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Friday, May 20, 2005


Counterpunch gave me a lift today, with an "Open Letter to Democrats" that is a must read for all of us who are tired of the DLC trying to feed us their poison and call it Kool-Aid.

I'm providing the link,, but here's a tidbit to whet your appitite:

"And the reason this doesn't happen is that people still hang their thin hopes on you, on electing Democrats who stab them in the back the first chance they get. But Galloway's appearance before the U.S. Senate moved us an inch closer to the Big Strike, and an inch further away from your worthless asses.

Because Galloway didn't, as some are saying, expose the Republicans.

Someone with a full frontal lobotomy could expose a Republican politician.

He exposed the spinelessness of the Democrats."
(italics mine)

Whoo-Hoo, a man from Scotland came over to America and gave us our voice and spoke the truth to power. Not to mention calling "misspeak" exactly what it is; A LIE!!!

Too bad about the Constitution Amendment to make Arnold Schwarzenegger President, cause George Galloway gives the rest of us the reason why we might need to consider it. Of course, just like the GOP thugs are trying to eliminate the filibuster - they wouldn't dare consider amending the Constitution so that a foreign-born American citizen could become President...not if it means putting a gutsy, George Galloway-type in office...

I can dream, can't I?


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