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Sunday, December 18, 2005



Many Christians don't want to know what Satan looks like. Most of the time, Satan tends to morph into something we want, then we get it and find out it's bad for us. He doesn't give up on trying to corrupt a Christian easily.

Five years ago, many in this country thought we wanted George Bush and Dick Cheney in the Executive Office. Five years later, we find that we don't have a President, but one who fancies himself as a self-styled dictator, complete with media propaganda, and secret organizations formed to break the law and spy on citizens like you and me. We don't need to ask the "What would Jesus Do?" question here - Jesus wouldn't have any part of this operation, nor of Bush and Cheney's antics.

Instead of doom and gloom prophecies, I'd like to offer this: even the most powerful person can be brought down by the smallest of factors. Bush thought that he could blow by America his willful breaking of the law, while it is stringently applied to the rest of us. Congress sent the first message that the Administration may be cracking by failing to renew the Patriot Act. Hurricane Katrina really exposed Bush's callous indifference to human suffering, and the tax cuts for the wealthy really should tell middle and working-class Americans, what this Administration thinks of you.

Many of you voted for Bush, cause you thought Al Gore(2000) and John Kerry(2004) were too "wimpy". Well, "wimpy" didn't start wars without just cause, and use the Constitution as recycled toilet paper. "Wimpy" wouldn't have shipped off jobs overseas and telling us to work menial jobs so the economy can boom.

"Wimpy" wouldn't have allowed September 11th to happen and send all of America into a fright fest, looking for Daddy to protect them.

Many of us had fathers who did protect us. The President is supposed to do the job of the office, while Upholding the Constitution. Bush has crapped on the Constitution, pissed on Americans and told us to shut up and take it, cause he knows what's best for us.

As an African-American, what's best for me is to continue not being treated as a second class citizen, pre-Civil Rights. What's best for me is to have a job that pays a liveable and sustainable wage, so I can live comfortably and help others in need. What's best for me is the right to choose whether or not I want to become a mommy (my choice is "I do" until I can't)and to have my prescriptions filled by a pharmacist whose job it is to do just that and shut up with biblical pontification.

What's best for me is a healthy environment and the preventing of global warming, while preserving this land that God has given us. What's best for me is the opportunity for a quality, public education, and that opportunity be given to others, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status or any obstacle that would prevent that.

What's best for probably what's best for any and all Americans. Having said all of this, I have another Christmas wish - that some brave soul in Congress starts mentioning the "I" word. As in "Impeachment". We can't continue in this manner, because then we will have that world that George Orwell spoke of with his book "1984". While the Administration may not be expert in Constitutional Doctrine, many of them appear to be well versed with "1984" for everything, from the PNAC document, to Bush's confession of breaking the law, seems based on Newspeak and Big Brother.

But I know the God I serve. He is loyal, kind, longsuffering, peaceful, compassionate, merciful, but most of all, He is Just, and hates to have perversions of any kind done in His Name. And knowing this gives me hope and the courage to write out and live my convictions. As I hope these words give you some sort of comfort and hope that things will get better. I can't say if the worst has past, or if the worst of this situation with the Bush Administration is yet to come. Yet, I believe in my heart and my spirit that God has heard and is answering our prayers, and so I write this to encourage anyone who reads this that God is with you; He has heard your cries for relief, and He will do what you have asked. Please continue to believe that as we embark into the Holiday season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very inspiring until the last paragraph when you succumbed to the very magical thinking that allows people like Bush and Cheney to manipulate other gullible folk. Christianity (or Judaism, which is what folks like Bush truly practice when going along with the Old Testament version of Christianity) is on par with Voodoo or any other so-called "primitive" or "savage" religion. If you must believe in magic, please discard your 2,000+ year old superstition and invent something more contemporary.

2:37 PM  
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