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Thursday, December 01, 2005



According to my friends over on the Pesky Fly, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., eager to fill his campaign coiffers, scheduled a fundraiser out in San Francisco this weekend. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and DA Kamala Harris are listed as Co-Chairs for the event.

Funny thing, though. Newsom and Harris, once they got wind of Ford's votes against gay marriage, the Patriot Act and other BS, cancelled on attending the fund-raiser. In fact, many politicos in Ess Eff advised Ford to cancel his fundraiser ALTOGETHER.

Ford has a lot of arrogance to think he could waltz into San Francisco and pick up thousands of dollars in campaign money just because that "D" is in front of his name. Bay Area folks are more savvy than that. We're the same bunch who told Ah-nold Schwarzenegger to take a hike when he went after Gray Davis' job as Governor (all nine counties in Northern Cal voted to retain Davis - the thug in Southern Cal got Ah-nold in). The Bay Area recognizes a DLCer when they see one. We also know when someone is trying to pimp us for money, too. In this instance, Harold could take lessons from former mayor Willie Brown on how to pimp the system and win.

According to the Commercial Appeal, Ford is considering pushing back his fundraiser to mid-January. Yet, without Harris and Newsom on board, and every gay and lesbian community group calling for a boycott, Harold still won't get any love in the City by the Bay. Either he's desperate, delusional or stupid to think that we in California don't have the intelligence to read one's voting record.

News Flash, Harold: we did scrutinize Barack Obama for the Senate before ponying up money to his campaign. Because he convinced us he was a progressive, and so far, while his stance on Iraq stinks, he hasn't truly disappointed...yet. If you thought because you're African-American and a Democrat that we would do the same thing for you, you underestimated us, and badly. We're like Janet Jackson when we ask, "What have you done for me lately?" and if you can't answer that (and your voting record says you can't), don't let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split ya. You have a lot of nerve to come here and beg for money while telling different segments of the population to kiss your ass (sorry, the Christian Progressive Liberal is really pissed at this) with a voting record that looks like the second coming of Newt Gingrich. You'd best bury your latent jealousy of Obama and review your past history, let alone justify it, if you're serious about being a United States Senator.
You're the reason the Democratic party has experienced the fractures in leadership that it has - with your own version of "flip-flopping" and obfuscation.

We don't like it when you piss on us and try to tell us it's raining. First, show us you can be a competent member of the House of Representatives, before taking this tired act of yours to the United States Senate. While we need to gain a majority in both houses of Congress next year, America deserves better than what you're offering.


Anonymous the snail said...

Preach on CPL. I like the style of the folks in the Bay - you say what you mean and mean what you say. There are too many people out there giving Ford a pass.

3:57 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Snail, I can't believe he's schilling for campaign cash in San Francisco, of ALL places, knowing dang well he voted to ban gays from getting married.

And the LGBT crowd is just warming up...

4:09 PM  
Blogger Blinders Off said...

CPL I read about this in the CA. Ford was quoted saying "He is not worried about the position the Mayor took because he did not need his vote".

Ford should worry about the information coming out about him because I am a constituent who can and will be casting a vote in the '06 Senate race.


I was looking forward to reading your response to a question I put to you in October in reference to what I asked Leftwing.

Finally, I enjoy your posts on this site and The Flypaper. Keep it coming

5:11 PM  
Blogger David Bander said...

I think it's important to understand two things here:

1. Harold Ford needs money to win a Senate race in TN.
2. If Harold Ford votes against an anti-gay-marriage amendment he will almost certainly lose.

Ford can definitely win TN. He released an internal poll recently that showed him leading all of his Republican opponents within the margin of error, and the most recent Zogby poll has him down by 5 or 6.

TN's Governor Bredesen (a Dem) is also on the ballot in '06, and he's pretty popular and is raising a ton of money and they still haven't found a Republican to run against him. Also, there's an anti-gay-marriage amendment that probably will be removed from the '06 ballot (TN Supreme Court will issue its ruling pretty soon). All this means that he can win.

I am a law student in TN and I have a blog on his behalf. Take a look.

7:34 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question; please repost and I'll try to get you an answer. If it was about Harold being on Leon Gray's Show, Autoegocrat was going to post the transcript of his appearance.

7:15 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I think we all know Harold wants Frist's Senate seat, and he needs the money to campaign. I'm excusing your comments for the most part, because I'm allowing for your being dazzled by the bling Harold brings, and missing the substance he doesn't have.

No one is knocking him for his fund-raisers in other cities; what I'm highlighting is how a perceived, intelligent elected official would pull a bone-headed stunt by hosting a fund-raiser in the most liberal city in America, when his voting record indicates he would have no problem discriminating against a group of people from whom he would beg for money (read: gays and lesbians)?

You and Chris Jackson should team up, because Mr. Ford can use you to cheerlead for him. The rest of us have been around long enough to have developed good BS detectors, and trust me, they flash on overload whenever Harold Ford is on the scene.

7:19 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I noticed that "internal" poll is one Harold did himself, so naturally, he's going to say that those numbers show him in the lead.

As a future Political Scientist, I have to study what methodologies are used to conduct polls. He controlled the sampling, the questions and probably formed them to give him the responses he wanted (read: favorable to him).

The more objective, independent polls are not reading similarly, and they have nothing to gain in predicting a Ford victory or defeat. I trust them more than I trust any poll Ford has PAID for.

7:22 PM  
Blogger David Bander said...


I agree with you that holding a fundraiser in SF wasn't a clever thing to do. And the internal poll is probably favorable to Ford.

You're right that the independent polls are different, but they're not DRASTICALLY different. It's still a winnable race for Ford. Especially if, as I said before, Governor Bredesen isn't challenged by a strong Republican and the anti-gay-marriage amendment is struck from the TN ballot. And if Bush's numbers stay low.

It's definitely winnable.

12:23 AM  
Blogger David Bander said...

Maybe I'm being simple here, but it seems to me that either a Republican or a Democrat will be elected United States Senator from TN.

If that Senator is a Republican, then the chance of him voting progressively is zero. If that Senator is a Democrat, the chance of him voting progressively is greater than zero.

You don't have to like him personally, you may think his tactics are bad (like this SF fundraiser), but if you are a Democrat and you want to see the Democrats back in power, shouldn't you support him in the end?

2:08 AM  
Blogger David Bander said...

I've just been reading some of Jeff Crook's comments and he's absolutely right: "The only thing that matters is that D after his name."

You've seen what Bush has done to this country in the last four years. We can argue about who's a real Democrat and who isn't AFTER we regain a majority.

If we don't, it'll be more tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts for the poor, etc.

One other thing: a few weeks ago there was a post on Kos about Ford, and in the comments there were all sorts of people hating on him because he says things like "I love President Bush." You can't disqualify him just because he says that.

2:22 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


Yes, I would like to see the Democrats back in power, especially after five years of a dictatorship, better known as the Bush Administration. My only concern is whether or not Harold Ford will remain a Democrat once he gets that Senate seat, or does he cross over to the GOP?

Will he be any different than Bill Frist, Bob Corker, Van Hilleary or Ed Bryant? That's what's frustrating to many people who get to vote in Tennessee, as well as those of us who are watching this play out on a national scale. Ford is registered as a Democrat; yet his voting record screams support for corporations and the GOP agenda. Therefore, a Democrat in Name Only.

Let's get something straight; I've had the pleasure of meeting Harold Ford - when he's not thinking I'm a bitch, he can be quite charming and very nice. But that persona only comes out when you're in agreement with him - you're not allowed for an honest debate of the issues with him, and as a woman, I suspect he prefers a "yes" female as opposed to one who can and will call him on his BS. I've done this too many times to count, and I think he knows that the charisma aspect of who he is, not to mention his family, holds no truck with me. I'd be more impressed if he came from a privaleged background, yet have compasssion for those of us who didn't, such as the Kennedys.

We liked Bill Clinton, and you know why; he really was "one of us". He came from a middle-class background, raised by a single mother and didn't have all the privaleges of a Harold Ford Jr.

It has nothing to do with liking Ford personally, because I do. What galls me is that he thinks he can play on that and then get angry because I'm calling him out on his BS politics. Just like men can keep love and sex separate when they are with a woman, I'm keeping my personal liking for this guy separate from his politics; a set of politics that bode ill for those of us in the working and middle classes. Some day I hope he will see that, but unfortunately it will be too late, because he will have crashed and burned.

Thanks for visiting the blog.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

CPL, I agree completly that the DLC is a corrosive influence for the Democrats, and even long time Dems like my father need a reason to keep voting for them other than "bush/Repubs are worse", when in fact Dems have been voting for policies that hurt working folks even when they had a majority in Congress.

Unless Dems start acting like an opposition party rather than the 'loyal opposition' they will continue to loose elections.

Memo to David Bender: Any Democrat that says I love that messianic militarist facist, W, is disqualified from getting my support, Dem or no, unless you want a bunch of Liebermans just
'cuz they have an f'in "D" by their name.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Ross H said...

Speaking as a conservative and a supporter of the President, I hope that Congressman Ford loses the Senate race but by a slim margin. This way he continues to think he has a chance at higher offices. His voting record thus far has negated the 9th district seat quite nicely for the Democrats. That seat should be occupied by a borderline socialist liberal. Instead, we have gotten a moderate in Jr. His votes for a pro-family agenda such as against gay marriage and for the prosecution of the UN-santioned war to oust Saddam have been great assets to the conservative agenda and to the country. We welcome his aspirations to higher office.

Further, allow me to congradulate the Bay Area on indeed "meaning what they say". The honnesty about one's convictions is absent in so much of the Democrat party these days. Let us all be truthful about our ideas. The strength of true conservative ideas would prevail in such a clear debate. This will ensure a permenant Republican majority for decades to come.

Thank you, Congressman Ford.

Note: Congressman Ford will not be winning a Senate seat from Tennessee. East Tennessee Republicans and Middle Tennessee moderates know a "wolf in sheep's clothing" too.

11:35 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Ross, your comments eliminate the need for further discussion about the Republican Wolf in Sheep's Clothing that is one Harold Eugene Ford, Jr.

What is sad is that he believes his own press, and you and I both know when he loses that Senate race, neither Don Imus, nor Neil Cavuto will be taking his calls.

I have never seen a person so delusional as this young man, and with his potential being squandered, it's more of a sad commentary of a person who is afraid to listen to his inner voice, but would rather listen to others who never have his best interests at heart.

2:06 PM  

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