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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The British Came, The British Came...

You know things are already down hill when it takes a member of the British Parliament to come to America and administer cans of whoop @$$ to the GOP thugs running the Senate. While I'm never a fan of violence, you have to admit, MP George Galloway handed Sen. Norm Coleman his lunch five times over.

Americablog has the goods: Crooks and Liars also has the video of this public flogging of a Republican Senator.

Maybe it will take the British Parliament to do what we've been begging DLC members to do all along - grow a spine and push back against bullies.

I never respected Norm Coleman - he needed Paul Wellstone's death in order to get that Senate seat. Minnesota will hopefully improve this sad situation when they send Al Franken to DC as Coleman's replacement.

Meanwhile, settle back and watch Bill Frist shoot his Presidential aspirations in their collective feet and pick off the toes one-by-one when he employs that nuclear option that America has said decisively they don't want to see.

Tell Frist Satan called and he wants payment for favors granted...


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