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Monday, April 25, 2005


I wait with bated breath - could it be that, maybe, just maybe, the masses are beginning to wake up from the Kool-Aid induced stupor that has resulted in:

(1) tanking economy;
(2) foreign lands truly hating America
(3) a war that cannnot be won
(4) starting another war that cannot be won
(5) the corruption of Tom DeLay and Bill Frist in their personal quest for political power
(6) a trip to Debtor's Prison, cause you can't file bankruptcy anymore, even after Harvard proved that many of you don't want to file but have no other choice after devastating medical or economical catastrophes
(7) telling people if they don't support elected officials who want to retain what vestiges of democracy that remain, that they aren't a Christian.

Could it be that after five years of drinking and being drunk on GeeDubya's brew, the nasty aftertaste that Americans are tasting in their mouths is not what they expected? That their lives are no better than they were four years ago?

It's hard to face sobering reality, isn't it? The reality that you were given smoke and mirrors, instead of shock and awe. The reality that you were told that voting to re-elect Bush would make you and the country safer, when the truth is, we're in even worse shape than before September 11th. The reality that your fear was used against you to facilitate the furtherance of a perceived superpower and march towards global domination.

Bet you didn't know that a vote for Bush meant you were signing off on that implementation of the Project for A New American Century, did you? Naw, you wanted to be considered a "good Christian" and a "good Patriot", so you supported the most egregious examples of demagoguery and unpatriotic acts that have ever been witnessed by man since Thomas Jefferson suggested that maybe, just maybe, it was a good idea to keep church and state separate in an effort to prevent a religious hijacking of our government.

If Jefferson knew 200+ years ago that absolute power corrupts absolutely, why have we failed to grasp those lessons in the 21st Century?

I don't really know, except to say it couldn't have been done without help from spineless jellyfish, known as democrats, and more specifically, DLC members. Let's look at one major example: The Bankruptcy Reform Bill that just passed. A study done at Harvard University that reviewed the rates of bankruptcy filings and the reasons for their filings indicated that a large number of bankruptcies filed in the past year were due to hardships like illness, job loss, death in the family - catastrophes no one could have foreseen or expected.

Yet 73 democrats are crying "foul" because Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called them on their dereliction of duty in representing their constituents. Another website posted the states with the highest numbers of BK filings: Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, Florida, to name a few. Notice how all of these states are considered Southern "Red" States. Also notice how these states, with the exception of Arkansas and Mississippi, have representatives who are also members of the Congressional Black Caucus that were part of the 73 democrats that crossed the aisle and voted for this mess.

As I write this, I'm preparing a talking points memorandum that will be distributed before the Annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend. I'm not going to call names, or denigrate them - I'm going to ask them to explain their vote. While I may not be in their constituency, my relatives are, and they deserve to know why their representative sold them out. Additionally, while I might not be in their district, my taxes contributes to paying that six-figure salary the Government pays them. Ever notice how they never vote against giving themselves a raise, but will cast votes like this one in a heartbeat? They will have four months to prepare their response. They need to give an account or else, I will do my best to encourage people, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity that you deserve better representation in Congress.

In California, some of my collegues got a face to face meeting with the new DNC Chair, (and DLC's worst nightmare) Howard Dean. We love Dean in California, but we also realize he doesn't have much time for a learning curve. Pelosi already has fired her shot - don't think for a minute that it won't translate into her directing Rahm Emmanuel as to where to dole the DCCC money (for Reps. Jefferson and Wynn, your positions within the DCCC will not insulate you from your sell out votes.)

They thought their vote, not to mention their feeding at the corporate trough would go unnoticed by their districts. My cousin sent me a e-mail copy of the Memphis Flyer, where their editor has already taken to task the Gentleman from Tennessee, and politely asks him to switch party affiliation because he consistenly votes like a card carrying GOPer.


But this is also indication that these votes are NOT flying under the radar. In fact, Pelosi pulled off the covers and we woke up to the fact that the Congressional members (the 73 that voted for this bill) have no clothes and it's a sorry sight. It really looks like the rest of America is waking up from their kool-aid induced haze, and all it took was gas rising to almost $3 dollars a gallon, interefering with a person's right to life/death, Bill Frist going "nuclear" on true Christians that disagree with him, Dobson and Colson, as well as voting for this BK bill to get it done.

As I said in a previous blog, when you sober up from the Kool-Aid, those of us who weren't drinking the brew (and you really clowned us) are not going to allow you to wallow in your own vomit. We stand ready and waiting to provide you political rehab and restoration to being a productive member of the true democracy, because, after all is said and done, you're going to need it. As the Rent-A-Preachers are already finding out...ask Rev. DeForrest "Buster" Soaries...

For more on the other stories, check out the following:

You can't make this stuff's beyond Orwell's train of original thought.


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