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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


For anyone who's read my posts, you know how garrelous (talkative) I can be most of the time. So today, I'll spare you and make this brief. According to that bastion of information known as the Washington Post (or WaPo), 58% of Americans belive that the President is ignoring the issues that matters to them, and is focusing on issues of little, if no importance at all. Well, maybe the judicial nominations have relative importance (especially if it's a civil rights or liberties issue and your case winds up in Janice Rogers Brown's court). But the public is turned off by Congress, the bitter partisan fights and Bill Frist's continued attempts to reniege on the negotiated agreement to save the filibuster.

Read about it here:

I'm wondering how many of that 58% are willing to be honest enough to admit you voted to re-elect Bush out of fear, or not knowing what John Kerry stood for. Well, you can't have "buyer's remorse" now - but you can deal with your decision by taking the actions to correct it. Those of us who didn't drink the brew or decided to become a kool kids' klub member (KKK = KuKluxKlan, perhaps?) while it's nice to have your views vindicated, you never want them vindicated at the expense of the pain of others.

WaPo opened the door. We need to call the President out on why he's choosing to ignore the needs and concerns of the people he purports to represent. Oh, wait a minute...he's not into representation, but DICTATORSHIP. That's something we ignore at our own peril...

Remember...while we think the loss of democracy can't happen here, the WaPo article is a clear reminder of how easily democracy can be eliminated if we don't take action. Let's not linger on "buyer's remorse" but use that remorse to galvanize into action to take back democracy and reclaim true freedom - and true freedom comes when we give up our fear.

"Buyer's Remorse" indeed...


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