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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The knives for Senator Obama are already out. And he doesn't deserve this. It's coming from the media that's trying so hard to package him to African-Americans as the "New Black Leader".

Ugh. From the Smoking Gun:

FEBRUARY 13--Government officials have rejected a Florida man's bid to trademark the term "Obama bin Laden," ruling that the conflation of the names of a U.S. Senator and the world's leading terrorist was "scandalous" and wrongly suggested a connection between the politician and the mass murderer. In a February 6 decision, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office attorney Karen K. Bush informed applicant Alexandre Batlle of her decision not to register the trademark. A copy of Bush's notice can be found below. Last month, Batlle, a 28-year-old Miami Beach resident, filed an application to trademark the term for use on hats, shirts, pins, and bumper stickers.
'Nuff Said.


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