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Wednesday, December 07, 2005



We call the process "whistleblowing" for a reason. To call attention to inadequacies, inefficiency, waste, fraud and/or abuse of Government resources entrusted to those who have the charge from Congress and the President to carry out the mission of government agencies. So, when a high-ranking official in the U. S. Park Police calls attention to the fact she's being charged to carry out activities to facilitate National Security in the Nation's Capitol, but is not given enough resources with which to do the job, she's stripped of her badge.

So, I'm promoting her website, where she's still fighting the good fight. Isn't Teresa Chambers the type of government employee we want working for us, the people?
Something is very wrong when the Government punishes people for doing what they were hired to do.

But, then again, this IS the Bush Administration, and it's looking more like a facist dictatorship every day. January 21, 2009 cannot come fast enough....


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