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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Every time I pick up a paper, or read a blog that chronicles the President's actions, or stupid developments out of Congress, all I can think is:


You read about the moronic attempts to roll back social justice and liberties back to the good ol' days (which really weren't all that good if you weren't caucasian or a woman), because the whackjobs in charge long for arsenic and old lace, women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen; George the Negro guy has to give up his seat to a white person on the bus, Jim Crow segregation, and you are thinking, "What the Hell is it NOW?"

You hear about some misguided soul, who can't take anymore of Bush's "Democracy" to the point he/she tosses a hand grenade within 100 feet of where Bush is attempting to give a speech in Russia (before an equally pissed-off Pooty-Poot); not to mention that the Capitol and the White House had to be evacuated for God knows what, and if you're me, you are thinking, "What the Hell is it NOW?"

You learn about the 73 Democrats voting for asinine legislations like the BK Bill, the Estate Tax Repeal Bill - any legislation that spells disaster for those of us who are being told to "Pay Up!" and you don't have anything to "Pay UP" with. After being hounded by creditors, landlords, lawyers, employers who are telling you that while your work is appreciated, you won't have a pension when you retire (thanks, United and Delta Airlines) after 15, 20, 30 years of faithful service; not to mention that your Social Security benefit, that becomes a necessity to augment what little pension you do receive - is on the chopping block for privatization.

You come to the realization that the House or Senate member you voted for, whose supposed to have your best interest at heart, is facilitating the implementation of economically, socially, environmentally and educationally breaking your back; you have no CLUE as to your next move because they are being eliminated from your consideration, and by now, you are screaming, "What the Hell is it NOW!"

Sometimes, the Christian Progressive Liberal feels like she's the Rude Pundit. I know how a Christian is supposed to talk - my words are to be gracious, and seasoned....but, dang, I'm human; beautifully human, and I look at what I am seeing, and what you are probably seeing, and thinking, "What the Hell is it NOW!" Sometimes, in lamenting what America has become, I'm at a loss for words; gracious words, that is. So, I apologize if this blog entry is less than "Christian". What you are reading is the words of a frustrated Christian, who is crying out at all that is being done in Jesus' name, when the reality is - Jesus would not co-sign on ANY OF IT. Not the Jesus I serve. No honor, no compassion, no love, no consideration - that is NOT Who Jesus was or what He represented, and what the whackjobs are doing now, it never will represent Who Jesus is.

You know how there's a saying that "It will get worse before it gets better" - and you think, "Damn, I don't need to hear that. I need to hear that it's going to get better, period. I need to hear that this trouble is not going to last always; that things will get better."

Indeed, they will get better, for evil cannot overcome good, but good will always overcome evil. And let's face it; what you are seeing from the Federal Government, from Congressional leaders like Fristians and DeLayans, from Cabinet Members like Bolton and Rice; from whack jobs like James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Chan Chandler, and even the President of the United States; the world's greatest Political and Religious Hypocrite; it is not good, but pure, unadulterated evil.

It's evil to brag about how prosperous America is, when we have people who are homeless and starving; not to mention the "working poor" who can barely make ends meet and God help them if they lose what jobs they do have. It's an economic disaster in the making - not to mention that thanks to Congress, the banks and credit card companies really gets to put the screws to us. Let's not mention that there are 45 million people who can't see a doctor when they need to, let alone when they want to. There are states that are actually discontinuing their Medicaid programs because the government is not ponying up their fair share to help the states' run their programs. This is not a time to be harping "States' Rights" as a reason for gutting programs like Medicaid to those who need it the most.

It's evil to tell other countries that you are there to spread democracy, while systematically gutting democracy at home, starting with that "Nuclear Option" to blow away the Senate Filibuster and end over 200 years of constitutional rules, checks and balances. Not to mention arresting people at tax-payer paid gatherings because you don't like the fact that they dare disagree with your anal-retentive pronouncements about how things are good in this country, and they tell you to your face that you are a liar, or wear a t-shirt that basically says "You Suck!" as a political leader of the Free World.

Face it, it's just evil to say you are doing all of this in God's name. Because, when you say you are doing it in God's name, as a practicing Christian who has studied her Bible from Genesis to Revelations, and knows when people are being hoodwinked and are eager to get drunk on the whackjob kool-aid, don't blame me if my response to these pronouncements is "What the Hell is it NOW?"


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