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Monday, March 28, 2005


Over at DailyKos, a blogger by the name of Happy Michigan Blogger provided this tidbit for consideration:

Express concern about predatory lending.

Pass watered-down legislation that preempts stronger state provisions.

Praise it as a good "first step" and cite your efforts during your next reelection bid.

Act surprised when the financial industry turns its back on you and lobbies against further regulations.

Express concern about predatory lending.

Repeat if neccessary.

Not so fast. I think this list could use some "seasoning":

Admit you're taking payola and that's your reason for your vote on this bill.

Admit you're a card-carrying member of the DLC or Blue Dog Coalition.

Admit you're not really a Democrat and that you only became one because the GOP wouldn't have your ass as advertised, before your conversion to centrist, moderate or conservative.

Stop saying you're concerned about issues like social justice, civil rights, affordable housing, protecting the environment, privatization of Social Security, and Terri Schiavo's right to die with dignity, when you are seen making a horse's ass out of yourself with Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and Denny Hastert over bills that will do the exact opposite.

Stop using your office for political gain and/or aspiration to higher office and perceived power. You have already shown you can't handle the office you have, because you can't be counted on to do the wrong things right.

Repeat as necessary and as required until we put up a viable challenger to your district seat to vote you out. If you get re-elected, don't ask to be placed on any committees where you think you will wield some sort of power, cause we won't stop trying to unseat you until we're successful.

Of course, all ineffective Democrats are DLC; I thought you knew...


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