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Monday, June 06, 2005


Okay, I've had some time to observe and reflect on some things going on with the Congressional Critters these days. You might not like my observations; you may have different information that should have been considered by me, and that's fine. I'm all for discourse and debate - two factors that contribute to the concept of long as we still have democracy in this country. After reading Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here", where I'm virtually watching 1935 morph into the year 2005 as a result of the antics of the Bush Administration, one can't be too sure...

(1) The "compromise" to save the filibuster. Okay, I was waaay disapointed that the DLC members of the Senate were allowed to rear their heads again. While all 10 nominees won't see the floor for a vote, the three worst jurists ever (Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor) will get the vote; in fact, Owen has been confirmed and Rogers Brown will get her opportunity to infect the DC Courts of Appeal with her ideaology. So, who won here? The filibuster, as far as I'm concerned, is still on the table for getting it's neck chopped, because Bill Frist says so. There needs to be some form of "retribution" for those seven Democrats who crossed the aisle to provide cover for the seven Republicans who know the longer they hitch their wagon to either Frist or DeLay, it spells trouble for them in 2006.

In fact, there needs to be some party "discipline" for any wayward member not willing to forgo their own personal interests in support of party unity and keep this infighting out of the public eye. They hurt the party more than they help it. For heaven's sake, you don't see the divisions within the GOP, do you? They know what will happen if they break ranks (see the former Chair of the ethics committee, because he actually did his job and disciplined Tom DeLay). Pelosi needs to implement some discipline of her own, and do it under the radar, please.

(2) Senator Obama's voting record - Many of us, whether we live in the state of Illinois or not, have, or had, high hopes for this guy. His votes to confirm Condoleezza Rice; the Bankruptcy Bill, the Tort Reform Bill, and his statements on the filibuster, not to mention a form letter sent to a constituent that essentially "pooh-poohed" their concern about prison abuse in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, is sending messages that I'm not confortable with. Messages that say this guy is a DLCer trying to fly under the radar and hopes we are so enamoured of his charisma that he can peddle snake oil that we don't notice he's peddling said snake oil. I'm told to hold off my critique of Mr. Obama, because he's new to the Senate and still learning - I'm okay with that, but he needs to send another message. How about "INDEPENDENT PROGRESSIVE THINKER".

Better than DLCer for life...

(3) Okay, we all know that Sen. Joe Biden is a known GOP whore; the only one who's a bigger GOP pro is his fellow senator, Joe Lieberman. Having said that, when these guys, in addition to John Edwards taking pot-shots at DNC Chair Howard Dean, there's a "bright line" they have crossed which communicates that we can't trust them to truly watch out for the core values of interest to Democratic voters, because they have shown an inherent willingness to sell out these values to the highest bidder and at the first opportunity to further their own personal agendas, instead of the agendas of their constituents.

Messages to all - just quit the damn party, please. While I support "big tent" gatherings and diversity in opinion, there's a bright line between differences in opinion, and flat out selling out to the opposition. You have crossed it. If you want to cross back over, please tell us when you plan to get there; otherwise, just get the hell out of the Democratic Party and turn GOP. While there may be strength in numbers, all your actions do to the party is continue to weaken it, and dilute the core values of what the Democratic Party stands for. Our party has demonstrated we can do more with less...of you GOP lite Democrats.

(4) John Kerry has mentioned the "I" word. As in "Impeachment" of the President. Here's my thoughts on that.

Senator Kerry is not being brave or principled. What he is doing is seizing an opportunity to place himself in a good position to run for the Democratic nomination in 2008. By initiating articles of impeachment to be drafted up against the President, Kerry positions himself as the only member of Congress with guts to stand up and call out the President on how he's running the country. Sound noble in concept; except we have Kerry's previous campaign record to recall in considering him for the job:
  • He voted for the war in Iraq before he voted against it;
  • He wimped out on the Senate resolution to object to the certification of the Ohio election results (he should have been standing next to Barbara Boxer, but was MIA that day);
  • He vowed that there "would not be another Florida" - recount. He caved in less than 24 hours later, and over the objections of his running mate, Edwards.
  • He never articulated why he would be a better President than Bush (you think we all needed to go to to find out what his plans were?
  • He didn't fight back against the Swift Boat Liars for sliming him. 'Nuff Said.

If he's successful in pushing for impeachment hearings; even if the President is exonerated (and you know Frist and the Fristdamentalists {and when I say "Frist", I mean, "Dobson"} will vote to acquit the POTUS of all charges) what candidate is going to go up against him riding the "I impeached George Bush" bandwagon? No matter how clever Hillary Clinton is, she would not be able to withstand Kerry's riding the impeachment horse. All I see is opportunity knocking for Kerry, and he knows he needs something to overcome the lame campaign, and the wimping out on those depending on him and campaigning their butts off for him - to convince us to give him another chance. We got burned by Kerry, and we won't forget it that easily, nor will he be forgiven that easily.

The critical assessment, Part I - from a concerned citizen. Feel free to add your own thoughts and feedback.


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