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Thursday, July 28, 2005


The following is a commentary from David Sirota on Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, and her spine. She appears to have rediscovered hers, as indicated by the fact that the Democratic Steering Committee is considering SANCTIONS against the Gang of 15 who sold out America with their CAFTA vote.

Sirota tells us they are already whining. Go read about it on his blog (about the whining they have done by flooding him with emails) at

I've included his post regarding Ms. Pelosi and her spine. For once, it's nice to be able to say something nice about the House Minority Leader (guess her San Fran Constituents are lighting fires under her these days) and not puke over the things she's done.

Pelosi Courageously Steps Up & Demands Accountability

Roll Call has a new report up about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) holding an emergency meeting of the House Democratic Steering Committee tonight to discuss formal sanctions against the 15 Democrats who sold out their party and voted for the corporate-written Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Pelosi raised "the likelihood that defectors' committee assignments would be reviewed at tonight’s meeting of the Steering Committee." That's absolutely necessary - why should Democrats who undermine their party be given plum committee assignments over other, far more loyal and principled Democrats? Pelosi should be commended for her courage - and now she needs to back up her words with action.

The story goes on to note that "Several Democratic sources said Pelosi and other House leaders are particularly upset with New York Reps. Greg Meeks and Ed Towns, members of exclusive committees with safe seats, who voted for CAFTA."
Meeks had the nerve to say that he "vote[d] my conscience" on CAFTA, despite his long history selling off his votes on trade to the highest corporate bidder. He also said while he "knows many of my colleagues are disappointed," he said he has is with Democrats "90 percent of the time" – yeah, except for on all most of the recent key economic votes that would allow the Democratic Party to actually paint the kind of serious contrast with the GOP that polls show the American people are waiting for.

Roll Call goes on to lay the groundwork for supposedly "endangered" Democrats who represent swing districts to claim they had to vote for CAFTA for their re-election. But as I have earlier noted, that rationale is so dishonest it's hard to believe a Member of Congress could utter it with a straight face.

Read the whole Roll Call article attached. Then go to Pelosi's website at and call/email her to thank her for trying to enforce some discipline among Democrats. And make sure to tell her to back up her words with action - the only thing that will change this kind of behavior on core issues in the future is if Democratic turncoats know there are real consequences when they sell out their party and the American people.


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