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Monday, November 21, 2005


DEVOLUTION, ya think?

The "prophet" Rev. Jim Jones, had a sign above the camp at Jonestown that read:


How well we unlearned the lessons of Watergate. Bob Woodward unlearned them so well that he allowed himself to become a willing co-conspirator in the outing of CIA Undercover Agent Valerie Plame Wilson. And if you've read the Washington Post, that paper shoved away any last vestiges of credibility by their clumsy attempts to continue trying to sell the Mess'o'Potmia which is the Iraq war, and excuse Woodward's act of treason.

Not that the journalistic troll, Robert Novak is off the hook - he was just the only, ahem, journalist, idiotic enough to take the bait of outing a CIA undercover agent to help the Bush Administration in it's smear and discredit campaign against her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Simply because he told the truth.

So we should not be surprised that Bush is devolving into the ghost of Richard Milhous "Tricky Dick" Nixon, with the quest for dominance and lies spread so thick that you can't help but walk in Bush's path and effectively STEP IN IT.

Nixon = Watergate.
Bush = Iraq War.

The quack preacher who led 900 people to their deaths in Jonestown back in 1978 had no idea how prophetic his words would be almost 30 years later. The difference is: we're not following Bush like sheeple.

So, let the devolution begin. Hopefully, Americans will have our country back when it's over.


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