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Tuesday, March 06, 2007



The Value of the Black Vote is such that Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama went to Selma, Alabama this past Sunday to have a good, old-fashioned showdown. From Taegan Goddard's Political Wire:

Road to the White House Goes Through Selma

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Barack Obama (D-IL) "came to an emotionally evocative touchstone of the civil rights movement Sunday seeking to strengthen their bonds with African American voters and tie their campaigns to the cause's unfinished work," the Chicago Tribune reports.

Sunday also "marked the first entrance into the presidential campaign by former President Bill Clinton, a popular figure with African-Americans whom writer Toni Morrison once called 'our first black president.' He avoided upstaging his wife at her speech by staying away from the church. But people cheered and rushed to be near him when he joined his wife and Obama for a re-enactment of the 1965 march."

The visit -- which we called the Showdown in Selma -- "became a proxy battle for black support between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, whose candidacy represents a threat to Mrs. Clinton's traditional base," according to New York Times.

Verdict from the New York Daily News: "Barack Wins Battle of the Bridge"

The Montgomery Advertiser has video of the event and the Huntsville Times features a photo gallery.

African-Americans have a unique opportunity to make our vote work for us. Barack and Hillary are already demonstrating that our vote counts. But we should not leave it there.

We should also let them know that if we support them and they screw us over, that we have long memories of being screwed over by people we trusted (400+ years, to be exact). We should let them know that if they screw us over, we won't be as forgiving as usual - that schmoozing and a few kind words will put things right. That used to work for Rastus and Rufus, not Raheem, Charles, Jack and Jill or Skeptical Brotha.

They need to know that if they get the White House, we will be on them like a fly on stink. One wrong move, and we call in our chits (and we will have chits to call in, boys and girls). They need to know it will not be Business as Usual.

Especially Barack. Now that your "blackness" quotient has been settled, while we know you won't be the "President of Black America, but all of America", we are also demanding that you go in the House and do your job, because the POTUS is not a Carnegie Institute training class for you to "win friends and influence people". In short, don't be another "snake oil pimp"with a Harvard Law Degree, cause we're watching.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm black!! A "real one" you may say. To this blog I say "whatever bro'"!!!! Obama's the man! He can do more for the African American community than what Hillary Clinton can do just by his mere presence. All you educated, black critics who feel you need to speak for all of us...give me a break.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reiterated and more in depth....

I am a young black woman, "real" and educated. I want to say "Whatever" to this blog. Obama's the man! If you can't see through Hillary's maybelline, then I suppose you take a second look. What exactly does she do for AA's? Name one..other than bask in her husband's glory with votes that you don't have to work hard for. And what do we get out of the pie? Exactly. Nothing. Just someone that we like in the white house. Of course our votes count and it is obvious to me that Hilary has a ego problem and is a user...and yes, use AA's to make her dreams of making it to the white house come true...and that's it...her ego. She doesn't care. Obama can do more for the African American community than Hillary can just by his mere presence. He can challenge and inspire...and my good, sound judgement is that he will show it even when he makes it to the white house. And it would be a new movement for blacks in this country. You're undiscerning if you can't see that he genuinely cares not only for African Americans but for all Americans. I mean, it would be unreasonable for him not to care for blacks. Afterall, he, his wife and children for goodness sake are all black. His church All he needs is our support, and as many African Americans should support his base as possible with excitement. When was Hillary on the impoverished streets making $13,000 a year to help organize poor blacks in the community? Okay, and her speech in Selma (it was embarrassing). So to all of you who feel like you need to speak for all of us...give me a break. Speak for yourself. I, like many other African Americans, would rather think for ourselves and adopt a much greater, bigger vision. Obama can help!

11:33 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Since both of you are posting "Anonymously", that tell me volumes about your willingness to be identified and stand by your posts.

Any brother that will diss his own Pastor and try to distance himself from him ( is not worthy of consideration. While I celebrate that Blacks are not a monolithic group,and we're free to disagree, the fact that you're attacking what is basically my opinion also says that no one can disagree with you.

And if I'm getting on your nerves, you're free not to read this blog or post here. It is, after all, my blog...

7:40 AM  

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