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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Everytime I read about how the Democrats lost the White House and both houses of Congress to the Republican Party because of their lame inability to articulate the "family values" they represented, I want to hurl the last meal I've eaten. However, upon learning that the GOP doesn't mind entertaining porn stars at dinner, I wonder just what type of "family values" and "morals" they presume to possess, considering that one of their spokespersons (Neal Horsley, in case you forgot) has already told Keith Olbermann that his first sexual experience was with a mule, and that it was quite natural!

Excuse me, but there's a biblical scripture in the book of Leviticus that would definately refute the, ah, "naturalness" of having sex with an animal. In fact, the Scripture is very specific; have sex with an animal and get caught, both the person, and the animal were to be put to death (Leviticus 20:15).

Gee, I wonder what explaination Dr. Dobson would come up with to explain Horsley's attraction to his mule. Oh, my bad; that would be "before his conversion" wouldn't it? {sarcasm}.

Now, here comes porn star Mary Carey, courtesy of my home state of California. Actually, she made headlines when she was one of 150 candidates who campaigned for Gray Davis' old job as Governor of the state, during the recall election. At this point, I personally think Ms. Carey is far more qualified for the job than the current governor, who answers to the nicknames of "Gropinator", "Governator" or my personal favorite, "the Boob-in-grabber".

Thank God for John Aravosis of Americablog. He gives us a run down of Ms. Carey's interview with Keith Olbermann, during which Ms. Carey treated those of us who tuned in, to her personal fantasy of...wanting a threesome with the Bush twins, Jenna and Not-Jenna. Read about it here: and here:

You gotta give it to the GOP regarding those "family values". Speaking of which, can you hear that defeaning silence coming from Sen. Frist (and when I say "Frist" I mean "Dobson") Pat Robertson, Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly? Why is that? Why is it that we were treated to aspects of Bill Clinton's blowjob through an impeachment hearing because he spilled his DNA on a blue dress, but when a porn star shows up to supper with GeeDubya, it's okay, and I'm not supposed to protest? What's with the silence from MSM - I forget, they are doing their jobs, by whoring for the Bush Administration. Pardon meeeeee....

Now, the Runaway Bride is getting a book deal for running away from her wedding. I understand there's a movie deal in it too. From Judith "I had sex with Bernie Kerik in an apartment over Ground Zero" Regan, no less. Stop with these Family Values - thousands of dollars were spent looking for this skank, and Nancy Grace all but had Ms. Wilbanks' fiance, John Mason, convicted of her murder.

More of those GOP family values in action - Wilbanks gets to profit from wedding jitters. But you know if an African-American, Latina, Asian or Native American woman had run out on an opulent wedding, would there have even been an organized manhunt for her? A few years ago, in New York/New Jersey, a beautiful Latina woman was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend on her wedding day. Caught on film, too. No MSM coast-to-coast coverage for her, a lovely woman who was the epitome of "pull-up-by-bootstraps" success story in America, named Evelyn. Thanks to the GOP - stories like Evelyn's don't get the coverage it should - and her story reflect those "family values" that the GOP espouses to embrace; a wedding, a marriage, and what should have been the beginning of family life together that included a couple in love and committed to one another.

The "family values" are to beat up people who tell the truth by other family members. The "family values" are to rip off as many hard working people as you can and drive them into the poorhouse. The "family values" are Democrats acting like Republicans, while they deny it. Well, if we don't know that the GOP's main "family value" is "how to be a hypocrite", then we're as drunk on the kool-aid as the kool kids who want to kneecap Howard Dean (read DLCers...)

Your wonderful "Family Values" in action .


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