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Monday, April 25, 2005


According to Josh Marshall on his Talking Points Memo, under the Section regarding the Bankruptcy Legislation, Pelosi did her job as Minority Leader and reprimanded the 73 Democrats that jumped ship and voted for the bill. They are NOT HAPPY that she's assisting Atrios and DailyKos to expose their deeds to their constituents. Not to mention, come 2006, if these wayward Dems don't get in line, she and Howard Dean will have a meeting of the minds and direct Rahm Emmanuel to dole that DCCC money to Democratic Candidates worthy of it. Read about it here:

Since they delivered to the Banking and Credit Card Industry what they wanted, Pelosi is telling the 73 gang that they can feed at the Corporate trough for their re-election funds instead of having their cake and eating it, too.

I'd hoped Pelosi would rediscover her backbone and now, she has...


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