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Thursday, June 09, 2005


As always, now that crap has hit the fans these days (www.Downing Street when all else fails, blame former President Bill Clinton for the mess. The GOP thugs and Republican-Lite, card carrying DLC members do this all the time (memo to DLCers and other Dems who trashed Howard Dean for doing his job and returning fire with fire, you need to blow it out of your horses' rear end and grow up, please!).

Now that it's been known that Bush acted in concert with the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), I wonder what would have happened if Clinton had said "yes" to what the PNAC gang was offering at the time (which was attacking Iraq back in 1998). All the war casualties, all the economic deficits, all the ill will of the global community...would have been squarely blamed on Bill Clinton. But then again, because the GOP hated his ass, maybe not. They were not willing to cooperate with anything that reeked of Bill Clinton, to the point they actually shut down the Government because Newt Gingrich thought Clinton snubbed him on Air Force One as they were traveling to a dead diplomat's funeral back in 1995.

The MSM would be all over Clinton's involvement in PNAC like Woodward & Bernstein was all over Nixon in Watergate. The Monica Lewinsky affair would have been icing on the cake, instead of the impeachable offense that it really wasn't. When Clinton asked Congress for the money to keep surveillance on Osama Bin Laden, he was told, "No, No, and Hell, NO in the Ground!" by the GOP led Congress.

But we've already seen the complicity of the MSM - look at how jack was said about Reagan and Bush, Sr.'s involvement in Iran-Contra. Ollie North is a media darling. Not to mention that the players from Watergate; G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson and Pat Buchanan all have media positions from which to trash Mark Felt for disclosing he's "Deep Throat".

Yet because the President who is responsible for the mess 'o'potamia that we're in these days, is named Bush; because he acted on the plan which was wrong; because he lied this country into the war that the chickenhawk/draft dodgers wanted but are unwilling to fight it; because he's generally screwed up this country and everyone walking in it, Bush is given a free pass, while the GOP tries to continue to blame Clinton. If you saw the "Daily Show" last night, Colin Powell is still singing the "Blame Clinton" theme song, and wonders why the last vestiges of credibility he had is shot to the curb.

Did anyone see the press conference where British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he asked America for $25 billion dollars to aid Africa, and Bush announces that America will give up $675 million dollars? That's less than 3% of what Blair was asking for. Blair should look at the facts; that for all his pandering to Bush, his steadfast loyalty while the British were literally calling for his head for supporting the Iraq war; his re-election to his post while being considerably weakened in his position as Prime Minister because of his steadfast loyalty to Bush - when he went hat in hand to beg Bush to help out Britain with Africa, Bush basically rewarded such unstinting loyalty by spitting in Blair's face with the offer of money that is less than 3% of what Blair was begging for.

That's the legacy that Tony Blair will be known for: loyalty to Bush that got him trashed and tarnished a legacy that no amount of political silver cleaner can ever remove. Blair's wife knows this...which is why she has publicly stated she hates Bush; because of how he treats those who are supposed to be his "friends". So you know Bush's enemies stand no chance of survival...

And while referencing Africa, did anyone notice how Bush alluded to Condi Rice about what to do in helping Africa, and she's sitting on the side of Laura Bush, blushing and giggling like a mindless idiotic school girl? As if to say, "He's mentioning me in his speech...!!"

Ewwww, gimme a break. Better yet, I need to go to Driftglass' for that drink I've been saying I need, LOL.

What if Clinton had said "yes" to PNAC? We would have the truth, but only because they GOP hates Clinton's guts, while they love a known liar and war criminal who will never see the inside of jail, because elections may be rigged by Diebold for the next five to ten years to make sure the Democrats never get a majority again to bring forth justice. Yeah, Newt Gingrich thought this way, too, and I comfort myself with the knowledge that in the cycle of life, you cannot keep taking because sooner or later, the universe demands a return of what you took, and she does not care how she gets it, as long as she does get the return.

For now, I must comfort myself with those thoughts.


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