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Monday, August 08, 2005


Just found the following diary at Daily Kos If true, then we not only need to be supporting Cindy Sheehan (and I'm proud to say that she's from my neck of the woods in California) everyone within driving distance of that cowchip Bush calls a ranch in Crawford, Texas, need to be heading to Cindy's campsite outside of the Bush Compound.

But then again, if you read "Bush on the Couch" by Dr. Justin Frank, then you will know that Bush's behavior is par for the course. When someone delusional is confronted with reality, the results are making plans to arrest a grieving mother of a dead soldier killed in Iraq, based on Bush's lies, while allowing a direct threat to National Security continue in employment when there is direct evidence implicating him in a treasonous act that is punishable by death or life imprisonment (see Aldrich Ames and Robert Hansen on that one).

So, I decided to post a letter to the President, on behalf of Ms. Sheehan:

Dear Mr. President:

Why won't you meet with Ms. Sheehan? Or better yet, start going to the funerals of dead soldiers who lost their lives fighting in a war that was based on a pack of lies? Why can't we protest your leadership of this country at your events? Why are we arrested for engaging in the democratic process of dissent? Why won't you face us without a script or Karl Rove?

Why can't you be brave enough to tell the truth, insted of lying to America and telling us it's the truth? Why won't you level with us, Mr. President?

Why won't you admit that the facilitation of economic class warfare was what you meant when you pledged to be a uniter and not a divider? Why won't you admit that going to war as a means of getting revenge on Saddam Hussein for attempting to kill Poppy was your real motive when you ran for President, rigged two elections and entered into the White House?

Why won't you give us some answers, Mr. President? Is it because you are a coward and don't want to face the American People? Is it because you maxed out your credit card with alleged Political Capital you pledged to spend - that you never really had it in the first place?

Why won't you admit that torture is accepted, but protesting it gets one thrown in jail, or fired from their jobs? Why won't you talk to Cindy Sheehan, and other parents of soldiers who died fighting a war you or your brothers won't even send your own children to? That members of Congress, save Tim Johnson, won't even send their children to?

Is it because you are a coward and bereft of any moral decency? If so, then I know I need to be praying for you to gain the courage to face the American people and admit to what you have done in our names. I know I need to be on my knees interceeding for your soul to convict you to do what's right. People are saying not to waste a prayer on you - but I write this as a concerned Christian, and as such, not only am I charged to pray for you, but to call you out when you are doing heinous things that contradicts God's Word and telling the public that Jesus told you to do it. I must stay in prayer for you because that is my charge. However, while I pray for you, maybe, you will reconsider meeting with Cindy Sheehan, instead of having her thrown in jail under the lame excuse that she's a threat to National Security, while the truth of the matter is, as long as you allow Karl Rove to continue being employed when his actions in outing an undercover CIA Agent did more to undermine National Security than a grieving mother of a dead soldier, you not only dishonor the office of President of the United States, but you dishonor your relationship with God.

Please reconsider Mr. President. Don't respond in anger to the pleas of a grieving parent in an attempt to bolster your ego. It's not worth it.


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