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Monday, August 01, 2005


At first, I decided I wouldn't' post this. I did a diary on it at DailyKos. Then I decided, "Why not?"

So, here it is...


While the public has been consumed with the Bolton recess appointment and any skeletions that can be found in SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' closet, Congress did another weird passage of legislation that went largely unnoticed under the radar.

Since 9/11, it appears that Congressional members became concerned about what would happen if there was another 9/11-type attack and Capitol Hill took the hit, perhaps resulting in many members being killed.

Well, Congress decided to do something about it. And just like any major development that Congress or this Administration doesn't want the public to know about until it's a done deal, I've learned that Congress passed what is known as "The Doomsday Plan".

Under this legislation, if an attack occurs in Washington, that results in 100 or more members of Congress being killed, replacing them would be allowed quickly. A special election can be called to fill the suddenly vacated seats within 49 days of the tragedy. You can read more about this here, at Citizens for Legitimate Government

But, while on the surface, this seems like a good plan, given the proclivities of the Bush Administration and the rabid, drunk on Kool-AID GOP enablers, I can't shake the feeling that there's something more sinister on the agenda. These days, I place nothing and no one above engaging in, or facilitating tragic events, which may result in the deaths of innocent people, in order to advance a personal, hidden agenda.

For five years, America has been subjected to the Bush Administration's brand of "democratic goverment" which includes:

Lying and calling it the truth

Incompetence being rewarded

Stiffling of dissent and damaging the reputations of anyone who DARES to disagree with them

Intimidation, Bribery and Coercion to get legislation passed

One party domination of all branches of the Federal Government

And a President who really fancies himself as a king or dictator, but a little document known as the United States Constitution is in his way and, for now, prevents him from achiving that goal.

Most of us don't want to think conspiracy, but sometimes, when you see developments like this one, I can't help but start to think, "What's the master Plan?"

Suppose, just suppose, that another "9/11" attack occurs in DC, and 100 Congress Critters are killed. Now, although tragic, the GOP is one party who always appears to see beyond the "tragic" to the "opportunity for gain". So, there's going to be 100 special elections called, and let's assume that of the 100 Congress Critters killed, 35 of them are Democrats. Given the current makeup of Congress is that the GOP has the majority by about 15-20 seats, what are the chances of them increasing that majority?

Now, I'm not saying that will be the case; God knows, America probably can't deal with any more tragedy than what we are living under now. But I remember that we are dealing with a gang of meglomaniacs, who are probably not above employing any tactic at hand to accomplish their goal of global power and domination. How can we know that their tactic may not include murder?

I pray daily that this may not be the case. It is enough to scare the most ardent progressive, because self-preservation is the universal law of nature. But can we believe in the restoration of our democracy and government to the point we are willing to give our very lives for it?

The reason Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, and to a great extent, Malcolm X were successful in their galvanization of the masses was because they were willing to give their lives for their beliefs, and their hopes for our country. And give their lives, they did.

But if we are going to take back our country, part of accomplishing that is going to require our vigilance and observations, especially on legislation that flies under the national radar, like the Doomsday Plan. We cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel - the Bush Administration rules today because of sleeping on the job.

I'm frightened as I write this. But I'm also willing to lay down my life, if if means others will be free.


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