while everyone's wondering about Michael Jackson's court appearances, or what Scott Peterson did on his first day in the Big House.

Bush signed into law a "do-not-rescituate" order in Texas, even over the objections of the parents. Guess when it's an African-American baby, it's appropriate; yet, when Terri Schaivo's parents screamed, he hightails it off that cowchip he calls a ranch back to DC to sign this intrusive bill into law. One wonders if he had been that quick on the draw concerning Bin Laden, would 9/11 have happened?

Or, just in case you missed the racial element in the previous paragraph, one also wonders what would have been the case if Terri Schiavo had been African-American, Asian, Latino or Native American, instead of Caucasian? Would Congress have moved that fast in enacting legislation?

Ten people got shot in a school in Minnesota yesterday. Guess the government can't be bothered with that - because those involved were members of the Chippawa tribe. In other words, let's save the sanctity of life, as long as it's a Caucasian one. Persons of ethnicity or color need not apply.

And let's not forget how a gay prostitute (Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert) managed to masquerade as a journalist for over two years, getting within 10 feet of the President, spouting off homophobic rhetoric, all while holding down his night job as a very expensive piece of homosexual tail for those who could afford to pay (website advertised his, um, "talents" as well as the size of his "tools"). Don't you wonder who (in the White House) is in his little black book, to grant him that access to Valerie Plame, and 9/11 information that never made it to Scarborough Country? Yet DeLay and thugs are defending Gannon to the high heavens...while the Religious Right is so quiet, you can hear mice pissing on cotton.

Meanwhile, the likes of Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, et al, are worrying about the sexuality of SpongeBob Squarepants and Tinky-Winky Teletubbies, but you don't have jack to say about Jeff Gannon. Riddle me this: What would Jesus Do? Would He be concerned about the sexuality of cartoon characters, while you give a free pass to a gay prostitute that potentially has information to crash this Administration in ways that Watergate never could do for Nixon?

Speaking of Valerie Plame, you wonder why, if Joe Scarborough knows things aren't passing the smell test, then why isn't a warrant being issued for Robert Novak's arrest in committing treason by deliberately revealing an undercover CIA operative, for no other valid reason than to administer payback to Joe Wilson, because he wasn't being a "Team Player"?

Our government is run by hypocrites. Our legislative branch is filled with hypocrites and a cockroach (DeLay) to boot. (My apologies to the insect kingdom for equating members of your species with an individual that is deserving of his own species outside of the human race!) Our judicial system is fighting to retain the last vestige of democracy, while DeLay, Frist and Hastert strong-arms the rest of Congress to piss in their mouths of the judiciary and tell them that it's lemonade! Our Executive Branch went to the Dark Side years ago, and have gone so far, Luke Skywalker and Yoda would need to team up with Jabba the Hut to retrieve them. You know how the guards in a prison on death row, calls out when the condemned man is coming through "Dead Man Walking!"? Well, call our current government, and it's Congressional members "Hypocrites Walking!"

And Gee Dubya is the President, so call him "President Hypocrite", since he is Lord and Master of all he surveys.


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